My plate full of spaghetti as a mommy

My plate full of spaghetti as a mommy

Growing up as children we were taught how to eat spaghetti and it was seemed to be a daunting and challenging task or skill to acquire. Paste in the case of spaghetti is most curly, spirally, slippery, dangly, tangled, and surpply thus while learning problematic for kids to figure out how to get from the plate to the fork off the fork and into the their mouths. This can be a most messy and trying process. Life at times seems to be just as equally messy and tangled up as it is to eat a plate full of spaghetti. For me in my journey as a mommy I found at times being a mommy and in motherhood was much like trying to eat a plate of spaghetti. As a mommy you have a plate full of a diverse variety of things, aspects and matters of motherhood all mix up, miss matched, and tangled together that at times creates a messy web in motherhood. I found myself wondering what was I supposed to do with my plate full motherhood spaghetti and how was I supposed to untangle it, sort it out and then be able to eat and process the spaghetti of my motherhood.

Life and motherhood can get and become very much an interwoven and tangled mess of everything involved with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, needs, concerns, worries and so many others. I know for me mentally more times than not one things leads to another and like a spiraling stair case or domino affect of association or better yet in this case a fork that is twirling the spaghetti on to it and it ends in a big tangled mess that I struggle to eat and process. For me this is when I have a thought of what about this and it leads to other things that leads to my interwoven and tangled mess of thoughts and feelings regarding my daughter and my ability as a mommy. As silly, simple or ridicules it may be but for me it was overwhelming and consuming in that moment but if my daughter was struggling with not listening or disrespect or any other thing I would think what I have I missed, not done, gotten wrong, not gotten right or not taught her and then okay if that has been not learned or done right what else will not be learned or taught or what will this lead to and cause in the future. If I missed the mark here at this point in time what other marks would be missed in the future. Another line of tangled thinking was I okay I messed this up or got it wronged so what else will I get wrong or can’t do and I don’t got this as a mommy and how well this affect my daughter and family. Usually these very interwoven, tangled associated mess of thoughts, feelings and emotions of stress, guilt, worry, concern, frustration, failure as if it was as tangled spaghetti on a fork is what led, leads to and causes my mommy valley moments. Its in the spiraling, twirling, spinning, tangling of thoughts, feelings, emotions and mommy valley moments that makes me feel unfocused, off centered, off my mommy game, and unbalanced. I’m left wondering how will I climb out of my mommy valley and get back to working on climbing towards achieving my mommy mountaintop moments.

I found as a women and as mommy the answer to climbing out of my mommy valleys and back up my mommy mountaintops, sorting out, detangling and eating my motherhood plate of spaghetti is in how I eat spaghetti. When I sit down to eat a plate of spaghetti I first cut it several times in to pieces which detangles and sorts the interwoven tangled mess of pasta. Then I spin or twirl it all together on my fork and then it’s no longer a challenge, struggle or tangled mess to attempt to eat. My struggles, valleys and challenges along my journey as a mother is much the same. In solving of any problem in life and motherhood is done with the same skill set or ability as in eating a plate of spaghetti. Any problem or challenge requires dissecting, cutting, untangling and sorting of it into smaller pieces or things to address and tackle. Once a problem or challenge has been made into a smaller one or ones it is much easier to handle and digest just as in eating a tangled mess of spaghetti.

Through this process of cutting, sorting, detangling my motherhood plate of spaghetti I regained my focus, center, mommy game, and balance. In regaining of my balance, focus and center I am able to help and keep myself out of my mommy valleys and stay on my mommy mountaintops more often. I also am able to help remind myself of my mommy mountaintop moments and parental positive that helps me sort out, detangled and process or digest my messy tangled mental and emotional interwoven mommy plate of spaghetti. May I always work on and strive to having and maintaining a clean, sorted, detangled, digestible, focused and balanced plate of spaghetti as a mommy and in my journey of motherhood. May I always have the ability to process and digest the pieces of my motherhood as I do when eating the splendid Italian dish of spaghetti. In our ability to do this as mommies we are giving and demonstrating for our babies and families the life lesson of how to handled and solve the tangled interwoven plate of mess and struggle this life and journey so often hands us. We are teaching them how to build their own house of cards of life of strength, independence, confidence and courage through building our own house of cards of motherhood of courage, strength, confidence and independence. May we as mommies always journey on in love, strength, faith, courage, independence and confidence for ourselves, our babies and our families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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