Nipples Mine or the nipple of a bottle

My or the nipple of a bottle

As a new mommy who had been thrown into the start of her new journey and had survived the initial experience of the encounter with the Breastfeeding Nazis. I started to wonder about this whole issue as to how we as mothers feed our babies. I wondered why is the method of feeding babies such a controversial subject? How could such a controversy be created over such a natural thing of feeding one’s baby? Why do some people care or why do they think as to what I as mother chose to do or not do with my baby is any of their concern or business? How is there so many diverse, varied and widening opinions on this personal, intimate and private matter in motherhood?

Also I thought how could this simple most basic to life and motherhood issue and task of feeding our babies be so controversial and complicated. How it is possible that there is so much that goes in to this issue and decision of the method of feeding our babies whether as to the method of feeding breast or bottle that we chose as mothers. First as mommies we have to consider the sides of both options of the feeding issue and to consider all sides of each option. After that we must decide to either breast feed, bottle feed, supplement or do a mixture of the two. Depending on what we choose as new mommies influences other things and creates new choices we have to make. Even as moms once we make our decision wether to nurse or bottle feed we have to consider how this choice will impact potentially work, our type and quality of life, if we want to carry the full responsibility without a helping hand and how we will have to mange all that through what methods. When breasting feeding we are the only one doing it, we aren’t as free to go as we pleas unless we try to nurse and public and then there’s another whole sticky subject for some. Also we have to consider for how long to nurse, the process of weening off and how to mange that. Then again if we do want some help or freedom then we must consider our thoughts and option on pumping. On the other side if we as moms choses to bottle feed we would have more help and more freedom. Although that opens of a whole other can of choices, options to be considered and decisions to be made. Even in choosing to bottle feed as mommies we have to consider which brand and type of formula such as Enfamil, Similac,, Gerber, Earth’s Best among numerous other to include the off bands such as parent’s choice. Also which type of bottle, what brand of bottle such as Phillips Avent, Gerber, Nuk, Playtex, Dr. Brown, Even Flo, Medela, Munchkin and numerous others have to be considered addition o which kind of nipple for that particular bottle. Never mind the fact if we as mommies were to contemplate doing a pacifier more times than not these two are related. As moms we will try to figure out a kind to try that is close to the same as the bottle nipple. My head and thoughts are swirling, whirling just thinking about the choices, choices and more choices of how I was going to feed my baby girl never mind motherhood.

Before becoming a mommy during my pregnancy I myself had to considered all this and what I had said was is that I promised to try to nurse and see what happened and that was all I promised. It was still uncertain as to whether or not I would be able to or not considering I was virginal and new at this still. Personally for me I did try and ending up loving the experience of having this intimate, special, precious time of bounding with my daughter. That being said though it was best for me to do as much nursing as possible and supplemental with bottle feeding when needed. In the end I was able to do majority nursing for about 3 almost 4 weeks. I also have to wonder does it really matter as to how I feed my daughter and for how long during that first part of her life. I mean at the end of our journey’s as mothers are really going to look back and say I wish or I think it would have made a difference if I bottle feed instead of breastfeed or vice averse. As we send our children out into the world whether or not our babies were breast or bottled fed is not going to impact their adult lives or in continuing their journey in this life. I think what will be more profoundly and significantly influential will be the love, respect, kindness, support, encouragement, disciple that was given, the lessons and truth that were taught and learned in addition to how we influenced and shaped the individual people are babies are to become and that we raised and parented as mothers.

In this most important, essential and basic issue of being mommies let’s simplify this matter and take the complexity out of it for ourselves. As mothers we need to remember that it is always and forever ultimately our decision to make as mommies for our babies and no one else knows what’s best for us or our babies better than we do as the mommy to our own babies. We need to free ourselves as mommies from all the maybe well meaning or busy body chatter and commentary from the endless peanut galleries. In allowing ourselves to embrace our freedom of figuring this out for ourselves and our babies we are giving ourselves the space to learn, grow, explore and experience as mommies. As mothers we know what is best and that is all that matters. We need to remember and strive to keep doing that on our journeys as mommies and we as mothers and our babies will be fine. We as mommies of our babies and no one else babies in embracing our freedom we have room to learn, grow and experience our own journey as mommies with our babies. In doing this we will grow and gain confidence as mommies. We will learn to trust ourselves and believe we got this and thus building a stronger foundation for steadying our own house of cards of motherhood. We will be able to build the house of cards we wish and want for our babies and for ourselves as mothers. May we always remember to strive and to do our best for us and our babies. May we always know that we are the ultimate experts on our babies and not the constant and continuing chatter from the endless peanut galleries. May we all stop to take a sip, breathe, go and continue on our own journeys being the mommies we know how to be in all areas in this thing they call motherhood.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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