Choices, Choices and Countless more Choices

Choices, Choices, and Countless more Choices

Choice time, Choice time what to do, what to do, what to do it’s so very hard to choose I know. Mimny Many Mo can I catch life by it’s toes? In journeying through life one discovers life and one journey through it just a massive collection and long sequence of constant and countless choices. Choices can be small and on the micro level, be big and on the macro level or even of cosmic portion. Choices are all round at ever turn in life even to the point if one makes no choice they still are making a choice. We as individuals from early on have had a life time of making choices in the small things of what to where, where to and what to eat or drink, what music to listen to, what movie to see or what book to read. We have to make big choices in life such as where to go to school, what career path, what job do we get, where to live, who to marry, what house or car to buy, do we have children, what about retirement among numerous others. Then there are the life cosmic questions that require cosmic and grand though and pondering of who am I, who should or will I become, where did I come from and where I am I going, what is my destiny and is there God and if so to believe or not to believe. Curse choices I say again curse choices. As women not only are there countless choices for us to make but moreover if and in choosing to enter into this journey of motherhood we will find ourselves entering into a whole new world of new types and areas of choices. The very idea of choosing to become a mother or parent is the very first choice that will lead us as women into our journey through motherhood.

Once I choose to become a mommy I found out just how many choices there were to be to made in this world of motherhood and that I made in my life in the day as a mommy especially after becoming a mommy of two. It was if I had a double shot of choice making to do all the time or at least sorting out the choices needing to made for my two babies. Daily there were two times the choices for clothes to wear, two times the choices in what snacks to pick, two times the choices for meals, twice as much helping with choice selection of books, toys and tv watching or movies. There were double the amount of work or lists to do and choices regarding what to prioritize to get done in half the time as before. Also came with all these choices was feeling doubly torn, pulled, tattered from having to make doubles the choices. I learned fairly quickly my best ally through this second verse of the song of my motherhood was A seirous double shot of good, smart, wise and right decision making ability. I had to be even more skillfully selective and discerning in my choosing of my goals, priorities, and how to fill my even more so oh so very precious limited time.

Becoming a mommy of two babies I have had to and it has helped me in growing, developing and strengthening my ability to make smarter and wiser choices regarding the usage of my time, my priorities, delegating and focusing of my time, engery and effort. Also in motherhood one of the most fundamental and essential roles of being a mommy is that of teaching. Just as I have had to learn that life is just a collective string of continuous choices and how to make choices equally I need to teach my babies this truth of life. Through making my own choices I demonstrate the tools and skills in how to make choices. Also though its giving my babies certain tools that I strived to help them to learn how to make their own choices a lesson that will follow them all throughout their own life’s journey.

There are countless opportunities for these tools and skills to be used, demonstrated, implemented and taught on a daily basis in life of a day in my motherhood. One example is that and seem to be a struggle right now for my daughter but when things need to be done in a timely manner I tell her that we do first things first what has to be done to get ready for school, bed, karkate, chruch or whatever else. I say that if we get ready in quick or timely manner we will have time to play or to do other fun things. Moreover if we take care of business first we make sure we have enough time to do the things we want to do. Through this I’m showing her how to learn good time management and if not then what happens when you run behind. In this lesson of good time management its also a lesson in making the good right choices to help make sure we get done what we need to get done and by product mange our time correctly. In trying to teach her about making choices and good time magnement it also teaches sometimes we have to make the choice to choose between things. It teaches her to prioritize and focus on when it’s time to get ready lets get ready, when its dinner time lets eat and so on.

Moreover an additional instances of the need for making choices is about doing her work at school and home and her chores before we do other things and being responsible. Also another major area of life and making choices in how we act and treat people and our friends and family. This can be maybe we put aside our needs, wishes or desires to show consideration to others. In the case of our babies maybe they have to choice to not do something they know is wrong but in making that good choice it protects or treats their friend correctly. Choices for us and our babies alike only increase and become more challenging as we journey forward in our journeys. There is profound and immense value in knowing what to choose and choosing it wisely. The ability to do so and the life lesson of knowing how to make choices and choosing in life will serve my babies well all throughout their journey and me as their mommy who guides on their own individual journeys through life.

Motherhood is a journey of making constant and endless choices for us as mommies, our babies and our families. I as a mommy need much and infinite wisdom and discernment to make the very best choices for my babies and family. May I as a woman, wife and mommy always seek to have wisdom and the ability of discernment to know to listen to my own voice of expertise and trust my ability to make such wise, good and right choices for my babies and family. May we as mommies always strive to choose wisely and make the best possible choices as we build our house of card motherhood for our babies and families thus the destination at the end of our journeys through motherhood will be a evident of the path paved with our wise, good and right choices for our babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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