Memorable moments of my motherhood

Memorable moments of my motherhood

In my journey and life as I have and will continue on traveling in my journey I have experienced moments that I have cherished and treasured and will for the rest of my life and journey. It is in these moments that I have tucked away and store in my heart and these moments have become the most memorable memories of my lifetime. Some of these are moments from my earlier or younger life along with such moments from my adult years. I have an abundance of memorable moments with my friends and the memories we have shared and made together. I have my memories taken from my moments with my family. Also my life’s scrapbook has been made up of memorable moments from graduation from high school and college and the completion of my graduate work. In my own journey as a writer has added to the memorable moments in my life’s scrapbook. Moreover my journey of love has also added moments of sad and happy memories alike. The last part of my life’s scrapbook has had moments taken from my faith and made into memories that I have stored and shared with others. I look back and see a journey that has been and will continue to be a most memorable one that has given me my life’s scrapbook.

Since becoming a now and forever more MaMa I have experienced the same as being the mommy to my daughter. As discussed in the last chapter there has been endless moments I have savored and stored in my mommy heart. In my savoring of the sands of times and changing seasons I have made in my own way of sorts my own motherhood scrapbook to keep and tucked away forever in my heart. My mommy scrapbook filled and continues to fill my heart to the point of overflowing. Memorable snapshots that are in my heart started at the very beginning with the birth of my daughter when I saw, held, touched and looked at her for the very first time. Then more snapshots followed with seeing her grow, change and develop. In the moments of hearing her say MaMa and I love for the very first time along with the snuggles, cuddles and holding my baby girl is what gave and gives my mommy heart joy and filled my mommy scrapbook. Another memorable mommy moment for me was the day of her first birthday. As my daughter continues to grow and getting to see her learning and having accomplishments adds to my joy and my mommy heart over flowing with treasured memories such as her first milestones, being proud of her own achievements such as learning to write her ABC’s, learning to read, her completion of her kindergarten year, riding her bike and see her growing in her Karate and her excitement about Karate. Also for me and my daughter two of the most awesome and memorable moments that I considered myself most honored and privileged to have been there for was the morning of Nov 20, 2016 we sat at the bus stop and she accepted Christ into her heart as her Savior and likewise when she got baptized on Jan 3, 2016 I know as I continue to journey forward hand in hand with my daughter learning, growing, laughing and loving my heart will only continue to overflow with my mommy memories and my mommy scrapbook will only expand and be added to with more memories from the future chapters of my journey as a mommy. I look to my daughter’s future first in later years of high school, college and beyond. I look forward to the graduations, the memories and milestones of a young woman’s life, family and babies as she travels on in her own life journey.

As a mommy our memorable moments can be anything and be found in any and everything from the small moments to the big moments. For me its even in the smallest of moments that I see my sweet baby girl’s face and smile and hearing her amazing laugh or giggle and seeing the purpose of her face is happiness and joy that can be memorable. Just as in anything in life and motherhood what one mommy finds a memorable moment to add to her mommy scrapbook and tuck away in her mommy heart will be different from one mommy to another. As I continue on my journey as a mommy may I always and forever find and see the memorable moments. May I always and forever embrace, savor, cherish and treasure these precious and priceless moments of my daughter and my motherhood. May I never ever forgot any of these precious and priceless memories of my journey as a mommy and of this journey of a lifetime. I want to have my collection of mommy memories forever permanently imprinted and written on my mommy heart and never to be loss or forgotten and always kept safely stored and remembered in my mommy scrapbook from the moment of birth and seeing my sweet girl and forward to all the memories that has been and will be in my journey as her mommy. This is a journey of a lifetime and I wish to remember it always in my heart and through my lifetime. May we as mothers always, always and forever seek, find and make the memorable moments with our babies and families. May we always remember and savor these memories that build the foundation of our house of cards of our motherhood and may we never forget these memorable moments of our lifetime and journey as mommies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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