Judge not less judged as a mother

Judge not less you be judged as a mother

In our society and culture there is such an intense emphases and immense focus put on measuring up and in accordance to the experts, their standards and these standards that are expected of us as members of society and culture. Judgement of us as individuals, who we are, what we do, how we perform is so evidently based on these predetermined standards of measurement. The opinion and judgement by others of us as individuals is equally evident that if we don’t measure up to these standards or expectations that are imposed and forced then we as individual are less than others, not sufficient, not enough or adequate. This is seen in all ares of life and is felt by all people in all walks and positions of life I know for me personally I have truly most deeply and profoundly struggled with these things most of my life if not all of it as a direct result of my visual impairment and disability. Then as I became a mommy and entered into motherhood I found myself feeling and experiencing this as well as a mommy and through my journey of motherhood whether perceived from others or absolutely and completely all self imposed. Feeling as if constantly in the seat of judgment or scrutiny is not what I signed up or asked for in choosing to becoming a mother.

This idea and reality of perceived, feeling and or being judged constantly seems to be prevalent and rampant in the life in the day and world of mothers and in motherhood. It can be found everywhere and in any and every little thing or aspect of motherhood and being a mommy. If a mother doesn’t breastfeed and uses formula. If a family is of the philosophy of a family bed. As a mother if you child is not on schedule or on track with his or her progress, growth, development then what is the mother of said child not doing or doing wrong. A big one for today mothers is the issue of potty training and everyone seems to be hung up on it as to we have to potty train our kids by a certain age. As a mommies we feel judged on whether we work or stay at home do day care or don’t. As our babies get olde its does he or she go to the right schools, programs and activities or if they are not reading and doing school stuff by a certain right age. There are just countless and endless ways and areas that seem to come with judgement as mommies in our life and the day of motherhood.

There is an expression that states judge not less you be judged meaning that one should be careful as to how and by what they may judge another individual for they themselves may be judged by others. Mothers have the hardest and best job that anybody could ever have and also motherhood should not be the constant place of judgment. For we all in this together trying to become experts as mommies, journey as mommies with our babies hand in hand and do our utmost and very best for our babies and families. We are all different, special and unique with all our own different and unique needs and circumstances in life and this is just as true in motherhood with our babies and families. From my point of view I can’t judge another mother or family anymore then she or they can judge me or my family. Moreover until someone had and has done what I have done, been where I have been and walked where I have walked then they can’t understand, know and sit in the seat of judgement presuming to judge me on what I have done or not done as a person, mommy and for my baby girl and family. Should such presumption be done or imposed on any mother and family the judgers beware should they befall judgement of themselves or their own families. We as people and another would be wise to reserve judgment of our fellows sister in motherhood and their families we are not experts in their babies and families any more are they an expert when concerns our own babies, families and life circumstances.

In my writing of these articles or chapters and this material I did this to share my own experiences, journey of mommy valley and mountaintop moments, my own struggles in and through motherhood, this process of going from a virgin in motherhood to my own expertise and taking those sips, breathes, breaks, snacks, soaks and sleeps. This is a place of freedom, a space to express and go and a place of absolutely no judgment or condemnation and not be judge according to everyone’s else or the experts imposed or forced passed judgment. I wish not to be judged or to judge any other mothers, their families or situations. One is never fully aware of what another maybe going through, struggling with and life circumstances is like despite the outward cover of appearances. Just as in life is also in motherhood when one presumes and assumes the person usually ends up looking as if he or she was a donkey’s backend. Furthermore I have always thought, maybe largely to my own extra set of extenuating circumstances, that there is always two sides to every story and that its best to try to have an understanding that there might be a reason for why someone has to do, chose or not chose to do something or not in a certain way. How or why something maybe for someone else is it for me to presume and assume that I know what is best in everyone else own life and circumstances other then my own. May I as a mommy be reserved in my passing of judgment of others or judging them. I wish not be judged so I should not judged. May we all as mothers all strive to be supportive and encouraging of our fellow sister mothers who are just simply trying their best, going through motherhood and journey on with their babies and families and building their own house of cards of their own motherhood just as we all are journeying on and through motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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