My Two Story House of Cards of My Motherhood

My two story House of Cards of My Motherhood

I have a questions for you ladies out there have any of you ever built a house or worked in such industries or professions of engineering, design, architecture, construction among others. If the answer is yes then you are well of aware of what is involved and goes into building a house. When I watch my favorite shows on HGTV such as Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, Love it or List it and Property Brothers and Income Property that use to be on HGTV I’m utterly amazing all the time at what goes into building, fixing, designing and the process of achieving such amazing, incredible and transforming results. There are numerous, countless and endless beyond measure of choices to be considered and made. One must consider the style, size and structure and layout of one’s home. One must consider the material for installation and the appliances to be installed as well. One must consider the materials and finishes for the siding, the foundation, the concrete, the front and back yards, the framing, the roof, the walls and ceilings, the floors, the materials for the kitchen, living room(s), bathroom(s), the bedroom(s), and maybe the attic or basement or both. One must consider whether to have a carport, or a garage and the size of each, whether to put in a pool any other out door living space and the size, structure, layout, design and layout of said space. The devil is always and forever in the details and there is much detail in the process of building a home. Life and motherhood is very much the same as the process of building a home. In my own journey through motherhood I feel as I’m building and designing my own house for myself as a mommy, my babies and my family.

In becoming a mommy of my baby girl and then my son and journeying though my motherhood I have learned in a way it is if I started to build a one story house and then to continue on to make that home into a two story house. In my building of my house in motherhood I have learned, seen, observed and discovered much. In the beginning of the building my house of motherhood it was very much starting off with a good foundation. In the process of building and designing the first story of my motherhood house with my daughter was very much about figuring out me, my body, my baby girl, my new journey as a mommy and designs for the first floor to be customized to meet the needs of me as the mommy, my daughter and my family. In continuing my journey in motherhood with the birth of my son and having to start construction on the second story of my house of motherhood the construction and designing was and is centered around learning and adjusting to being a mommy of two babies, figuring myself out in this new place and role as a mommy of two, my motherhood, my new family, my baby boy, his and their new needs, my new journey through motherhood. Also I know that in constructing and building this second floor it would and should be customized to met the needs of my son, and my babies as they grow in their new relationship of and sharing in the bonds of kinship traveling to Udugu. In this journey through this new part of my journey has given me much and has add much to considering when continuing to construct and design my house of motherhood. In and through this new process and journey I have strived to learn and discover to know what type of house I wish to to build for myself, my babies and my family.

Equally just as there are many things that are different, unique and special to each story in my house of motherhood that give each story and my home character and charm. The one thing that is central and the essential core of my home is the foundation upon which my home was and is built. In motherhood and being a mommy there are central, fundamental and key elements for me that I want to build my house of motherhood upon because I want my babies to be raised with, taught, shown, demonstrated and instilled with a foundation that is created with such materials. The elements that I wanted and strive to put in and will continue to up in to make the foundation that my two story home of my motherhood is built on is comprises of materials made from consideration, courtesy, kindness, politeness, thoughtfulness, generosity, graciousness and respectfulness. Also I choose to build my house of motherhood upon the foundation of courage, bravery, loyalty strength, confidence, and independence. I strive to construct my house of motherhood with components of fairness, trust, peace, harmony, encouragement, cheerfulness, thankfulness, joy, hope, faith and love.

If my house of motherhood is built, constructed and designed with these materials as it’s foundation my house of motherhood will forever be steady, stand firm on this foundation and shall never falter or be moved. In constructing, building and designing such a strong house for my babies and family I can demonstrate, teach, and give my babies and family the firm foundation comprising of the lessons of life needed to go forward in truth, confidence, strength, and steadfastness with courage to keep journeying on their own life’s journey no matter what may come their way. May I as a mommy always and forever have the wisdom, insight, discernment and strength to never ever give up, or quite in my determination, tenacity and perservance in keeping on, striving to providing and give my babies and family a home built upon this essential, fundamental foundation of lessons of life and in strength, steadiness, courage, thankfulness, hope, joy, faith and love. May we as mommies always strive to stand firm on the foundation of which we built our houses of motherhood for ourselves, our babies and families as we go forward and continuing on in our journey through motherhood.

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Finding and Keeping the Balance

In life there has been countless occasions that people have wondered and considered what is the key to it all. The question has been asked what is the secret to life. Is the key to life power and status. Is the key to life money, wealth or fame and fortune. Is the key to life to be success that comes from or as a result in such endeavors or pursuits of money, wealth and fame. Is the key to life enlightenment, knowledge and philosophy. Is the key to life is religion, spirituality, faith and seeking of the truth. Is the key to life finding one’s fulfillment, happiness or love. How does one find and discover the answer to this great and profound question of life. How does one decide what is the key for their own journey in life. As I started my own journey through motherhood, especially as a mommy of two babies, I have found myself asking and wondering the same question what is the the key to being a mommy, keeping it all together, to my journey through motherhood and my life in my days as a mommy.

I mean in my life in the day of being a mommy of two babies I fill many shoes and wear numbers hats but then again don’t we all are you with me Ladies. I find myself throwing into the mix that I carry while trying to maintain my balance things such as graduate school until June of 2016 and the last 2 and half years were done after the birth of my son in 2013. Although I am through with school my husband as been in school since 2009 and currently still is while working full time in the military. I do my very best to fill the shoes as wife, mommy, home maker, author and daughter, friend and so much more as all women do. Mixed into this mix is also helping my daughter with school work, my son on his own learning path, being tied to the toilet as we are currently working through potty training my son and all the while still trying to fit cleaning in between 20 to 30 mixture intervals stopping for going to the potty and play dates and so much more. Much of my journey as a mommy thus far, and to some degree and in some ways still, feel as if I’ve been and being torn all the time in different directions between choosing between these various things and struggling to stay balanced in wearing all these shoes and keep from teetering and tottering with all these hats on my motherhood head.

I have wondered countless times what is the key for me as a mommy and to balancing this mixture of hats and shoes that I wear in my days in my life as a mommy. It is in my prioritizing of time and things, management of my time and my lists to do. Is it in my abilities to stay on top of things or stay ahead of the curve balls in motherhood and life. Is it in my skills to organize and declutter my home and my life. Is it in my skills and ability to make wise mommy choices. Is it in my ability to maintain my flexibility as a mommy. Maybe the solution as to the ultimate key to life and my motherhood is found the answer to the proposed question – Balance. Also could it be the key to my life in the days of being a mommy is to be found in a mixture of these potential solution or better yet all of the above solutions can provide the answer to the question of what is the key to my motherhood.

In continuing my journey as a mommy after having two babies I have discovered the solution to the question is to be found in the very answer to the question. Thus the key to my motherhood and for us as mommies is in the idea of our ability to seek, find, maintain and keep the balance. In my ability to balance maybe that’s the true measurement of me as a mother and my motherhood and how I am doing in this journey and is it not to be found in the chorus of the experts or the culture and societal expectations. For me its a matter of as long as I am doing my utmost and very best then I have measured up, scored and it’s in doing my best I have achieved the balance which is golden. I have discovered through the simplicity and simplifying my life with less is more it it is much easier to maintain the balance with less. Also I have discovered along the way as I continue on as a mommy that it gets easier to balance thee numerous shoes I fill and hats that sit on my mommy head with more continued practice and that I get better. Also with the right tools I could truly balance anything and everything even though yes some days are better then others. That being said maybe I am and we are all amazing balancers of these shoes we fill and hats we wear. The more I do he easier it gets and the better hopefully I get at balancing this thing they call life and motherhood. In working on my balancing abilities as a women, wife and mommy I am able to provide a more balanced me, provide more balance for my babies and my family. I’m able to build the foundation upon which I want my house of cards of motherhood to be built and it is a foundation of strength, steadiness, love, courage, serenity, security and balance.

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Quantity or Quality in Motherhood

There seems to be a great discussion and debate over the value or importance of quantity vs. quality. There is evidence of this in many areas of life or our culture and society. We want product quality control but also require quantity of this product. We want quality results but done in either or both quantity and rapidly. We desire quality and quantity of the best or our favorite products such as maybe a coat, a purse, a scarf, or a type of makeup and a multitude of other products. We also want there to be quality in the food we eat at a restaurant and or at the store. We want there to be quality, quantity and speed in which we receive service at any number of business. In consideration of this debate do we ever stop to think that we might have to make a choice between having quantity or having quality. It is rare in life when we can have our cake and eat it too or have everything of what we want. In motherhood there seems to be much place and application for this debate and consideration of these issues. In considering this debate or discussion in life we have to decide which is more important and which one do we want more quality and quantity. This choice between quality or quantity has also be a choice to be considered in my own journey through motherhood

In being a mommy I have had to think about this debate quality over quantity in countless ares of my life in the day of being a mommy. I have off and on have struggled with the amount of screen time my kids have with the tv, the iPad or their LeapPads. I mean do I go by what the experts say or what I think as the ultimate expert of my babies and family is best for my babies and family. Do I count watching Veggie Tales or educational tv shows or videos into how much they watch. Does doing count against their allotted time. Should I beat myself up over a day where we had to stay inside rested, laid around and had to watch much, much tv. Should I feel bad, more so when I was in graduate school, or guilty about the amount time I have to spend with my baby and family or when I do spend time with them as long as it quality time that is all that matters. Is there such a thing as to much of good thing if even it is good quality, positive and educational. How do I and we deicide this debate over quality or quantity and what is more important for our babies and families.

In deciding which to seek one can look at the definitions of these two terms.
Quantity is defined as having a particular, exact or specific amount to be or can be measured. In contrast quality is defined as being a character with respect to grade of excellence or high grade or superiority. In having understanding of these terms that allow for one to consider which they will chose to be most important to seek and achieve in having in one’s life and journey through life. In considering this debate I do think there are times when quantity is important and furthermore I do think that there are times that yes it is best to have both. I and we as individuals have to make the judgment call as to wether we want quantity, quality or need both in any given circumstances in our life’s journey. This is equally true for us as mommies and in our journey through motherhood. For me understanding the lesson of less is more can be most helpful in me determining which one I need to focus on in any given situation.

Truth is most of the time I would hope and prefer to have both quantity and quality especially when it comes to having and getting to spend time with my babies and family. Although in my own journey as a mommy having considered this debate and forced to make the choice it is easy for me to say which side of the debate I will be on at the end of most days. Personally for me, my babies and family if having to ultimately choose I will always and forever choice quality over quantity hands down and to a fault. The reason for this is that even though there may be a huge amount of anything I know that my babies and family are getting good quality in all things regardless of how much or little time they are getting of any and everything. I know that they are getting the best. I know what they are getting, soaking up, seeing, hearing, learning, being exposed to and experiencing is good, positive, wholesome, pure, healthy, encouraging and inspiring my babies to learn, grow and discover their world as they journey on through life. Even though I might should worry about the amount of quantity of things my babies are getting and I can rest assured and easily in knowing the the quality of what they are experiencing is the safest, healthiest, most positive and the good stuff of life. In making this choice of quality over quantity it also allows me to know I can relax and take my double shot of sips, breaths and go forward in knowing my babies are getting the best in what they are hearing, seeing, learning and discovering. May I as a mommy have the wisdom, insight and discernment to seek, find and know the quality in things that I give to my babies and family. May I always and forever have the wisdom and discernment to choice quality over quantity for my babies and family. May we as mommies always strive to give the very best quality, even if in quantity when life allows for it, to ourselves as mommies, our babies and family as we journey forward through our motherhood.

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Decluttering – Less is more in motherhood

In pop culture and in entertainment/tv industry there are countless shows about organizing, decluttering, simplifying life and home, down sizing that can be found on channels like HGTV, Discovery channel, and TLC and the like. These shows teach us to purge and prune our stuff, belongings, lives, homes and whatever else that need to be pruned. Just as we would prune a garden for healthier garden, a better and more fruitful yield and harvest we need to do this as well in many other aspects or areas of our lives. I know I have gone through my wardrobe and cloths and decluttered my clothes although self admit much more hard press to do so with my shoes. I have gone through my dvd, movie, cd and book collections and decluttered more than once. I have gone through my gift wrap stash although that tends to waddle down itself over time. I have done this in countless other areas although there might be some people that might beg to differ on this point. Through this process of pruning, purging and decluttering my life I have often learned that less is more and less complicated more simplistic. This lesson can be seen also in the areas of my motherhood.

I as a mommy have found this to be a reality and need in motherhood just a as much as is it in other areas of life especially as a mommy of two babies. In my daily life as mommy I have tried to teach and demonstrate to my babies that less is more and decluttering can simply life. As the seasons in the year change from spring/summer to fall/winter and vice a versa my daughter more so knows that we go through clothes to clean out the old clothes that they have grown out of to make room for the new clothes for the new season. Also we try to give them to those who might could use them or need them. Also this is seen when birthdays or Christmas comes around or just simply when my babies have either out grown their toys or don’t use them anyone we also clean them out and donate to others. In doing this several things are learned and taught for one thing we make room for the new things. Another thing is that in making room we keep and maintain having room for stuff and to play and thus having a clean, organized and orderly space to live in. Also my babies learn the value of giving, sharing and donating to others to help those in need. Also this can teach the idea that in having more can create complexity and in having less can create simplicity thus less in many ways is more.

In my life as a mommy I have found that decluttering my home and thus my life in my day as a mommy has been useful in teaching many immensely invaluable, helpful and useful lessons. For starters I, my babies and my family can find things more easily and quickly. I am a firm believer and advocate of everything has its place and everything in it’s right place. Also by having everything in it’s right place things are more easily found. Thus this creates order, things stay organized, my house stays clean and we can function more smoothly, easier, effectively and efficiently. This also cuts way down, majorly decreases and minimizes the chaos. I know for me I function a million times better in order and organization then when in total, complete and utter chaos. In doing these things it becomes an extension of what is just excellent management of a home and housing keep but also a most excellent example/ or metaphor for conducting one’s life and can potentially become style or way of life for an individual. Personally for me as a mommy I have found in my decluttering of my home, my life and my motherhood this is useful, is helpful and allows for me to find, maintain and keep my center, focus, balance and sanity. I know when I’m sane life is more sane and everything and everyone is saner and happier.

As I have continued on my journey through motherhood as a mommy of two babies I feel decluttering not just my home but my life, finding ways of simplifying and finding the simplicity in the complexity is absolutely fundamentally essential in my journey as a mommy. My journey has shown me that there is joy in the simplicity and simplifying of my life. There is treasure in discovering more is in fact less. I desire as a mommy to always seek the simple pleasures and joy in life and on my journey as a mommy. I wish to always find ways to declutter so as to allow myself the space, time and freedom to focus on the simplicity of life and the joys and pleasures to be found in the simples things of life and in my journey as a mommy. May I as a mommy give my babies the tools and teach them how declutter their lives. May I also teach my babies how to seek and find the simplicity to be found in the simple pleasures and joys in life. May we as mommies through own journey in motherhood always know less is more and be able to seek and focus on the simples pleasures and joys to be found and had as mommies in our journey through motherhood.

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PT – The Scarlet Letter

In this world and life there is this idea of the need for measuring and quantifying everything and everyone in any and everything of life. In school you must get 93 or 95 and above to make all A’s, you must be on the honor roll, make national honor society, the dean’s list, the president’s list and graduate with honors. You must get into the right school and the right fellowships and so forth. In one’s career they want to get on with the right company or firm, or hospital. We desire to live in the right area and neighborhood and have the right car, house, boat, membership to the clubs and things that meet up to the Jone’s in society. There seems to be this immeasurable amount of pressure on us as individuals and as a culture or society to measure up. In becoming a mommy of two precious babies I have seen the reality and how this is equally prevalent in being a mommy or parent, in motherhood and raising my babies.
Since 2010 and in the last six years and counting I have seen evidence of this reality in so many ways as how we are expected to raise our kids. In having babies it’s interesting from a sociological perspective and as a comparison and contrast to see what track kids are put on and the expectations of them compared to maybe when I or we were kids. There are numerous instances of this being a major aspect of being a mommy. A big one for me right now, a part of the toddler years in motherhood currently in today’s society and culture it the idea of potty training and it being done by a certain point or if not it’s as if you are a parenting or mommy leopard and no one what’s to have nothing to do with your child. If not potty trained then they can’t take part in anything and are not allowed anywhere. Since when did this become such an issue in our culture and society where it is almost as if to be unacceptable to the point you can feel as a mommy as if you have been cast out and have been given a PT written in scarlet up on you as a mommy. Moreover I personally don’t get it because there is nothing gained in saying my child got potty trained by this certain age, time, and was potty trained first. Do we think this is going to give our children an advantage over other children when grown and trying to get into that college, the right fellowship, get that high paying job and that anyone can tell who and when they were potty trained or that they will care. There is no race to the finish line of achieving success on the porcelain seat or throne of the toddler years.

I also saw this with my son, even though is commonly accepted and common knowledge boys lag or are slower in language skills or development generally speaking, when he was about 14 or 16 months old the doctors had potential concerns over his speech, language and vocabulary development because he wasn’t on schedule or on parr with where he was was suppose to be at his age. I’m not saying one should not pay attention to earmarks, bench marks, or potential indications of an issue. Although what I am saying is that in our society and culture we get so tied up around the axial of we have to be on schedule, we have to measure up, we have to keep up with the cultural and societal expectations of the Jones and experts that we loos sight of we are each on our journey and need to find our own way. As a mommy I don’t want to loose sight of the fact that each of my babies are their own special, unique different individual with their own style, personality, character, talents and gifts who are on their own individual journey through life. I know my babies better than any one else. I believe we need to let kids be kids and let them develop, learn, grow and discover their own way and in their own time. As far as my son, as many of girlfriends sons did, it was near or right on his second birthday it was like a switch got flipped and he just took off and that everything he had been hearing and learning that was inside of him was released and he hasn’t stopped since, You couldn’t stop him if you tried. He grew and developed in his own time and at his own pace. He also tends to do things a little bit behind where his sister did them but then again he also seems to learn and get them more easily or more quickly.

A third area where there seems to be a major push for this is the school system and in education in our nation today. When my daughter was in kindergarten last year she was already having to do timed addition math facts and was expected to complete 10 problems in two minutes. Also she was expected to know I think like 50 sight words by the end of the school year and was expected to be reading on a certain reading level of like E or F. I don’t know about you ladies and when we were growing up but I don’t remember having to do all this in Kindergarten and never mind what she is doing in first grade this year. I know for a fact that I didn’t do math fact time tables until third grade. Moreover I don’t remember having to do or been given testing or standardize testing until at least 2nd grade maybe even 3rd or 4th. Why as a society and culture are we in such a rush and furthermore do we feel the need to rush our babies and always having them competing in a race that required them to rush to the finish line to measuring up to some insane expectations. In all these areas if our babies don’t measure up or meet expectations we as mommies seem to be given a cultural and societal implicit or explicit scarlet letter that is imposed up on us

In becoming a mommy I have also found this to be equally true of mothers of how we are measured, quantified and expected to measure up in raising our babies. In society there is this crazy ridiculous pace and expectations that is put onto our children and then in turn we also have to meet this insanity of immeasurable expectations. We are given a mark that lets the world know we are bad mommies or our kids are problem children or that we are behind the power curve or that we can’t cut it and what is our problem. In all of this race to achieve and compete to complete what are we trying to prove and accomplish and to what end or purpose. In observing, learning and experiencing this I have to ask a question is this case to simply say I or we or my child is the best isn’t there more to life then just being the best. What is really learned in just racing to be the best. There is so much more to life and learning, growing, and discovering on one’s own life journey. Why should we as mommies and our babies been punished or given the scarlet letter of whatever just because we don’t grow, learn, discover, compete and finish along with everyone else. Why can’t we all have space, freedom and time to learn, grow, discover and journey along this journey of life in our own unique, different and special way. Also why can’t we give and afford our babies the equal chance to have the same space, freedom and time to achieve their own learning, growing, discovery as they journey their own journey in their own special, unique and different way.

In my own journey as mommy and I as continue to journey forward i desire not to remain and keep myself, my babies and my family on the the wheel or in this crazy, insane, ridiculous societal and cultural rat race. I desire not to be labeled, seen or measured by societal and cultural imposed expectations. I choose to set my own expectations and standards of measuring for me, my babies and my family. I wish for me to journey forward in my own unique, special and different journey with the freedom, time and space to learn, grow and discover as I see fit for my own life journey. This is equally my hope, wish and desire for my sweet precious babies and family. May I as a mommy always allow myself and give myself the space, time and freedom to grow and learn as a mommy. May I never loose sight of giving my babies the same freedom, space and time to journeying on in their own special, unique and different way to learn, grow and discover. May I never loose sight of my voice as the ultimate expert of my babies and family by in giving into the insane, ridiculous and crazy chorus of social and cultural voice of expectations and measurements. May we as mommies also choose to let us, our babies and our family be judged and measured by and held to the expectations that we choose for ourselves, our babies and families and only give credence to what we deem worthy to be measured by in own own journey as mommies.

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I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

In my house these day one of my babies favorite movies is Finding Dory. In finding Dory as well as in Finding Nemo there is a great life lesson to be learned. Dory the little blue and yellow fish play by Ellen DeGeneres saids a great line of just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. This is so very true and is an instrumental life lesson of all us to learn. For we all see in our own journeys through life it’s not just about keep practicing, giving it the old college try or keep trying you will get better. Also one has to learn the immensely, profoundly influential and essential life lesson of never ever quitting or giving up in life. This is a life lesson that can be applied to any and everything for all of us. We learn this in school not to quite or give up to make the good grades, to succeed and to reach graduation whether if be elementary, then on to high school, then college and beyond if one so chooses. This is also true of any goal or dream one may have and wish to achieve it or realize their dream. This is lesson not just of life but of love we shouldn’t give up on our relationships, friends, loved ones and family. I personally have learned and been well served by this lesson of life in my own journey through life and even more so as I stared my journey into motherhood.

Just in as with Finding Nemo and Finding Dory there is another great childhood favorite that provides an excellent illustration and tool for this life lesson. It is the well known and beloved childhood classic favorite book of “The Little Engine that Could” by Watty Piper. It’s the story of a little engine that thinks he can, he thinks he can and he keep trying and he did it. I have strived to instill, teach and demonstrate this lesson of life in my babies through the countless daily moments in my life as a mommy. The daily moments could involve when my babies are trying to do anything or learn anything new. In the case of my daughter it has been when she was learning her abc’s, numbers, shapes, colors. riding her bike, starting to memorizing her Bible verses, cleaning up, making her bed and doing her chores. Three great examples of my daughter finally learning, getting and achieving a skill that she first thought was to hard and wanted to give up and quite but keep at it and was able to write her letters and numbers, read and use sessions to cut with. She keep swimming and ended up swimming, learning and achieved the task at hand.

In the case of watching and observing my 3 1/2 year old son, while different in some ways from his sister, I have also seen him keep swimming. Although his personality doesn’t seem to be as inclined to give up or in or quite as easily or as quickly as his sister there has been examples of him having to keep working at something to achieve the goal. I have seen this in learning to put things aways and cleaning up. Also on he keeps swimming til he gets it and earns his tickets. He is still young with much to learn and discover as he continues on growing. I look forward to seeing more in how he keeps swimming to learn and achieve as he goes. His personality of willing to keep swimming will serve him well as he continues on his journey. Always keep swimming, never giving up and never quitting are some of the most important and valuable lessons of life for my babies to have as they continue forward in their own life journeys. May my babies always and forever keep swimming, keep swimming as the press forward in each of their own journeys.

In Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and The Little Engine that Could the lessons of life that can be one’s take away is the lesson of being persistent and preserving despite all the difficulty or challenges thrown at you when trying to learn and do something. Also the lesson of having determination and being determined no matter what to see it through to the end or the intended goal or purpose. In the same vein of persistent and determination other lessons of life are the value and virtue of working hard and having tenacity. Moreover a profoundly essential lesson of life that can take you far in whatever you do is the idea of positive thinking is am imperative and crucial part of keep swimming. More than times then it is one’s attitude, outlook, preemptive of positive thinking that help them stay the course, to keep trying, spurring them on knowing they can do what they are striving to accomplish. It is in one’s positive attitude and thinking that allows one to press on in determination and persistence to work no matter what challenges or difficulty may come along as a road block in their journey to their goal or dream. In having determination, tenacity, persistence, preservance and working hard one learns the lessons of life of always, always, keep swimming, never quitting and never ever give up thus giving one what is required in achieving their goals and reaching or realizing the their dreams that can only come form keep swimming along one’s journey through life.

In my own journey through life long before I became a mommy I had to learn these lessons of life. It was and is through my experience of being visually impaired/legally blind and journeying through life with a disability since birth that resulting in my learning these lessons of life. Everything I have done has come harder and I had to work 10 times harder to achieve my goals or reach my dreams. My life has always been filled with endless challenges and hurdles to overcome. I have always had to be persistent, tenacious and determined in all things and work harder then most to achieve anything that I have earned or accomplish such as my success in academia in high school, college and graduate school and in my endeavors as an author. This is and has also influenced and affected my journey as a mommy in many ways. While I don’t think I have had to work harder then all mothers do however I do think in my own journey as a mommy I have to take into consideration, face and deal with much more and many different aspects of what is required in my motherhood that most mommies don’t have to consider. Although that’s not to say that each of us as mommies don’t have our own, individual and different challenges, difficulties and struggles in motherhood. My legal blindness/visual impairment comes with plenty and numerous of its own issues and limitations that affect my life, my family and motherhood that adds much to the normal aspects of life and motherhood. I have worked hard and been determined, tenacious, persistent and perserved forward to do my utmost best to press on and keep swimming and not let the limitations of my disability stand in my way, achieving my dreams and being what my family needs or of being the mommy I need to be for my babies. This has allowed me an inherent or automatic builtin, if you will, ultimate teachable moment through my own life of experiences of having to always being determined, tenacious, hard working, persistent and preserving as an example for my babies as to what it is to be things and learning such lessons of life. May I as a mommy on my own journey always be determined, tenacious, persistent and preserve forward and keep swimming. May I always give my babies the tools to learn the lessons of life to always, always just keep swimming as they journey forward. May we as mommies never ever give up, quite, press on and always, always keep swimming as mommies and in our own journeys through motherhood for ourselves, babies and families.

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Keep Trying You’ll Get Better

In life there are only a rare few instances that get things right the first time right out of the chute. More times then not life experiences has proven and shown us that we have to do thing more than once. Realistically there is great chance we all will have to do something not just more than once but over, and over and over again. This truth of life is evidence in just about all areas of life such as even as simple of learning to walk, tying one’s shoes, using a zipper, button or snapping jackets or coats. Leaning one’s abc’s, numbers, shapes and how to read. This is the in school as early a kindergarten and all the way through college and following this is true when looking for or finding a job. For instance if you are anything like me math has always kicked my butt and then some. In college it took me three times to get out of and finally pass College Algebra and this Ladies is why I’m Mrs Liberal Arts. Although I may not have gotten better with the repeating of the course I finally passed and got it done. Although I believe after my fight with College Algebra I believe I came to know the old adage of ‘give the old college try’. Another area this can be experienced is in the social areas such as making friends or finding love. However life has taught me that in just about all things and areas in life we all have to give our very best try/tires even more then the old college try. There is much to be said for and leaning to give it our college try. In motherhood this lesson is equally valuable for our babies and for our own selves as we journey forward as mommies.

Since becoming a mommy and raising a 6 year old and then a three year old I can say without a doubt I have seen and had to watch a lot more than I could have imagined or want to admit of kids and toddler tv shows. In being exposed to countless and endless hours of my babies tv shows I think I have found the kid version of the life lesson of ‘give the old college try’. One of my kids favorite tv shows that has immense value for toddlers and kids is on PBS which is Daniel Tiger. One of the episodes of Daniel Tiger is where there are teaching the characters of Daniel and his friends to ‘just keep trying you’ll get better’. How many of you mommies out there have seen this show and might be hearing the little song in your head as you read this as I have myself. The lesson of life of this little song and show is to keep practicing because practice makes perfect and with enough practice and keep trying you will be able to do it and achieve that goal.

As a mommy I have tried to teach and instill in this in my babies. I have seen countless examples of this at work in the daily life in my day as a mommy. I saw this with my daughter when she was learning to say her abc’s and then write them and same with other numbers and shapes. Also she keep trying and got better at reading and addition. Also she continues to improve in her skills in Karate as she keeps applying herself and keeps practices her kicks, blocks and moves. Furthermore this is also true in her learning how to ride her bike among so many other things. For my son at this point in his own journey at 31/2 I have seen this with his learning of his numbers, ABC’s doing puzzles, memory match games, the names of his dinosaurs, learning on, learning to help clean up toys, and many others. As he gets older I know I will see this in more and more areas of his own learning, growing, discovering and journey forward. In each of these examples for each of my babies have provided many teaching moments to show, demonstrate the value of the life lessons of practice makes perfect and keep trying you well get better.

In watching my babies learning, growing and discovering this lesson of keep trying they will get better caused me to wonder if this life lesson could also apply to me as a mommy and in my own journey through motherhood. Well here comes another moment of daring to be truthful I had learned this life lesson of give it the old college try or keep trying and I will get better long before my journey as a mommy ever started. In my becoming a mommy and continuing my journey through my motherhood has just been a reminder and reinforcement of this immensely valuable lessons of life and motherhood. As in life so in my journey as a mommy if I practice and keep trying I will get better as a wife, a mommy and for my family. If I keep practice being kind, considerate, polite, courteous, gracious, generous, caring, compassionate, understanding, courageous, strong, brave, respectful and loving then I will get better and be those things and my very best for my babies and my family. If I keep trying to make my lemonade out of lemons, have patience, remember my mommy yellow, red, green choices, to take my MeO’clock time, take my breaths, sips, snacks, sleeps, soaks and relax I will have more and more mommy mountaintop moments and fewer and fewer mommy valley moments. If I keep trying to maintain my space, time and property, remember most of things are 1st world problems, that I’m the ultimate expert, and the commentary from the peanut galleries have no voice thus I will find and keep my center, focus, balance and sanity and will be my utmost best for myself, my babies and my family.

In my journey as a mommy I know I must always and forever keep trying. I know that if I keep trying I am teaching, exemplifying and demonstrating this most immensely essential and most profoundly important lesson of life. In teaching the lesson of keep trying you will get better my babies are learning how to do things. They are leaning that through keep practicing and keep trying you will be able to get things right. In practicing and keep trying my babies are learning the value of dedication, prescience and seeing things through. In and through their dedication and persistence is what allows for my babies to achieve, accomplish their goals and reach their dreams in life. May my babies always know the vale of these life lessons that will serve them most well as they continue on their own journey though life. May I always in my journey as a mommy be an example, teach and demonstrate these lessons of life of practice makes perfect and keep trying you will get better to my babies. May I always give my babies the tools and skills to be able to always have the will, courage and to be brave to keep trying as they journey forward. May I instill in my babies for their own life journey to always keep trying no matter what until they reach their goals, desires and dreams. May we always as mothers in our own journey always, always practice, practice till we get it right or at least better and may we always keep pressing on and keep trying for ourselves, our babies and our family as we journey forward as mommies.

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