The power of Why

The power of why

It is most interesting to me how there is such immense, profound potential. influence and power in a three letter word and question as there is with the word and expression of “why”. One must wonder how or what is it that makes this word so profoundly and significantly important and powerful. Maybe that is the answer in of itself the word of ‘why’ is the expression of a question and the action of this is to ask a question. To understand the power that comes from at expression of a question one must understand the reason or purpose behind the act or expression of a question. When a question is expressed, stated or proposed by an individual that individual is doing so in search of something and is hoping to find whatever they are on a quest for. The question in of itself is not necessarily what is source of the power although it can be but more it is what can potentially happen, occur or can come of from the asking of a question. A question almost always opens up the door to more questions that leads a person on a quest of curiosity and seeking information, knowledge, answers, a solution or resolution and hopefully results in sought answer being found. Knowledge is power and there is much power that can come form gaining knowledge. Life is filled with countless and endless questions that will lead us on quest for knowledge and it will lead us on a quest of a lifetime for those who seek knowledge and learning. There is much learning to be done in life and in motherhood thus there are many questions to be asked equally of life and motherhood.

In becoming a mommy of two I think the question ‘why’ is the question I hear the most from my babies, although it was most frequently asked by my daughter as well, now it seems to be asked in double douses. Mommy why or why not is it rainy or sunny or snowing today? Why can’t we have sweets, treats or deserts for breakfast or before lunch or dinner? Why do we have to take naps or go to bed? Why do I have to clean my room or do my chores? Why can’t do my homework later? Why can’t go and play? Why it is dark out at 4:30 in the evening?
Why can’t we play or swim longer? Why do we have to go or leave? Why can’t we go to the park? Why cant’w go to Peppy and CheCha’s (their grandparents)? Why do we have to take medicine, go to the doctor and dentist and take vitamins. Why do we vote and why did you vote for who you voted for? Why do we live so far away from our CheCha and Peppy? Why did we move and why will we move to Tennessee? Why do we need rain? Why, why, why and oh so many never ending, constant, countless and diverse to many to list type of why questions are asked daily and all day long. How do I as a mommy answer all the whys and not loose my sanity. How do I know all the answers to the questions of why? How do I teach and demonstrate the value of always asking why but knowing when it is okay and not okay to ask why?

The value to be found in the characteristic of curiosity, the quest of knowledge and to be found in the question of Why is fundamentally profound and immensely influential for all of us in and through life. This is no less the case for my babies and their own understanding and learning of their world around them. In asking this question my babies learn and through their learning their world begins to open up and continues to expand through learning. The value of ‘why’ can’t be equated or measured it is priceless. Without the questions of why ever being asked what we know as people individually and collectively and know our world to be would have never been or will it continue to grow, develop, evolve and change. The question must be asked and the answers must be sought after. The difficulty lies in what should be sought after and when to seek after it. For me as a mommy in discerning when to ask what question of why in and of the world and how to teach my babies this also equally invaluable lesson I have chosen that it is not just the question itself but also the purpose or intent of the question. I wish never ever to squash or extinguish the flame of my babies curiosity, learning and seeking of knowledge. Although the purpose and intent of their curiosity, learning and question must be pure, earnest and noble. I wish for my babies to learn understand and respect the power that comes from asking why and from knowledge. Questions should be asked in the purity, earnest, and nobleness of seeking knowledge, answers, and solutions for the purpose to used for help themselves and those around them in their world. Nor should questions ever be asked with the purposes of harming, impurity, insincerity, dishonoring or disrespectfulness of knowledge or those who you ask for the knowledge, guidance, wisdom, answers and solutions.

As a mommy in motherhood there seems to be at times a fine line and a delicate dance or balance between presenting a question to one’s parents to understand what is being asked or understand the purpose for what is being asked then as opposed to questioning the command itself or the parent who is presenting the command of their child. Yes, I want my babies to always ask questions and never ever be afraid to ask why. I wish for them always to thirst for knowledge and seek to quinsy their curiosity. Although they must also know the value of respect for their parents, elders and teachers and rules of society and of life. Lack of respect of their parents, elders, teachers and the rules of society and life is nothing but a recipe for an empty and failed quest that will only result in confusion, frustration, failure, ignorance of the truth, lostness and a lack of solutions and answers. I desire for my babies quest of learning and ‘why’ to result in clarity, satisfaction, success, knowledge and finding of the truth, solutions and answers for their journey ahead. It is my job as my babies mommy to show them and teach them the difference in the purposes and intents for seeking knowledge and asking the question of ‘why’ and when to propose or present such questions to me or their daddy.

In my own journey through motherhood I have seen, learned and experienced the value of asking the question of ‘why; It is in and through asking the question of why in life and motherhood I have gained knowledge that empowers me. Its through this new found knowledge comes the power for me as my babies mommy to be wise, strong, confident and give me the tools and knowledge needed to handle anything and everything that comes along in motherhood and for myself, my babies and my families. May we always, always stay curious and thirsty for the quest of knowledge in motherhood. May we always seek the knowledge to empower us as mommies along our journey through motherhood. May we also as mommies always strive to find the answers in our quest to empower as we go forward building the our own house of cards of motherhood for ourselves, babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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