The Golden Ruler of My Motherhood

The Golden Ruler of My Motherhood

There is an expression and idea of a golden ruler that is the ultimate and end all be all in how to measure things whether it is an action, the law, order, character, conduct, behavior in society or culture. In our culture and society we have rules, laws that guide us in measuring and knowing what is right and wrong. These rules help to let us know how to gage our conduct and behavior. These rules of society are how we measure up as individuals and what is expected of a member of our society and culture. We as mommies teach our babies what is tolerated, acceptable and good/right or bad/wrong conduct, behavior and choices. We teach them how to be a member of our family, culture and society. We teach them how to measure themselves and what is needed to measure up and how to measure what they do against the scale of good and evil or right and wrong. I have to wonder as a mommy what am I teaching my daughter. How I am measuring up for my daughter and my family. I have to wonder where are my abilities as a mommy and in motherhood weighing in on the scale of motherhood. What will be my golden ruler as a mommy and in my motherhood that all else is measured by.

In considering these question I have thought about what I want to be measured by, what I should be measured by as a mommy and thus what my golden ruler of my motherhood should be. I as a mommy of my daughter I desire much and strive to teach, demonstrate and exemplify numerous things I value and find important for my daughter to learn and know. I wish for my daughter to be a hard worker, dedicate herself to her passions and goals and be determined in pursuit of them and achieving whatever she set her mind too. I desire for her to have dreams and to dream big and never ever quit or give up until she has realized and accomplished her dreams. I wish for her to have a heart and deep passion for God and seek Him always. I desire for her to not just do well in school but to be a great student of life. I wish for her to always seek the truth, find her own path, and travel her own journey and follow her heart wherever it may take her. I wish for her to be kind, thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, gracious, merciful, forgiving, generous, respectful, virtuous, honest, loyal, strong, independent, a warrior, brave, courageous, to preserve and never stop, and most of all loving to all. If these are my wishes and desires for my daughter then it is my job as a mommy to show her these things and give her the knowledge and tools to be able to demonstrate and exemplify these things in her own life. I must be measured by my own consistency, kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration, compassion graciousness, generosity, respectfulness, honesty, integrity, virtue, loyalty, strength, independence, bravery,, courage, perseverance, forgiveness, mercy, grace and love and let my demonstration and example of these things be my golden ruler and standard as a mommy for which I and my motherhood is weighed against and measured. I must measure my own character and everything I say and do as a mommy against this my own golden ruler of my motherhood.

As I have continued to journey on as a mother these are things I have chosen as my golden ruler or standard that I wish to be and have my motherhood measured and weighed by. I desire much for my character, what I have taught and will continue to teach and exemplify for my daughter for her to learn from and to build her own character. All of this is to be for which I am weighted and measured as her mommy. Less I be judged as a person, wife and mother let it be for these marks of my character of a mother and nothing else. Ultimately in our journeys as mommies it for us to decide what we want to use as our scale of weighing and measuring our own motherhood and journey as mommies to our babies and for our families. It is up to our expertise and experience to decide what should be our own golden ruler of our motherhood and of ourselves as mommies. May I always and forever as a mommy strive to demonstrate and teach my daughter these key and fundamental golden standards of good, virtue, character, love and of my motherhood. May we as mothers always strive to choose wisely what we wish and desire to demonstrate, teach and to have as our golden ruler and standard to be weighed and measured by as mothers and in our motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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