The powerful influence of childhood playtime

The powerful influence of childhood playtime

There is an interesting idea and question proposed in the 1990 movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The question and idea is proposed in a scene that takes place between Edward Lewis (played by Richard Gere) and Phillip Stuckey (played by Jason Alexander). The scene takes place in Edward Lewis’ office and it’s a conversation that was had between Richard Gere and Jason Alexander discussing what they played, did or were interested in when they were children. The conversation starts with Richard Gere saying Yup to Jason Alexander who goes on to say:

“Excuse for me saying Edward but what is the hell wrong with you this
week are you trying to give Morris the chance to get away.
Richard Gere: “You know what I use to play when I was a kid Phil?
Jason Alexander: “what”?
Richard Gere: “Blocks, built with blocks and rector sets”
Jason Alexander: “So I’d like Monopoly Broadwalk and Park Ave so what.”
Richard Gere: “We don’t build anything, we don’t make anything.”
Jason Alexander: “We make money we’ve been working on this for a year.”

Ever since I saw this scene and movie I have thought this conversation and idea was most intriguing, maybe it’s my Sociological background, and wonder if there is any merit in the idea and thought about the power and influence of what we play as children might have in who we become as individual adults, Maybe it shapes what we choose do with our lives. Moreover does what we play as kids have the power and influence to shape the direction of the rest of our journey through life.

In my own childhood I remember loving Seame Street and feeling totally drawn to the bright, fluffy, big and friendly yellow Big Bird. I think I was drawn to him because of his bright, sunshine like friendliness. Also I think I may have connected to him because he was big, bright, fluffy, friendly yet unique and different from what you might expect for a bird and somehow it was okay. It was okay to be his own self and different and he was well liked by others and was accepted. I hoped to be able to find that for myself who was different, unique and weird red headed (which I loved and still do) visually impaired girl. Also it was watching Seasme Street that I decided I wanted to play the Violin and I did for three years 1st – 4th grade. Also I played pretend school where I was the teacher and I started writing in second grade. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I hope to teach online in addition to my passion and dream of being a writer.

Being a mommy it is most interesting to see the arbitrary things that will captures the imagination and mind of children. It fascinates me to see what children will become interested and be drawn too. It is most curious to think how and the reason children chooses or are enamored with whatever toy or character. Now that I am a mommy of my own babies I have watched and observed my daughter and son play and be enamored with certain toys, games and characters. Not only is it interesting to see what they choose but it also equally fascinating to see the differences in these choses. I have to wonder how these things will influence their choices, purpose, goals, dreams, future and journey through their lives as I was by my own childhood playtime and favorite characters.

In observing my daughter she loves and has and is drawn to all the Disney princess. Her very first favorite Disney princess was Snow White. Although as she is now 6 she is now interested and drawn to her new favorites of Belle, Sophia, Anna, Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel and Elena. She also is drawn to Doc McStuffins and when she was little she loved the Wiggles. I find it interesting that my daughter is drawn to DocMcStuffins because is a natural nurturer, interested in medial stuff from a most young age and is very caring and sensitive to others. This was most obvious when she became a big sister and took to her baby brothers and caring for him. Also whenever around other children if one was in pain, were hurting or in trouble she had to check on them and see that they were okay. My son absolute favorites are Elmo, Curious George, Miles from Tomorrow land, The Lion Guard and The Good Dinosaur. He will play with his blocks, cars, animals and Dinosaurs forever. Play time is like the first school our babies go through and attend as if it is through playing our babies learn, grow and understand their world. I wonder how for my son and daughter how this will have power and what profound influence will their interests and playtime will have on them, who they become, shape them, what they will chose to do in life and what direction their continued path and journey through life will take them. How will their future be influenced by the days of their childhood playtime.

I have to wonder as a mommy when observing and watching what and how my babies play what is my job or role in this to help my babies on their own path and journey thought life. If our babies play time is such a powerful influence on their lives, direction in life and future journey then what is my part in spurring this on as I journey with them. How can I as their mommy help encourage, shape and mold their learning and growth in their early interest and passions. Personally I feel and believe that we are all given natural gifts, talents or interests some would say God given talents, gifts and passions that we are to use for a purpose. I feel mine is my teaching and writing. As my babies mommy I want to help my babies find their passions, their purpose, their God given gifts and talents and help discover how to use them so they can find and fulfill their destiny in life. The way I have tried to do this is once I observe their interest in something I find things to get them such as books, games or toys that will encourage the continuation of their learning, playing, growing and involvement in this interest and passion of their. I encourage my babies to always dream and to dream big. I tell them that never ever quite or give up on their dreams until you have reached your dreams. I tell them that as long as you work hard, focus, and put your mind to it you can accomplish anything you want and you will make your dreams come true. I have and will always and forever also encourage and cheer my babies along their journey persuing and chasing after their dreams. May I as a mommy demonstrate the reaching of my own dreams and may I always spur my babies along their own journey following and chasing their own dreams. It is through playing we discover and learn our passions and learn how to persue our life’s purpose. In motherhood we as our babies teachers and cheerleaders may we always show and teach our babies how to follow and chase their dreams so that they can find their purpose, fulfill it, reach and achieve their dreams in their own journey through life.

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I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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