My evolutionary journey as a mommy

My evolutionary journey as a mommy

In life there is immense and profound evidence to the constant and continuous process of things, creation, people, and life changing and evolving. The word evolve is defined as to slowly, gradually develop or to come forth, grow develop and undergo evolution. Every aspect and element of life from the smallest to the largest all goes through and undergoes change and evolves. It is seen in how a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, how leaves change colors, how the seasons change, how seeds are planted and then grows, produce and give forth the fruit of the seed. Also all forms are life start at birth, change, grow, evolve and then die. Change and evolving is a process and the natural order of things. People change not just physically or biologically but also in so many ways such as mentally, emotionally, intellectually, ideologically, religiously, spiritually, personally and in so many numerous other ways. The idea and process of change and evolving is no less different in motherhood or in our journeys as mommies. We as mothers start our journey in motherhood of giving birth to a precious, sweet, tiny life and then we experience and have the privilege of seeing our baby/babies grow and continue to grow and evolve through all stages of life and into adulthood and starting their own journey of continued change and evolving as unique and special individuals. Equally as we see our babies evolve and change we are ourselves as mommies go through our own journey of change, growth, development and evolution as mommies.

In my own journey as a mommy thus far I have seen my own process of changing, growing and evolving as a mommy, in my motherhood and my mommy abilities and skills. I have gone from starting out as a new virginal mommy who was in desperate need of an instructional manual and seeking all opinions from all the experts and peanut galleries. I have take many steps forward and even more steps backwards. I have endless mommy valley moments and countless mommy mountaintop moments. I learned about myself as a women and mommy, I have learned about my daughter and I have learned and grown hand in hand with my daughter along this journey. I have gained insights and enlightenment into how become a better mommy and into my daughter. I have new ways of doing things and learn my own lessons of motherhood. I have experienced and evolved form being a virgin in my motherhood to be the ultimate expert in my daughter and in my motherhood for my daughter and family. I know my process of change and my evolutionary journey as a mommy as my daughter continues to grow, change and evolve and will continue as I continue on my journey

Although change and evolving can be hard, challenging or scary its also good because that means we are learning and growing. Moreover as long its growth and change in the right direction then that’s a great thing and means that we are improving and getting better as people. I want to improve because believe you me Lord knows I’m far, far form perfect and have much to work and improv on. There is always room for improvement and bettering myself. I want to evolve, grow, to better myself and do my very best for my daughter and family. In and through my own process of evolving, changing and growing as a mommy I can show my daughter how to do so for herself and in her life. I want to show and teach her to grow into a most beautiful butterfly and spread her wings to fly and soar in her own life as she journeys on learning, growing, changing and evolving to become her very best self. In this evolving and changing journey of growth as long we are moving in the right direction and doing so side by side and hand in hand with our babies and families we will being doing the right tings and our very best for our babies and our families. May I always remember to strive to grow, improve and change for the betterment of myself, my baby girl and what’s best for my family. May I never lose sight of the idea that its not the destination but also the its in the how and journey that gets me there to my destination. It could be argued that the journey we take as mommies determines our destination as mommies, for our babies and our families and the foundation we lay for the type of house of cards for our motherhood. As mommies we should always strive to change, grow and evolve along our journeys and thus demonstrating before our babies how do so in their own journeys.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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