Moving on up in the World of Girlfriends

Moving on up in the World of the Girlfriends

Well I’m moving on up to a bigger size as I finally get my piece of the pie of motherhood. My moving up in size and other ways become most evident as I started my journey into motherhood and during my pregnancy. I had noticed many changes in my life and family. I had noticed changes in sleep, eating, my rhythm, energy levels, exhaustion level, hormones, emotions and numerous others changes in me physically and emotionally. There were so many changes and newness going on everything seemed completely different. It was enough to figure out and adjust to the constant, wide range, and diverse on going changes throughout out my pregnancy never mind the new and different changes that came after having given birth to my baby girl and becoming a new mommy. It seemed that there were just as many changes in similar areas such as physical, emotional and mental during pregnancy as there were after having my daughter they just seemed to be in totally different ways that had totally different impacts or effects on me and my body.

One of he most definite without a doubt areas of changes was what I went through while pregnant and also as a new mommy was physically what my body went through. I mean how could my body not I had grown a beautiful baby girl in me and gave birth to her. Going through this is quite the process that reeks havoc on our bodies as women mine was no different. Then after giving birth the changes that occur, the process of healing, repair and recovery is also another whole set of changes. I mean in the area of the girlfriends it was most evident that they had grown and moved up in the world of sizes in addition to changes with their texture and for sure the pain I felt involving the girlfriends. Before giving birth and trying to nurse I thought that the girlfriends could not get any bigger and go through any more changes oh how I was way wrong. I notices there was pain but more of soreness than necessarily actual pain. This was all new to me never mind the fact that I started to feel like a constant never ending leaky faucet from both ends going to the bathroom and with all that the girlfriends had going on with nursing. I felt like I drip, drip, dripping making puddles wherever I went as if I was a rain cloud. I wanted to know how and when I could turn this leaky faucet off and get back to having my normal body back.

During pregnancy our bodies changes and impacts our eating, sleeping, and bathroom issues and this is just as much true as it is before birth as it is after becoming a mommy just in different ways. I still needed to eat constantly when I was naturally loosing weight through nursing. Sleeping is still not necessarily easy or sound just instead of me having uncomfortable of body position or feeling uncomfortable due to pregnancy it is now just form constant waking up to be a mommy. I still found myself peeing just as much trying to get rid of all this excess fluids and stuff in me. I never felt so icky or having such a constant stream of leakiness. Then with this all going on I was in so much pain after having a c-section it hurt to bend or sit in certain positions like coming home from the hospital riding in the car. I had absolutely not a shot in heck of wearing jeans it was awful and I remembered how and why to wear maternity clothes was so incredibly comfortable and cozy. I was never ever so glad to be able to finally have a proper bath after giving birth it was amazing to finally to be able to soak and feel completely clean. Out of all the changes that I went through I was puzzled by this the most how is it I could give birth to a baby, be smaller, loose most of my pregnancy weight but still lock so totally out of wack or at least feel that way. This whole process of pregnancy, giving birth, and life after giving birth is a complete physical transformation and change and this experience make you wonder if you will ever have get back your body and get yourself back to normal or at least the new normal. This transforming process and experience not only literally stretches my body, I have the stretch marks to prove it, but it stretched me as persons in ways I couldn’t have even imagined and helped me to grow, learn and evolve as a individual person and a mommy.

In having undergone this crazy, transforming process of pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a mother I started to wonder how exactly do I get back my pre-baby body, get back to me and get back to normal or at least my new normal. I will say from the get go and outset that it wasn’t always easy, a quick fix or done over night. While hard to do at times we must as mothers for so many reason such our new babies, our families, our health and for ourselves we must make sure we are taking care of us to like getting rest to recover and to stay healthy, watch our diet, exercise and why yes laughable at first sleep oh sweet sleep. In addition to this as a new mom should you so chose to, while I didn’t believe it myself until I saw it for myself breastfeeding truly is the natural weight loss plan. It also helped me in achieving and striving to get back to a new normal and myself as woman and now a mommy to take that time for myself and with my husband. We as mothers need to take those sips, breathes and go steady and ready to keep being the best mommies we can be for our babies and building our house of cards of motherhood that we desire for our us and our babies.

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I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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