A New Direction and New Writings

Heartfelt Meditations: A New Direction and New Writings.

Now that I have introduced myself and told a little about my story and journey thus far in my last blog post. I now would like to speak on the new directions I would like to take my writings. While I will be interested in and write poetry and will go back to that form or style of writing I over the last few years have turned my writings styles in a new direction. For my most newest ideas I have formed involves collections of short essays on the topics that interest me and I have a great passion for such as my faith (religion/spirituality), motherhood (parenting/family), my political beliefs (government/Political Science) and marriage (relationships).

I have mentioned these subjects before but one might wonder as to how my writing journey took me to this new direction. For better or worse, the concept of the main character work in Sex and City got me thinking. If she could write a column or essays on her observations and thoughts on love, romance, men/women, relationships, sex and societal norms revenant to this parts of society; then why couldn’t I do the same concept but just on things that interested me and I had a passion for. My first area that at the beginning of this new direction was my faith (religion/spirituality). Then once I become a mother and started my journey into motherhood I though that would work as well. Then more recently since I have achieved my Master in Political Science then why not that too in addition to these other areas for the source of my essays and new writings. As this blog process I will be posting what essays I write on these topics in addition to other stuff I have either done or might be working on.

Some other things that I also hope to write are some book ideas that I have come up with. I do want to and hope to write 3 or 4 more books in similar style, form and fashion as my first book just more focused on, heartfelt meditations for women, more extensively the Psalms, and one focusing on the words of our Master Jesus Christ. I also have thought to consider writing children poetry as well. Time will tell.

Other books that I hope to write come from different parts of life such as one of the lessons or other things I would like to pass on to my babies for for them to learn. I also hope to write an autobiographer of sorts sharing the lifetime of lesson I have learned by faith and not by sight. I also would consider the idea on a book about marriage things I have learned. I might even use one book as a source of inspiration for writings my own story in a more humorous light. I have through the years also considered the idea of writing like some different inspirational or devotion type books. At this point this is my thoughts for current and future writings. Who knows what else may come in to my mind for potential writings. Although I think this is a most excellent start and more than enough to address and attack. There is no doubt this is my heartfelt desire and my goals I truly hope to see to be realized and come into actualization . At this point I can only say stay tuned, lets see where this journey leads me and time will certainly tell.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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