The Punishing Abuses and Awarding Privileges of Motherhood

The Punishing Abuses and Awarding Privileges of Motherhood

In my journey as a mommy I have experienced a myriad of and numerous different aspects, elements and experiences in motherhood. It is in motherhood as it is in life we must take the good with the bad and the ugly. In motherhood there are the highs and lows, the joys and then the oh boys. I mean let’s face it ladies motherhood at times isn’t just a bed of roses picked for mommy and there are certainly moments that it’s not all that it cracked up to be. As a mommy in my journey of a lifetime as with any other journey I have had my fair share of the smooth sailing and the rough terrain filled with bumps along the way. Some days event moments I think as a mommy why did I get this morning and I’m going back to bed wake in 18 years. Then there are other days I think this is exactly why I get up in the mornings for my sweet precious baby girl who I love more than she could ever know and always will and as I say that will never ever change.

I think in motherhood we are all individuals and have had and will experience our own individual journeys with our own differing moments of punishing abuses and awarding privileges. Also what will be perceived as a punishing abuse or awarding privilege will differ from mother to mother. While there is an endless list of punishing abuses that are inherent to motherhood that is just a part of the journey such as pains and aches in pregnancy, while giving birth and after giving birth, sleepless nights, pinched or kicked body parts, pulled hair, clothes and jewelry, stepped on toes or stepping on trans, legos or doll pieces, interrupted tv and conversations, things broken, being peed on, thrown up or spit up on and among other to many to list or count. I am wondering can I get an amen on any or all of these or am I the lone mother on this one. I wonder how many of you mommies reading this are relating, nodding your heads and saying I hear you sister. Any and all of these are experienced at differing degrees and frequency for each mother. For me in my own journey as a mommy while I haven’t had so much of the peed on, pooped on, thrown up on or spat up on, knock on wood, I have had my full share of the other punishing abuses. Some of my most frequent and favorite of all times were and are my toes getting stepped on. For awhile it was like in a period of two week the same toes on the same foot was getting stepped on over and over again it was sheer agony. Also a big one for me, not just because it’s utterly annoying but has a lot to do with my vision, constantly stepping on little toys and being left out and not put away. The other major one for is the constant interruption of my conversations thus my train of thought. It’s a wonder sometimes how I ever get a single sentence or thought out and finish a conversation or better do so without forgetting what I was trying to say or talk about.

In moments of these utterly annoying and irritating punishing abuses I must not get carried away in my annoyance or aggravation and remember that my sweet precious girl is just a baby girl or now a little girl that I am blessed to call daughter. In my moments of annoyance while enduring the punishing abuses I must remind myself and reflect on the countless blessings and amazing awards of precious and priceless privileges I have as her mommy. For me even before I knew how amazing this journey would be the idea of knowing I had created a new life, I was pregnant and I would become a mommy was astounding for I was unsure as to my ability to become pregnant and thus a mommy. Then it was continued in the moment when I gave birth to my beautiful precious sweet baby girl and saw and held her for the first time and got to look into her precious beautiful face and see her. As she grew I would see the profound privilege of being called and hearing her say Mama and I love you for the first time and be given her sweet hugs, kisses, snuggles and cuddles. Also through all the other individual ways that my sweet girl shares, expresses and gives the gifts of her heart, love and affection. I have treasured and cherish all of these awarding privileges and will continue to treasure and cherish these moments as I journey on watching her change and grow as a catipiller transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Even though at times in the moments of punishing abuses its hard to remember the awarding privileges. I must strive to and will always remember the blessings I have of the priceless and precious privileges of being a mommy, to journey through motherhood, to be called mommy and to have daughter to call mine. For me these precious and priceless blessings and moments of awarding privileges far out wight the punishing abuses I have experienced as a mommy and make it far worth every second of every minute of every moment of every hour of every day as a mommy.

In considering my journey as a mommy and my journey through the rough bumpy terrain sand smooth sailing equally I find there is profound benefit, advantage and lessons to be found and learned through both the abusive punishments and the awarding privileges of being a mommy. I remember also that no pain no gain and as a wise women said to me throughout the years ‘you have to go through the yuck to get to the good’. The abusive punishments help me savor, relish, cherish and treasure the blessings of the mommy moments that are awarding privileges and also the awarding privileges help me get through moments of the abusive punishments. Also such awarding privileges can be a reminder to me of what is my purpose and joy in motherhood, what I wake up for, what I love and look forward too and what makes the whole journey of motherhood worth the effort. I desire to always, always relish in, treasure, cherish and savor the oh so sweet priceless and precious moments of awarding privileges that I have been blessed with in being mommy to my beautiful sweet baby girl. Also I think that it is what we do as mommies with our moments of punishing abuses and awarding privileges and how we use them is what will influence our journeys as mothers and how we influence our babies and families. For me as long as the meter and scale is tipping in favor of receiving more awarding privileges than punishing abuses then this is a good a measurement of my own motherhood and journey as a mommy. May I and we as mothers always remember, savor, relish, treasure and cherish the moments of award privileges of our motherhood our mommy treasure chest of our hearts and keep with us along our way on our journey of taking our sips, breaths and going forward in our journeys of our lifetime as mothers.

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I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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