Same Song the Second verse of My Motherhood

Same song the second verse of my motherhood

There is an expression that came form a pop culture iconic movie of Indiana Jones where Harrison Ford’s love interest Marion had a line of ‘same song second verse’. This cultural expression or phrase is expressing the idea of here we go again, been there done that or also this is the same thing just another time around. As if someone was singing the same song just now on the second verse about life, was similar and nothing new to the song. This idea and expression seems to have much relevance in life for there are many times that things feel the same and as if being experienced for the second time there is no newness in the experiences for the second time. In becoming mommy of two I have equally seen, observed and experienced the same relevance and countless examples of this idea and expression in my journey through motherhood.

The difference between becoming a mommy for the very first time and then for the second, third or more is that when I was a brand new virginal mommy I had never ever done any of it before. It was absolutely a test run and much trial by error. When becoming a mommy for the second time although there was some elements and aspects of it still being a test run with some degree of trail by error I pleasantly discovered there was less stress, viriginity and newness. I had done most of this stuff, experienced it and was aware of what was involved instead of not having my eyes widen open regarding motherhood. The main newness is that now everything was a double amount, times two or a double douse of all things in motherhood. Also the only other important newness was learning, adjusting and adapting what I had done before with my daughter and modifying and tailoring it to my son, his individual unique needs and personality and the new juggling or balancing act of mothering two babies. True most certainly that can be overwhelming and while yes it feels as if you may be swirling, whirling all over again in the newness I found there was much sameness in this second verse of my journey as a mommy. I was still feeding babies, I was rocking, holding, snuggling and cuddling babies, I continued to change diapers and put my babies to sleep for nap time and bedtime. I still was dressing and bathing my babies. I was still cooking, doing the dishes, washing laundry and cleaning my house for my family. I still was in school. I was still playing, reading, teaching and caring for my babies. I was still tired and running ragged, frazzled and tattered. It was all the same type of jobs, duties, roles, responsibilities, tasks and chores that I had to do it was just simply doubled the amount of these things, in double douses and two times all the above aspects of being a women, mommy, wife and homemaker.
In my own journey as a mommy of two I think that’s there is much positive and good aspects journeying through my second verse as a mommy. It is true it is an immense adjustment for me as a mommy, my daughter and my family in becoming a mommy of two. The most significant part of the second verse of my motherhood is in the fact that is’s the second verse thus being more for me as a mommy that encompasses all aspects of my motherhood and family. Although in this immense newness I think that the fact there is endless examples and amounts of sameness in this second verse makes it easier than going through the first verse of motherhood and all that was completely and utterly new. In my second verse I am not completely virginal, lost, ignorant and not knowing what the hell I’m doing as a mommy in my motherhood. The ideas of there being so much similarity and sameness makes it not so much swirling, whirling or overwhelming because there is much that I already know, understand, have figured out and are the ultimate expert in my babies, my abilities as a mommy and in my motherhood.

In continuing forward as a mommy on my journey through motherhood maybe if I keep this as my perspective that the sameness in my second verse of being a mommy isn’t so boring or dull but as a way of helping relieve, minimize and hold the frazzling, swirling and whirling overwhelming newness at bay thus reminding me of my mommy abilities and expert knowledge as a mother. Moreover in those moments I can realize that yes I have done this it’s just more of the same and I have done all of this before. Also it’s almost as if I created my own motherhood instructional manual customized for myself as a mother, my children and family based on my own past trail by error and experiences of the first verse of my motherhood. If I can realize and remember this in the new moments then I can learn to know that I can do the new stuff that comes with being a mommy of two. I think sometimes in the double douse of swirling, whirling and more of the same can cloud my thoughts and make me feel overwhelmed by so much and doubt myself and abilities as a mommy. However if I realize, remember and rely on the its just my second verse of the same song of motherhood perspective then I can stop, breathe, sip and know I can do this and not be so over whelmed and just take it little by little. There is much comfort in the sameness of things in life and in motherhood. May we as mothers find ways to use the lessons of our first verse of motherhood to make the singing of the same second verse of our journey through motherhood be sung more sweetly and in harmony for ourselves as mommies, our babies sand families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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