Mother and child – learning and growing hand in hand

Mother and Child – learning and growing hand in hand

One of the most interesting things to me as a mommy is that from the very beginning often in the very first moments the first thing a baby does is grab on to the fingers of his or her mommy’s hand. I find this most significant and filled with deep and great profoundness. This gives a great testimony and evidence to the deep, strong, most natural and fundamental, basic and profound connection and bond between mother and child. We as babies come from our mothers into this world the first connection we have as humans is with a mother. It is from the mother all else comes and all humanity comes, all human connection stems from. The bond of mother of child is at the core of every human, human connection, family unit, culture and society and civilization. There may be numerous, diverse, varied and different types bonds and love between humans such as friendship, marriage between husband and wife, with God and then with mother and child.
The bond of a mother and child is like no other and is most unique, special and a bond that has no limits or bonds. Knowing and understanding the bond between mother and child and that this precious and priceless bond speaks to much of what will come for a mother and child as they begin their journey together hand in hand.

At the first moment and glimpse that a mother has with her child and a child with his or her mother they meet eyes and the baby holds the finger or hand of his or her mother. I find this to be a most profound and beautiful picture of the bond between mother and child and a powerful representative symbol as to what lays ahead for the mother and child and what the journey should be like going forward hand in hand. As a mommy one of my main and most fundamental roles and jobs is to help, teach, train my daughter. This process of demonstrating, helping, teaching and training our babies is a life lone process and journey to be done and experienced all throughout all phases and stages of motherhood. The things I have taught and try to instill in my daughter can be as simple as feeding, rolling over, crawling, standing up, walking, skipping, jumping, throwing and catching a ball, riding a bike and tying her shoes and dressing herself and everything in between. Also it can be in my teaching of her and my daughter’s learning of her abc’s, numbers, colors, shapes, how to read and write and math. Moreover I try to teach and train my daughter in lessons of life and how to act, behave and conduct herself and develop her character such as sharing, caring, being kind, generous, gracious, thoughtful, respectful. I desire my daughter to have patience, be independent, be strong, have courage, have faith, believe in herself, to dream big, work hard and be determined and to never give up, to keep trying and do her best and so much more. In all these things that I have taught my daughter and we teach our babies as mommies it is best done hand in hand and side by side and walking and doing it together.

In continuing to walk hand in hand holding my daughters sweet precious little hand often times the reverse is just as true. I have learned and been taught just as much by her as I have taught and instilled in her if not more. It is in and through being a mommy that I have gained and learned much. I have been stretched and made more flexible and maybe or hopefully not as ridged in my planning, structure and expectations. I have gained more patience and self control such as in my reactions, language usage, expression of emotions, anger, frustration, irritation, aggravation or annoyance among others. A big learning and growing experience to be ever so and extremely mindful of is what I am demonstrating and showing my daughter in and through own words, actions and behavior. The journey of motherhood is often a constant mirror being held up to my face and showing the example I’m presenting and demonstrating before my daughter whether or not I want to or not and or aware of or not ware of it the my mirror of motherhood. Through this mirror it makes me ask questions like if I’m teaching my daughter about respect than am I myself showing her respect or demonstrating how to be respectful of others. If I’m telling her no or not do to that or act that way am I doing what I’m asking of my daughter. These are a handful of the things that I’m learning as a mommy and how my daughter is teaching me as well as I hope I am teaching her as her mommy. Although true yes it’s been and is still a process, work in progress and I’m far, far from perfect. I keep still learning daily and as I continue as a mommy hand and hand with my daughter I will continue to learn and grow on my journey of motherhood.

In my teaching of my daughter and learning from my daughter I have found the measuring of my journey with my daughter can be found and is determined by how I continue to walk hand in hand with her as we both continue together on this journey of my motherhood but her life’s journey that started with me and lead to all other roads for her. The ability of my daughter and I to continue on hand in hand learning and growing together is determined much by how as her mommy I travel on my own journey through motherhood and how I grow and learn as her mommy. Our mother daughter bond of hand in hand continuing as it started is greatly and significantly influenced by my ability as a mother to adjust, adapt, evolve, grow and how well I balance and manage the role of being mommy and the life of motherhood. It is to be found in taking the sips, breaths, breaks, snacks, soaks and sleeps to stay focused, grounded, centered and balanced to be the best mommy I can be. Thus through these things I am giving and presenting my daughter with an example and house of cards of motherhood that is steadfast, strong, kind, courageous and wise. May we all as mommies never every loose sight of the fundamental deeply profound unique bond we have with our babies and always continue on this journey as mothers with our babies as we started it hand in hand.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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