Being Brave and going where this mommy has never gone before

Being brave and going where this mommy has never gone before

In life we all while traveling on our own journeys find, come across and have numerous challenges and struggles. We will all have issues to contend and grapple with. We will have problems to confront, face head and solve in on our life’s journey. It was never said that our life’s journey would be traveled down easy street while smelling a bed of roses. Equally for better or worse in the journey through motherhood is no less different. Motherhood comes with endless and abundant joys and blessings but equally it comes with its fare share of the oh boys and difficulties. The challenges of motherhood can be anything from bed time routine, scheduling, nutrition and diet, feeding babies, teething, teaching life lessons, the balancing act of life, family life and motherhood, and anything and everything in between. What may be difficult for one mommy maybe be easy peasy for another mommy and vice versus. Also another mother and each individual mommy may experience different difficulties in their own journeys through motherhood. I have found most likely things that were difficult in my own motherhood journey that differ much from others on their own motherhood journey.

This is definitely a truth or dare moment in my own motherhood journey. I am daring to be truthful in what I have found completely and utterly daunting in motherhood as a mommy. It’s the big PT word potty training which is so crucial and seems yet so difficult. With my daughter it was a struggle and I didn’t think we would ever get there especially with the second area of potty training. Then in becoming a mommy of two I had a son the second time of around and truthfully I have been dreading the thought, this area and subject since day one. I mean I have babies and I am mother so it’s most obviously evident Im a girl and not a boy. Thus I go to the bathroom like a girl and have no earthly idea how boys do it or how to train a boy to go to the bathroom like a boy. I’m clueless and as lost as a mom can be. Quite honestly I think the best idea is avoidance of it all together. I’m just kidding and unfortunately that is impossible so I think I want and will opt for the second best plan this would be a great daddy son project. My husband can have at it please. I guess this is much wishful and hopeful thinking on my part but in all seriousness that is and seems overwhelming and daunting. I have started and then currently taking a break hopefully to resume after the new year. It’s almost as if I’m oh we’re going to do it but oh no we’re good with diapers for now. I know I can’t not do this or hold my son back or he can’t say in diapers forever. Maybe if I just ripped the potty training bandaid off and just see what happens. In the midst of all my concern, anxiety and worry I know somehow I have to figure this out and cross this hurdle for my son. Although at this current juncture I am wondering how in the world am I ever being a girl supposed to figure this out and get my son over this hurdle in our journey together.

I remember a girlfriend had her daughter potty trained at one even though the child in question wasn’t even really walking yet. I found myself being amazed at that and thinking what was the rush or point. I mean really is it going to matter at 18 when our babies cross the finish line of childhood into adulthood who was potty trained first. Furthermore is being potty trained by a certain age or the quickest is that going to really matter or help influence who our babies become or do in and with their lives as they journey forward. I don’t want to rush my babies but also I don’t want to hold them back either as their mommy. I feel as if kids will do things in their own time when they are ready. Our babies our only our babies for such a short time why rush through this precious and sweet stage of our journey with our babies. Each mommy knows whats is best for her own babies and what they are ready for things in their journey.

Currently in my own journey with my son maybe I’m being a little hesitant or chicken. Though is my own hesitation due to the difficulties I had in the past with my daughter or also trying to discern to ensure my son is truly ready. In any case in going forward with potty training I have to trust a few things in order to
achieve and be successful in this juncture of my journey with my son as his mommy. I have to know that practice makes perfect. If we keep trying we will get better and eventually get there. I have to stay focused on my son and our journey together and not look at or worry about what other moms are doing with their children. I have to remember that I can do this and trust my past experience of my mommy mountaintop moments and that will be my reassurance of my ability to conquer this stage. If I have figured out other things as a mommy then I can do this too right? I need not loose sight of my ultimate expertise in my ability as my son’s mommy and in my motherhood. I must allow myself and my son the freedom, space and patience to learn and grow together hand and hand through this challenge. If I as a mommy throughout my journey hand and hand with my babies keep these things in mind and as my mommy perspective then there isn’t nothing that I can’t conquer or do as a mommy, for my babies and my family. May I always and forever remember and hold strong to these perspective throughout my journey as a mommy. May we as mommies hold to these points of view in our motherhood and go forward taking our sips, breaths and having faith in our ability to conquer anything and be the very best mommies for our babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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