The Adventures to be found in Motherhood and Learning

The adventure to be found in motherhood and learning

In becoming mothers we as women started our new journey of learning what it was to be a mother along with our babies in that very first moment of their birth the first breathe they took, with the first glimpse, cry, hug, kiss, cuddle, snuggle and so many countless other first to come along the way as we continued on this new journey of motherhood. As we have continued in our journey we have strived to teach, help them to learn and to prepare our babies for their own new journey of learning at school. In venturing on this learning journey we have found, just as when we become mothers with the birth of our babies, that it is always best to start at the beginning with the very basics such as the ABC’s and numbers. At school as our children venture out into their own new journey they will in same fashion also start from the beginning with the basics and start with the awesome and amazing Letter A. At school our children learn countless things abut the letter A.

As I am seeing my daughter begin her own new adventure of learning I have notice things and lessons that I can learn as a mother from the letter A. As my daughter’s world is opening up more and growing bigger and bigger I see her exploring, learning and experiencing new things. I see her through learning discovering new adventures. This entire new journey has been a new adventure form the first day of school. It is a new world of school to go into, a new school, a new teacher, new friends, routine, new rules for her and so many other new experiences and adventures. The numerous new lessons for my daughter have been like making sure to be on time, do things in a timely manner so you can be on time, the idea of and having new nod more responsibility such as homework and chores. Also having to learn about green, yellow and red and let’s be all about go green and staying on green and learning about how to interact and handle things when they don’t always going well or kids treating her kindly. Every one of these new lessons and collectively has been new lessons of and in itself in that for my daughter she is learning that things change and that all of theses changes and things there in lies the adventure in learning and that learning is the adventure.

As her mother I’m learning that motherhood is the continuing journey of learning and an awesome and amazing adventure. With every new stage, phase, chapter and day brings something new and different adventure a chance to learn and grow for my daughter, as her mother and together. I think sometimes its very hard for me, us as women and mothers to loss focus and get caught up in the all of the daily things and stuff of life of the whirl wind or the crashing waves of motherhood and all of the other things of life, being wives, single parents, CEO of our households, work, family and so on. We can at time loos sight of the lesson and what we are to be learning. This journey we are on as mothers is the most important, special, awesome and amazing journey that we could ever be on and at some point our babies will finish their journey of learning in school and enter into the real journey of life and thus our journey as mothers we become our own adventure again. So in this adventure of motherhood as mommies we should cherish each step, up and down and twists and turns of this crazy amazing adventure. I know for me I don’t want to loss sight of how amazing this journey is and to always, always remember to see and find the awesome adventure in my journey as a mommy that I have the privilege to be a part of with my daughter.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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  1. Liana says:

    Motherhood is an adventure and a gift!


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