Let’s go fishing and be fishers of men

Let’s go fishing and be Fishers of Men

Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee,
to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them.
When they saw Him, they worshiped Him, but some doubted.
And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying
“All authority has been given got me in heaven and on earth.
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,
baptizing them in the same of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you;
and I with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen”
Matthew 28: 16 – 18 (NKJV)

  Imagine a beautiful spring day the sun is shining and there are beautiful clear blue skies and not a cloud in sight. The air is crisp and spring is here and the birds are happily chirping. There is nothing calling or beckoning you, asking you to do this thing or that except for the simple pleasurable thought of being out with your kids or friends down by the lake or river on a dock sitting, relaxing, breathing in the tranquility and serenity while perched and fishing. In pondering this wonderful potentiality for this spring day one must think if I was go fishing what would I need to enjoy fishing today. In considering what it is needed to go fishing one would need or at least hope for good weather conditions such a beautiful blue skies and sunny day. One also needs a fishing pole, good bait, a good fishing spot or hole, a tackle box, good food, peace and quite, time and patience. All of these key components have a purpose in fishing and becoming a successful fishermen or women.

As Christians this is the very nature of the Great Commission and what we are called to do to go fishing, go be fishers of men and make disciples. Just as people who love to go fishing they must plan and be prepared to go fish; so it is with Christians when we go out into to the world to go fishing for Christ making disciples we also must plan and prepare for being fishers of men in the name of Christ.  The preparations a person makes for his or her fishing trip so must we make for our fishing trip into the world of men. The necessity of good weather such as a beautiful day is what we pray for and for the right condition and setting in which we send Christ message out. We should pray and look for the places or settings to meet people, such as at work, school, our neighborhood, our own families and communities, friends, the playground or park, at coffee shops, groups we are involved in and so forth, who need to hear Christ’s message. Also though there is need to pray for the right time in which a person is open and their heart is prepared and ready to receive the message of Christ and thus becoming a believer, follower and disciple of Christ.

Also key for us as we go fishing we would need our fishing poles this is the Bible, God’s word, the truth of God’s love and Christ’s message it self. We must know, understand and have knowledge ourselves so that we know what to tell people and what to share when we go fishing. The second key is the need for bait when we go fishing. We as believers go out and share the truth of God’s love, Word and the message of Christ we must have the ability to listen, to learn, to know and understand what people are needing and searching for. Thus then we will know how to approach and reach men and women we are fishing for on their level and where they are at in their lives and how to bring them to Christ. A third pivotal and indispensable aspect to going fishing is the need to bring your tackle box which holds all the things used by a fishermen or women. Some things that might be in a tackle box would be bait, fishing line, lures, fishing hooks, floats, reels, casts, first aid kit, and other such things. The parallel or correlation to what would be in a tackle box for fishing for fish to what would be in a tackle box for fishing for men is just as in fishing for fish tools are needed so is the case when fishing for the hearts and soul of men and women. In being fishermen of the hearts and souls of men one would need to pack in their tackle box the tools of prayer with the ultimate Fisher of men, knowledge of truth and the Great Fisher of Men words or message. Also as ways of first aid what would be in a Christian’s tackle box would be tools or the armor of God in addition to the tools of truth, righteousness, gospel of peace, faith and salvation.

In addition to the tools of good weather and conditions, good fishing hole or spot, a fishing pole, bait and tackle box the other tools needed for one to be a good fisherman or women is food, peace and quit, time and patience. Peace and quite has the purpose of helping with the focus needed to consternate on the business of fishing. For a fisherman or women of hearts and souls having peace and quite allows for a few things one is the focus we need to concentrate on listening and hearing to understand God and where, when and how He would have us go out and fish which prepares us to be His fishermen and women.  Also though this prepares us to be able to listen, hear and understand those who we are hoping to reach and lead to the ultimate Fisher of men. The food that is packed in our tackle box just as a fishermen or women who goes fishing might be there for a while and make a day of it need nutrients so do we as Christians to continue our calling and the work of the Great Commission. We gain our nutrients for our work through much prayer, learning, studying and understanding God’s word and submitting to the Great Fishermen’s instructions. The final key to fishing is often the hardest of time and patience in waiting for the fish to come to you. This is not all that much different when we are fishing for the hearts and souls of men we often have to be willing to either wait for the hearts of men to be soften, ripened, ready and prepared for Christ’s message and for also to met them where they are at by going to them and understanding where they are in life. We also need to be willing to be in continuous and constant prayer for the hearts and souls we are hoping to reach for Jesus Christ. This almost always in involves a process or journey that can be slow and involves much time which requires much patience, compassion and understanding on our parts as Jesus’s fishers of men and women’s hearts and souls.

Frequently in this part of the work of the Great Commission and fishing there are some other tools that a follower and disciple of Christ would need to pack in their tackle box or find helpful which are the gifts of the Spirit such as the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, truth, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, speaking in and interpretation of tongues, service, teaching, preaching, evangelism, leadership, exhortation, giving, mercy among others (1 Cor 12:7 -11, Rm 2: 6 – 8 and Eph 4:11). What we need to remember as fishermen of men and women’s hearts and souls is that men and women are all different as we are also different as Jesus’ fishers of men and women. Thus it takes different tools and gifts to achieve the Great Commission. The Great Fisher of men has equipped each of us with the ability to accomplish His great work by giving each of us spiritual gifts to add to our tackle boxes to use when we go fishing. We all have special abilities and talents that can be used to reach each man and women in the special way that each special person needs in there lives to come and follow Jesus’ the Greatest Fisher of men’s hearts and souls.

It is in all this planning and preparation that the Great Commission and the calling on our lives as Christians is fulfilled and accomplished. It is through the use and application of all the immensely valuable tools we have stored in our tackle boxes the great work and call that is on all of our lives as disciples of the Great Fisher of men is achieved. As we start out on our fishing trips for the purpose of fishing for the hearts and souls of our fellow man in accomplishing the Great Commission we must remember that at all times our fishing trip and endeavors are to be done in the spirit of love, kindness, peace, truth, compassion, hope, grace and mercy. For it is the hearts and souls of men and women we are fishing for and for the purpose of bring and leading them to the greatest and ultimate Fisher of men Jesus Christ and for the faithful completion and achieving of the Great Commission for kingdom of God. In all things and times may we as followers and disciples of the Great Fisher of men and women be ready to go, to answer the call, and to go fishing for the hearts and souls of men and women for the sake of the work and call that has been given to us by the ultimate and greatest Fisher of men’s hearts and souls.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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