The Building blocks of my Motherhood

The building blocks of my Motherhood

In life everything is a creation that was built upon something or made up of blocks that make it what it is. This is seen even in the most minuscule and microscopic forms of life. The cell builds tissue that builds the muscle or bone and the then the muscles makes up organs and the organs make up a system and then the systems make up the living autonomic human body and other living bodies. Even in the world nature and all living beings or life forms are built upon things and other life forms that were built upon the most basic life form of the cell. Life starts with a cell and builds upon other living blocks to create other forms of life. In becoming a mother by creating a life the very beginning of this process is through a cell splitting, multiplying and building to form a human baby to be born into this life and world. As life is built on other living things motherhood is in a way is very much the same. In my own motherhood I have seen the evidence of this process. I have not only been blessed and fortunate to been able to create the miracle of life twice but I have seen these two little lives grow and build upon everything that has happened and come before the current point and will continue to do so. I also as an individual have grown, built upon my own experience all the while growing and building along the way of my motherhood and helping my babies build their own lives and houses of cards in their own journey.

In my journey as a mommy I have experienced and observed my two babies through their playtime building so much than what they were playing. I see in my own babies the foundations that are being built and laid for the future. It can be as simple as seeing my babies build forts, towers, castles, houses with legos, blocks or pillows, sheets anything else the can find an imagined. It such a marvelous thing and so fascinating to watch how the mind of a child works. Each mind is so totally brilliantly different and creative even with my two babies they are each and equally unique and special. I also see this in watching the process of how each of my babies learn, grow and develop. I have seen my daughter learn her abc’s, numbers, words, writing, reading and so much more and beyond and now she is in the first grade and she continues to grow and blossom before my eyes into this amazing unique individual. My son has taken off in all areas at the age of 3 since he was two. His personality continues to keep blossoming, he is so smart and funny, he has also learned his abc’s, numbers, knows his dinosaurs and vocabulary keeps growing in leaps in bounds. I look forward to seeing how each of my babies takes these building blocks of childhood to continue to build, grow, blossom and evolve in childhood and in their own personalities, character and journeys.

In similar fashion as my children I as a mommy have and are also building things and creations for my babies and family. I as a momm journeying through motherhood working on the building of myself as a mommy, my children, my family and my own house of cards of motherhood. There are numerous things that I have built and still are working on building for myself, my babies and my family. Just as there are fundamentally essential building blocks for my children there are also such building blocks for me as their mommy. I realized though that the culmutative and all encompassing things of motherhood that I’m building with building blocks is the most essential thing I will ever build and is the most influential, essential and fundamental thing to the building of my children, who they become, their live sand journey. Although my daughter is only 6 and my son is only 3 I still have much to build with the blocks of my motherhood in continuing on this journey with my babies hand in hand. In my journey as a mother I have also considered, chosen and strive to build my house of cards of my motherhood on certain aspects, things, attributes, and characteristics that I find fundamentally essential for my babies, their lives and journey, my house of cards of motherhood and my family. For me, my babies and family the fundamentally and essential building blocks are the blocks of kindness, gratitude, joy, forgiveness, strength, truth, confidence, courage, independence, determination, preservence, faith, respect, love and God and it is upon these fundamental and essential building blocks that I will build my house o cards of motherhood for my babies and family as I journey on as a mommy. We must as mothers find, chose and use the building blocks we desire to construct for our babies, their lives and journeys, house of cards of motherhood and our families what we desire and want to give them. May we all as mothers take two sips, two breaths and go journeying on to find, use and have the building blocks for which we want to build our house of cards of motherhood on for ourselves, babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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