Love, Love, Love – Is That All We Really Need?

 Love, Love, Love – Is That All We Really Need?

           In this crazy world of madness that we live in at times our lives can be filled with chaos in this culture of violence, war, hate, intolerance, entitlement and selfishness. In the words of the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”, one could see and understand why and how these most interesting and trying times we live in could have someone beg to ask, wondering, “where is the love?” And in the famous words of the legendary Tina Turner’s, ”What’s Love Got to Do With It?” I mean, really, what does love have do with anything that is in this crazy world? Taking examples from pop culture such as Tina Turner, the Beatles who say “Love, Love, Love. All you need is love.” or the Eagles who say in fact, “Love Will Keep Us Alive”, who is in the right or wrong? Do these musical lyrics and sentiments concur with Paul the apostle who talks of having faith, hope and above all love, or with Jesus Christ himself who said ‘they will know you by your love.’ Who’s right or wrong and what evidence would be of any help to build a case for any of these thoughts and opinions of love as being found correct.

One would have do define love first and to know what one is considering love to be or how to qualify it therefore surmising what each of these musicians are speaking of with regards to love. As the Apostle Paul spoke of love being a verb and committing acts of kindness, longsuffering, tolerant, selfless, hopeful, patient, truthful, trustworthy, never failing and conquering all. According to Paul, love isn’t passive, envious, prideful, boastful, begrudging things, rude, selfish or self-seeking, quick tempered, not defeated. This is the definition of true love. For Christ is the prefect embodiment, symbol, representation, depiction or illustration of this definition of true and unconditional love. His message and ministry of three years was love centered and focused. His life and words were of love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and hope; not of hate, intolerance, rejection, hopelessness, ungraciousness, having a unforgiving spirit of the heart. Jesus spoke of loving your brother, forgiving your neighbor 7 times 70, turning the other cheek, loving those that hate you, praying for those that despitefully use you, loving your neighbor as yourself and countless other messages on this point of love. In addition to this message, He followed through with the ultimate and perfect way of putting love into action for the entire world by saving, redeeming and delivering us all from our spiritual destiny- eternal punishment in hell, by dying for us all so that we may live. That is the most perfect, ultimate and true fulfillment and realization of the definition of true love.
Now understanding the definition of true love and seeing examples of what it is for: true love to be a verb and put into action and demonstrated, we will revisit our musical friends’ lyrics. If Tina Turner’s words are referring to love that is not true love, that is selfish, envious, prideful, boastful, quick to anger, unforgiving, rude, fails and is defeated, then Ms. Turner would be found correct. This type of love is not true; it is a second hand emotion of love which is to be found false love that has nothing to do with what God intended for true love to be and with what Jesus demonstrated true love to be for the whole world. For the case of true love Tina isincorrect, for true love has to do with everything and everything has to do with true love. As far as the Eagles are concerned if they are singing about true love, then yes, our survival is a guarantee; for love conquers all and we are conquerors through Him. What would be the point to all the romantics’ love songs and the love stories of Hollywood and life if it wasn’t for true love that sees us through and keeps us alive? Therefore the Beatles are found to be correct and in agreement with Paul and Christ. For in these things faith, hope and love above them all is love, and it is because of Christ and His most perfect action and gift of selfless and true love that we are more than conquerors. Perfect true love does conquer all. Yes love has to do with everything and everything with it. All we really do need is true unconditional love – the love of God.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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