The ABC’s of Motherhood

The ABC’s of Motherhood

In the journey of life we all along the way learn vast lessons and that in and of itself is our journey of learning as we go through life. As we started as children we were taught lessons by our parents to prepare our minds and hearts for life, the world and our first part of the journey of life and learning of being in school. Much of what we learned for our school years and our lives are fundamental basics that would grow as we grew and grew in our knowledge. For school as we took the very first step in learning we had to learn our letters, numbers, shapes, colors, learn how to write read, count and endless other lessons that went way beyond theses learning essentials. Each phase of our journey in life comes with its own basics and fundamental lessons that are essential to be taught and learn to help us move forward and succeed in this life and on our journey. The new phase for many women of motherhood is no less different in this respect and introduces each of us to a whole new world of new experiences that come with their own lessons to be learned and knowledge gained.

As mothers we have now prepared our own babies for their own new journey of learning, school and life by teaching our children the basic and fundamentals essential for school and as we see them go off into a whole new big world to learn all these new lessons we often find ourselves learning along side with our school aged babies. I myself now having sent my baby girl to school this year for the first time I am experiencing and seeing what she is learning and experiencing and thus I am growing in my experiences, learning new lessons as her mommy and continue to do so as she and I both go through this new phase in of each of our lives and journey.

In this new part of her and my journey it has caused me to ponder what are some of the basics and fundamentals of learning and lessons of motherhood during the school years. Motherhood teaches us about ability, adventures to be found, achieving success as mothers, seeing the awe in the new journey and experiences and the art of expression of our children. The lesson of the letter B that we can learn as mothers is to remember the bounty of our beautiful blessing of our children and seeing them build things that leads to the building of the foundation of their learning and journey of life. While savoring these blessings we learn its an act of balance, and the best beginnings are bright ones. Next we see that the Letter C reminds us of lessons that come from our choices. Also lessons of C involves courage, confidence, curiosity, how things change, and to be conquers of our challenges and these changes and new lessons create and build ours and our babies character. Another crucial lesson of C is to always be our babies constant cheer leader and cheer our children on.

As we go through the lesson of the alphabet of our children school days and our journey as mothers we come to the delightful and excellent lessons of the Letters D and E. The Letter D teaches us as mother and children to dare to dream big, delight in dressing up and never discourage but always encourage. Encouraging our journey on to the excellent lessons of the Letter E we learn of the excellency in motherhood, everything we ever needed to know can be learned and discovered in Kindergarten and the value of early education in addition to all sorts of extra lessons of the Letter E.

After discovering and exploring the lessons of these two letters we then follow our journey to the fabulous Letter F that is equally full of lessons such as first things first, friendly beginnings, our focus as mothers, and the fun to be found in this journey of school and mothering. The next two letters that teach us to grow as mothers are the letters G and H that show us how we as mothers should always be and demonstrate gratitude and the golden rule for that is often is how we as people are measured and grade on. The letter H speaks much to the heart of home and motherhood. These lessons inveigle to continue our journey of learning as mothers to the incredible lessons of the Letter I such as when we are mothers there is no bliss in ignorance, the world of our imagination provide infinite incredible possibility and potential for creativity and learning and lastly there is as much inspiration for us as there is for our children in knowing we did it, we did it.

Journeying on as mothers and with our babies we find the lessons of the letter J to be most joyful and that the most priceless jewel to be found and to have is knowledge. Knowing the lessons of motherhood that we have been taught so far by the fundamentals and basics of and through the school days we key into the lessons provided for us by Letters K and L. As mothers we learn that not only is knowledge the key but so is motherhood and there are keys to this journey of motherhood. Leaving the lessons of K behind we find our next lessons to be learned from the Letter L which helps us to let go, live, laugh, learn and love more and better. Although we remember these lessons we move on to the lessons of the marvelous letter M which offers much to learn such as the math of motherhood, manners and motherhood matter along with the matters of motherhood. Moreover things such as the mind of our children, knowledge of motherhood and the music of a mother’s heart are most meaningful and memorable.

The next half of the lessons of motherhood from the alphabet brings us to the letters of N through R which opens the window for new potential question and quests of knowledge. In each part of journey of learning one can set out on quests for knowledge, new beginnings, potential and possibilities, and seek the answer to the their numerous and plentiful questions. Pressing forward in our journey as mothers we come to the lesson of the Letter R which reveals how we and our children shall rise, reap the rewards of all our work and efforts and there is a time and place for recess for all. Skipping forward we see our bright and shiny stars still sprouting and sprouting and that our sproutlets come in and learn in all different shapes, sizes and ways. It is step by step and through self awareness we all soar in our journey as mothers.

Tenaciously as we continue on our journey as mothers we learn that we are our babies first teachers and that teachers are treasures but more so the treasure of teaching is teaching the truth and doing so truthfully. There are tools and tricks to the teaching of our children and it is often that timing is everything and it we try, try, try again we will all twinkle like stars and thus this is the greatest treat and treasure of all. In our teaching we must remember that uniformity is not useful for teaching or motherhood for each child is unique and we all mother in our own unique ways. This unique journey through the alphabet of motherhood we have seen the value of lessons learned for each letter of the alphabet even so the Letter V has its own valuable lessons to be shared such as the value of the voice of our children, and the vocabulary in which they use these are both valuable lesson of the Letter V.

Working through this alphabetical journey as mothers we now come to the wonderful lesson of the Letter W where we learn the worth of widening our children’s worldview and ensuring it is a worthy one that finds the wonder in things and this world which is filled with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Along this winding journey of motherhood we have now wandered to the lessons of the Letters X, Y and Z. These concluding letters teach us the lessons of desiring to have x-ray vision, and seeing the x-traordinary in the ordinary. Also for us to yearn for the moments of ‘I dare you not to Yawn’ and to be in moment of the yo-yo effect of this phase along our journey through Motherhood. We use the yardsticks of motherhood to remember the mix match of zebras, zucchini and zippers and all that is in between. As mothers let’s go forward in anticipation and remembering as we continue our learning and exploring all the new lessons and adventures of this phase in our journey of motherhood and all the other new future phases of our journey into the continuing school of motherhood. May we always look for the new lessons to be learned and may we always journey together as mothers and along side our babies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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