The Murphy’s Laws of Motherhood

The Murphy’s laws of Motherhood

Here is a question for all you ladies to consider have you never noticed all of life’s little instances of Murphy laws. Ladies if you are anything like me you have experience the following things when you need your keys, glasses, phone or purse it can’t be found but as soon as I don’t need any of them they are right where they re supposed to be and in front of me to be found most easily. Here’s another one you are talking to someone and can’t remember what you said but then of course it comes to you after the fact. Another one of the Murphy laws of shopping when you need something or have money and you can’t find it in the size, color or on sale but let it be when you don need anything or don’t have money you find everything in your size, color, and on sale. Here’s my absolute favorite it is when I intentionally put something that I need later to use or take in a spot where I know I’ll remember it but loll and behold what do I do I forget it anyway. I noticed, at least for me, this has increased after becoming a mommy. Following my entrance into this thing called motherhood I noticed that motherhood also had it’s own sets of Murphy laws.

It absolutely seems uncanny to me how motherhood has so many of its own Murphy’s laws. I have to wonder am I the only mommy who has experienced this as part of the reality of being a mommy. The first Murphy’s law of motherhood starts in the morning let it be Monday through Friday during the school year my daughter sleep in or I can’t wait her up to save her or my life. Although Let it be the weekend or the summertime she won’t sleep in for nothing and is up at the crack of dawn wide away, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Another good one is that I’ve asked my daughter all day long do you need to go to the bathroom and the answer has been no all day until its time to go then she is fit to be tided to go. One that always makes me scratch my head, although grateful, is her behavior for others like at school or church and I’m left thinking why can’t she do that for me or her daddy. Another Murphy law of behavior is that if I ever wanted her to do something as if to show what she has learned or her new thing she would never do this in a million years unless it was her own idea. For instance we live 26 hours away form my parent, my daughter’s grand parents and face time or Skype frequently and so I somethings say to my daughter do you want to show or tell your grandparents this new and cool thing you learn or doing and the answer is always no. As a matter of fact the other day she came home form Karate and didn’t want to tell them she went there for the first time or show them her new moves. In our house command performances are non existence and so goes in motherhood.

Two of my all time favorite examples of Murphy’s laws at play in the life in my days of motherhood is one when I fix my daughter something that she either ask for or something that is absolutely her favorite and then that would be the time she decides I don’t like that or want something else. I’m left baffled and shaking my head thinking you love that you just ate yesterday. A second favorite is that let it be when I decide to get the phone, talk to a friend, go to the bathroom, take a bath, or sit down to take a breath, sip a cup of something and relax those are the exact times my daughter decides is a perfect time to say mommy I need any number of things. Although for the pass hour or more she was perfectly content playing in her room, on her Leap Pad or watching tv. Honestly I think it’s the kids version of their own radar that goes of when moms get bust or sit down. Like when we as moms have radar for we either know things strangely to quite or that we hear a noise that is not normal for our house and know our babies are into stuff they shouldn’t be. Equally this radar of either our babies and or our radar we each think the other has this amazing uncanny ability the other can’t figure out as to how they did that.

In considering these numerous mind blowing and insanity causing examples of Murphy laws that are found in motherhood I’m left to wonder what I can I do to combat this infiltrating virus of Murphy law that has seemed at times to take over of my days as a mommy. I have found there are two solutions I have to implement in attempt to reduce or vaccinate against the virus of the Murphy laws of motherhood or at least my reaction and level of frustration with the Murphy laws of motherhood. One being if the example of Murphy law in question is an instance of my daughter’s choice or behavior this is the easiest type of Murphy law to fight. As my daughter’s mommy I can control the situation in how I respond to my daughter’s choices for behavior. For example with the scenario of choosing not to eat what was bought, served or provided all I have to do is okay that is your choice but you get no desert and that is all you get to eat at this time. If was an issue not napping okay no nap no going or doing whatever we had planned to do after nap time.

The second example of Murphy’s law however unfortunately for better or for worse not so easily remedied. In cases where it’s just simply life happenings such as trying to find something or a child doing something asked to do to show a grandparent the answer is my best course no matter how hard or for better or worse is simply just go and roll with it. Odds are it will fix itself and workout although self admittedly most the time easier said than done. I have found for me in using or implementing, or at least attempting to strive to do so, either one or both of these solutions of taking the control as mommy or rolling with it for dealing with the Murphy’s laws of motherhood I find my balance, peace, sanity, tranquility and serenity more often. In moments like these I find my reactions, responses, and handling my frustration with these Murphy’s laws more practical, reasonable, realistic and balanced and thus I can just sit back, take a sip, breath, go and say that’s life and let’s do thing called motherhood and do it well. May we as mommies always strive to find our own way that enables us to maintain the balance, sanity, tranquility, and serenity thus allowing us to present our house of cards in motherhood of steadfastness, strength, courage, and beauty to our babies and famous.

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I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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