Then Jesus said to them,
‘Follow Me, and I will make you
become fisher of men.
Mark 1:17 (NKJV)

We are playing following the leader, the leader where ever He may go. I think everyone remembers this childhood game that we all played as children. As it implies in name a leader would be picked and whatever he or she did or went the others would follow in the leaders directions and instructions. This game is a fun way that has been played by children and used to instill in children the values and lessons of following their parents rules, directions and instructions put in place so that their children can learn how to listen and learn about rules, and life’s lessons. In learning these lesson children learn how to be safe, learn responsibility and about the ways of life. In following the ways of our parents we learn that we are asked to do these things because of their love for us, their desire for us to remain safe and to grow and become happy, healthy, thriving and productive human beings.

You could be wondering what might this have to do with or mirror one’s personal walk with Christ. Knowing the meanings of the words and ideas of following Christ and discipleship can provide insight as to why this is relevant to a persons’s faith and relationship with Christ. The idea of following someone is to conform to, comply with, act in accordance with and to obey. Relevant to Jesus Christ it is when a person accepts Jesus as their Savior and thus chooses to follow Jesus as He leads and guides him or her as their leader, Savior and Lord. Moreover the idea and word of discipleship is any person who has professed to be a follower of Christ Jesus such as the 12 disciples and then the 70 disciples that Christ sent out in Luke 10:1 Through choosing and learning how to follow Jesus on our journey of becoming and continuing as His disciples this achieves two things. Personally we ourselves are and continue to become a disciple of Christ and thus then we learn and get equipped to go out and help reach other and teach them how to follow Jesus and become His disciples as we did.

Another question that one may consider is that now I understand what is to be a follower and disciple of Jesus how should one go about continuing on one’s journey as a follower and disciple of Jesus? Similarly how does one prepare for and have the ability to go out, disciple and lead others to Christ? It is though one’s own search and continued journey as a follower or disciple of Christ that one becomes prepared to go out and disciple other people. We as followers learn of Christ’s directions for us to follow in our lives through numerous avenues and paths. We can discern His guiding instructions through continuously having conservation with Jesus through constant pray and always and forever having an open dialogue. Also it comes through always seeking and searching in our quest of truth and knowledge through reading His words that He gave to us to be found in the Bible. Also we learn more through keeping open to listening and hearing the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Other ways of gaining knowledge of Jesus’ directions is through listening to the leaders He gives us through our church leaders and minsters and taking part in corporate worship and bible study. Thus walking and working our faith out with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ we as followers and disciples of our leader Jesus Christ have gleaned much knowledge and growth in Him through all these methods. Thus we now have the knowledge and truth that prepares us to go forth and disciple others in truth, love, kindness, hope, mercy, grace to come and follow our leader Jesus Christ.

When we as children learn and play follow the leader such as our parents we learn how to follow them and we do this through listening and obeying them. As we learn these lessons we are being taught two folded in that we learn how to follow our parents and then if we so chose that teaches us how to follow Jesus. Then we in turn are becoming disciples who can go out, help teach and show others how to become followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. This very act, practice and process is the embodiment and exemplification of what it is to be a disciple and follower of Christ thus doing the idea and act of discipleship. Also as we learned how to follow Jesus through following our parents we as believers in our action of following Jesus we are demonstrating and showing people and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ how to become disciples of Christ. Then other believers can go forth to reach, show other people and disciple them as well. It’s amazing that a childhood game so simple as Follow the leader could be so valuable and immeasurable in teaching the idea of discipleship and have such a profound eternal and significant influential impact on the lives of people for the good of God’s kingdom. May we all as followers and disciples of Christ strive to always continue seeking the good, pure and holy directions and instructions that Jesus has for our lives so that we may always be able to lead others to Him though our example of following our leader Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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