I have my moments don’t we all

I have my moments don’t we all?

It is so true what they say what must go down must go up and what must go up must go down. Life is a constant cycle of up and downs, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows and the mountain tops of life and down in the valleys of life as well. We as people equally all have had moments of being in the valleys of life and on the mountains tops of life. This is just as much the reality of the life in the day of motherhood. The journey of motherhood takes us moms to the mountain tops of motherhood and just as quickly can carry us down in the valley of motherhood. In the traveling to and from the mountains and valleys of motherhood sometimes it can feel as if we as moms are on the ride of our life journeying through swirling, whirling, twirling twist and turns as if we are on a high and speedy rollercoaster ride. Motherhood is a journey and the ride of a lifetime. In one split second you feel as if you have conquered all and are standing on top of the mountain of motherhood and maybe the next day you feel as if you have been pushed or plummeted to down to the deepest valley. The traveling form the mountain tops to the deep valley can happen in the same day or even in a second of the minute of the same hour of the same day. I have found myself wondering how did I get from feeling as I was on top of the mountain in the world of motherhood knowing as mommy I have so got this. Then to only be with in an hour, minutes or seconds to feel as if I’m plummeting down to the deepest valley of my motherhood and then only to soar back up again. In this swirling, whirling of highs and lows emotions of motherhood I have to wonder what causes my highs and lows. What can help balance this swirling and whirling of motherhood or what can help me journey through this ride of motherhood. How can I have more moments as a mommy who is on the mountain top instead of swimming in the deep valleys as a mommy.

In order to start figuring out all of my valleys and mountain top moments of my journey as a mommy I had to understand what caused me to feel as I was on the top of my motherhood mountain or in a moment of being in valleys of my motherhood. For me as I have and continue to journey on as a mommy I have learned and grown in my understanding of what caused and causes my valley mommy moments and there are unfortunately numerous to choose from over the past six years. I’m sure it could be argued or seen by the experts that the amount of tv or technology usage such as Ipad/leap pad or screen time in general I have and do allow is something that should make me feel I’m in a mommy valley. Other potential causes argued by the experts for my mommy valley moments would be the age by which of potty training or the challenges experienced during potty training addition to either eating habits or choices of foods/diet in our home. However as you will see throughout future chapters discussing my journey as a mommy if not already I don’t really give two flying craps as to what the experts think or say. For me personally I don’t let what experts say dictate my being in a mommy valley moment or having a mountain top mommy moment and my type of mommy moments are much more significantly influence or swayed by my own sense of my choices and abilities as a mommy.

Personally for me I care way more about what I know to be the case or needed and the best for me as the mommy, for my daughter and for my family and no one else is really of any consequence or of my concern. Examples for me as a mommy that causes my valley mommy moments would be my reaction to any given scenario, reaction to my daughter’s behavior or reactions. I might have several moments where I am short with her, I might have little patience or be impatient. I could be short tempered or loos my temper. I could get easily frazzled, stressed or frustrated. Another way or instance of a mommy valley moment would be if I say things or act in way I don’t want to be with my daughter or interact with her in that manner. Moreover I don’t want to demonstrate types of behavior before her I don’t want her to do or learn. I’m absolutely and completely far from perfect and I have done all of these things at different times too frequently. I have although in the moment feel I’m totally correct and right as the parent, have wondered am I yelling, shouting to much, over reacting, being unfair or unjust, or to often and not using better tools with her as a mommy and using the very tools or methods that I’ve been trying to teach her that are a better way of handling life and situations. I had and have wondered how can I as a mommy instill and teach my daughter things I want for her and to learn if I don’t even do them myself.

In consideration of my journey through my mommy moments and what causes my valley mommy moments I also have numerous mountain mommy moments. My mommy mountain moments can come from a myriad of reasons as well. It can be as simple as I feel very productive, organized, staying on top of things, staying ahead of the curve. It can be I feel that I am juggling the balancing act of my new life as a mommy well. It could be I feel as I am managing my frustration or stress level, having more patience, my time, and being frazzled well. Also I could have given my daughter an answer or solution to something I thought was good, positive and healthy. I could have taught her something or demostrated something for her that is good and positive. One example could be how to when life give you lemons how to turn it around and make lemonade. There are countless other ways I have and can have mommy mountain moments and so can all mommies. Anything that makes me feel as if I have got this and I’m on top of it I consider that a mommy mountain moment for me. Sometimes it can be through taking my sips, breaths, breaks, snacks, soaks and sleeps that I am able to be more centered, grounded and balanced thus allowing for the creation of more mountain mommy moments for me, my daughter and family.

The second part to all of this and having my moments I had to figure out as a mommy how to use these mountain top and valley moments of my motherhood. My goal as a mommy should be striving to always improving and doing better and give my best. I as a mommy have my low, bad disastrous moments of swimming in the valley of my motherhood and then I have my soaring high on top of my mommy mountain moments. It’s what I learn and do with these moments that matter and makes the difference in the types of mommy moments I will have in the future and for my baby in the future as I continue on this journey as a mommy. I found that in my mommy valley moments I can trust and know that tomorrow is another new day, climb back up, move on, learn, strive to do better and improve and keep trying as a mommy for me, my baby and family. Also in my valley mommy moments its often what I do in those moments that determines wether or not it can be a valley mommy moment or be turned into a mountain mommy moment. Meaning that what I do with the given circumstance in what I say, how I act or react influence my resulting mommy moment. Also its in the valley moments how I use to turn it around is what makes it a mountain moment. For instance when I have made a bad decision or choice that results in a valley mommy moment I do my best to apologize and ask forgiveness in doing that it turns the valley moment into a high note or mountain moment and teaches my daughter valuable lessons in character, choices and life. It’s often what we do as mommies and parents in the here and now that shapes what will be and the relationships we will have with our children in the future.

Another thing that was helpful in the valley moments of my motherhood was to remember my mommy mountain moments and remind myself of what I have done, have learned, use what I have learned, apply it and keep trying, striving to do better and improving. Through these things I can work towards creating and having more mommy mountain moments and so can all of us as mommies. In dong this we can teach our babies through our example of doing this as a mommy. It will teach and give lessons of keep trying you will get better, keep trying and never quit or give up, always work towards your goal and you will achieve it. I as a person, women, wive and mommy have my moments some are mommy mountaintop moments and some are mommy valley moments but we all have valley and mountaintop moments. As long as we as mommies strive to continuing journeying on even in the valleys moments we will improve, we will succeed, we will have more mountaintop mommy moments and we will achieve building and providing our babies with a house of cards of motherhood that is although not perfect by any means but is most assuredly built on a foundation of steadfastness, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage and beauty.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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