My Two Sweet and Precious Human Alarms Clocks

My two sweet and precious human alarm clocks

Cozy, snuggled, nestled and tuck in my warm comfy covers, curled up in my bed next to my love content in sleepy dream land then I hear a sudden sound of beep, beep, beep goes my alarm clock, I realize it is morning and the start of a new day. My feet hit the floor, I go wash my face, check my phone, get my glass of OJ and do my devotional while eating breakfast.Then off to get a bath, get dress and start my day of work, school and lists to do. Wait I must be still in dream land dreaming of many leisurely mornings from long ago. Then I wake up to my current new morning routine of finding myself cozy, snuggled, nestled and tuck in my warm comfy covers, curled up in my bed next to my love content in sleepy dream land then I hear a sudden sound of sweet precious sounds of voices in the other room waking up, playing or saying mommy, mommy or maybe the petter patter of feet coming into my room to say mommy good morning. My two new alarm clocks, my new routine and the new way of how my days start is most symbolic, a vivid picture and representation of just how much and to what degree and extent entering into motherhood, becoming a mommy changes things and ones life never mind after becoming a mommy of two sweet precious babies.

In my new reality of my new routine and starting my day in a new way to waking up to my two precious alarm clocks I quickly discovered that is was just the beginning of how much my world had changed and symbolized the complete changing of my world since starting to sing the second verse of the song of my motherhood. I saw the evidence of this change in every way and aspect of life in my new day of motherhood. The new reality and change was evident in everything to the start of my day to the end of my day and everything in between. When I was a mommy of just my daughter when she slept I could catch some snacks, sips, sleep or catch up on my list of to do. Not so much the case after start of my new reality of being a mommy of two precious babies. Usually when my son slept I still had my sweet baby girl to attend to and spend time with. Things seemed to be more involved with double the steps and the double the time to get it accomplished with less time available to me. There seems to be less time for the sips, snacks, soaps and sleeps. Moreover what little time is left it seems to get taken up by all the double amount of things needed to be done. There is a double amount needed to be done and attended to but still only one of me to do all this double work but to be done still in only 24 hours in the day in the life of being a mommy of two. My days seem to require more but same time to do the double required in and thus I finding myself more stretched, frazzled, frayed, tattered, and unraveling since becoming a mother of two babies.

Do I find myself from time to time wishing and longing for those nice, leisurely morning of ease gone by from years ago in my BMH (before Motherhood) absolutely and maybe more than I care to count. Maybe at times I also long for the freedom that I enjoyed in my BMH years. Regardless of that I am now, first, foremost and forever MaMa. In becoming a mommy I have to seek, find, decide, choose to see and cherish the precious, priceless treasure found in my life and journey as a mommy. It is nice, pleasant and enjoyable to catch my sips, breaths and breaks in having the occasional treat of the type of morning that I enjoyed in BMH years but the joys and treasures found in being a mommy far out weigh the pleasures and leisure of days gone by. My new found gems and treasure are found in my new life as a mommy with my sweet precious human alarms clocks that are priceless, invaluable, cannot come close to comparing to my life before and cannot be measured by all the past leisurely easy mornings gone by. May I as my babies mommy always, always remember my joy I find in the treasure of my babies, being a mommy, in my new life and reality and my motherhood. In my remembering the joy I find in my life as a mommy and in my babies it helps me to continue to cherish, treasure my new journey with my babies. May I always strive to continually seek to find the joy and treasure I have been given in double douses then that was in my leisurely easy mornings gone by in BMH years. Mornings can be replaced but my morning human alarm clocks of sunshine are precious and priceless jewels. May we as mommies always and forever find, seek and see the joy and treasure we have in journey as mommies and with our babies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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