It’s in their DNA

It’s in their DNA

In my journey as a mommy of now two babies and having compared and contrast the similarities and differences that make my babies alike but yet unique in their own individual special ways. I have learned the joy of watching the amazing and marvelous process of my babies growth and development into such unique and individual amazing people. Throughout this process and journey I have also observed and learned that there is much that can be taught, nurtured and equally there is as much that is ingrained and just simply intrenched in the nature of human beings. We can teach our babies much but there is no getting around the inherent biology that is built in. This idea of its in their DNA is tied into and related to the classic debate of nature versus nurture. In the last three years of my journey through motherhood has provided much amusement, entertainment and humor in there being definitive irrefutable evidence of my babies came into this world of a distinct nature to each of them and certain things are in their DNA,

It is true and a most fundamental profound part of my job as a mommy to teach my babies but there is some things that just can’t be taught. The first example I will never forget and always remember as if it was yesterday came in Easter 2012. My daughter wasn’t even two yet and my daughter’s easter dress came in the mail and it was a very pretty yellow dress with tull fabric and a full fluffy bottom to the dress. I asked her to try it on to see if it fit okay and as soon as I got it over her head and it was on she instantly stood there in front of me with her arms out and moved them above her head and started to twirl. I had never ever mentioned, showed or taught her to twirl or spin around in fancy pretty dresses. It was as if she knew dresses were for twirling particularly in certain dresses. I was so tickled and just amazed at how she just seemed to know. Another example of it just being in girls DNA is my daughter when she started to crawl learned to do it when crawling to reach no other than a shoe. My daughter as also always been naturally trying to dance since a young age as if she was a ballerina.

Things that I have seen and observed in my son that is just in his DNA started at birth even though my daughter grabbed and held on to my finger or hand after birth my son did so with a stronger and a firmer grip. Also from an early young age my son had held and use things to bang or throw. Moreover my daughter talked earlier and had a much more vidid and extensive vocabulary whereas my son’s vocabulary didn’t take off until after turning two. Although on the flip side my sone did the physical developmental milestones sooner and more quickly and was much more of a climber then my daughter ever was. Moreover my son had and has a natural pull and interest in cars, his animals and dinosaurs. My daughter is all girl with her dolls, princesses, dresses, playing dress up and her American Doll. There is no confusion in this house or our family my daughter is all girl and my son is all boy. Jesse wants to plop and splash in water and mud puddles, play with rocks and in the dirt with sticks and my daughter doesn’t want to be anywhere near it and thinks its totally gross. It’s amazing to me that no matter how hard society and our culture may try to cut out these inherent and ingrained unique and beautiful differences there is no getting around the nature and biology that we and our children come into this world with.

In journeying through motherhood I have experienced, observed and learned numerous things since becoming a mommy of two babies. One thing I have learned is that certain things can be taught, learned and others there’s no getting around them. I have also learned that just as my children equally have similarities and differences there are equally similarities and differences to be experienced and demonstrated in mothering and on our own journeys as individual mothers. In as much as I teach my babies they teach me and equally I can also learn in grow in my journey as a mother from being with other mothers, taking sips, breaths, going and talking through and helping each other through this journey of our lifetime. It’s in the differences that we learn, grow and find the beauty in our journey and lives. May I always seek to see the beauty in my own journey and my children differences while embracing the similarities. May I always seek and see the lessons to be learned in the differences in my children and in motherhood. May my house of cards of my own motherhood be built upon the lessons I learned and gleaned from the diversity in my children and family.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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