The Same but yet so different

The Same but yet so very Different

It is always interesting and fascinating to compare and contrast and observe differences in life. We live in a world where we can experience, observes and see that there is much evidence of how the world is very much the same in so many ways but yet equally as different in so many ways as well. In nature there are trees that all have leaves with same colors but the colors and shape of the leaves in fall are different. Equally in the spring each flower or bloom may be similar in color or type of flower but no two roses, tulips, panzies, daisies, sunflowers or others flower are the same. In the winter the snow is all soft like fleece, light, white and floats through the air to the ground but each snowflake is it’s own individual and unique snowflake. A summer day along the shore of the beach one can find an abundance of seashells but each shell has it own individual shape, size and color. The sun always rises in the morning and sets each night but it provides a beautiful vision of equally different and unique sunsets and sunrises. As in life and nature so is it in motherhood children have a myriad of similarities but equally as many differences. Thus we as mothers also go through and experience commonalities of motherhood as we journey on as mommies but we also will experience equally if not more so the differences of motherhood.

In becoming a mother of two pernicious sweet babies I saw, observed and experienced much and profound evidence of this with my own children in so many ways and areas. I have a sweet beautiful girl and a sweet handsome boy. A first he obvious difference is that they are different gender and secondly there are almost to the day three years apart. While my babies look the same in facial features my daughter is dark complected with beautiful brown hair and hazel eyes whereas my son is fair skin with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Although both of my babies are summer babies who were born in August my son was a morning baby and my daughter was born in the afternoon. They are both very loving, sensitive, sweet, snuggly, and affectionate babies, although each express their affection and love in different, unique and sweet ways, and who are very close at this point in their lives. My daughter talked first my son didn’t really take off until after his second birthday. Although they both crawled, sat up, took their first steps and walked about the exact same time and were early walkers my son rolled over first and got his first tooth earlier. Also my son was much more of a climber then my daughter ever was. In some ways my son was braver and tried things more but then in other ways my daughter was the braver one. Moreover I have observed my son trying more and my daughter tends to give more quickly but then she gets back up and goes it or tries it again. My daughter at this point seems to be a daddy’s girl and my son seems to be my boy but then they also have both seemed to be equally connected and close to me and my husband. I have to wonder at times how much of their differences are because of their own unique developing personality and character or just simply differences in gender or both.

As far as their likes, favorites and preferences they both love to look at books and read, love their snuggly blankets and to be cuddly comfy. Neither one of my babies are afraid of the dark. Some funny things are that my daughter won’t touch doughnuts and loves bananas but my son is exactly the opposite loves his doughnuts and won’t have anything to do with a banana. My baby girl prefers her fruits when was little but my son did better with vegetables and didn’t take to the fruits when he was a baby. My son at three can eat a half to whole 12 inch pizza by himself but my daughter doesn’t like pizza same with hot dogs and corn dogs they are exact opposite. However they equally love, love, love blueberry muffins. For me it is so funny, amusing and amazing to watch, observe and experience as their mommy and I find great joy and pleasure in seeing how each of my sweet precious babies are growing, changing and developing into their own special ways and into their own special unique and different individuals. It is a most amazing process and experience and I marvel at it as their mommy. Also for me in seeing these differences and similarities I think it helps and teaches me as their mommy and helps me to grow and stretch in my motherhood. Through the similarities and differences I think lessons can be learned by me and taught to my babies. In celebrating the differences it teaches understanding and acceptance of others. My babies learned that it’s okay be and have differences. It helps me and my babies to see the beauty in life, the world and my and their journey.

In motherhood I have found that each child is different, each mother is different each relationship between a mother and her children will each individually be unique and spacial. I found these differences and similarities require that I adapt, be flexible and parent differently each of my babies. Also each family is unique. As mothers we each have our own differing, unique, special individual journey as mommies. Although we all as mothers share, experience, learn, grow, and evolve in many of the same aspects and area of motherhood we will all experience such similar areas differently and thus each of our journeys as mothers are different. It is as if our own differences in motherhood mirror or go hand in hand with how each our children while sharing similarities but also demonstrate differences as well. For me personally there inlays the beauty of life, people and this journey of life and motherhood. I take much joy in seeing, observing and experiencing with my children how they each are growing and developing each into their own special unique character, personalities and people. I think our journey in life and motherhood would be very boring if everything was the same and I knew what to expect at each turn and junction. I want to embrace the similarities and yet also take and find joy and celebrate what make my daughter her and my son him. I wish for my babies to always and forever celebrate what make them them, special, unique and beautiful in their own special way and celebrate the same in others. I want my babies to find and see their own true beauty of their own special unique rainbow of true and bright colors and be confident in their true colors and rainbows. May we as mothers find, grow, experience and celebrate the differences in our motherhood as we journey on in our own individual, unique and special journeys as mommies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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