Let the Hunger Games of Motherhood Begin

Let the Hunger Games of Motherhood Begin

It has been said that life is a game that we all play. I would also say this game of life we find ourselves playing involves numerous games. We play different sports such as kickball, dodgeball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball, Hockey and numerous others. Then there are card and board games we often play with family or friends such as Candy Land, chutes and ladders, Trivia Pursuit, Pictionary, Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers, Chess, Sorry, Life and so many others..There are games we play as children such green, red and yellow light, mother may I, red rover may I come over, Simon says, catch among others. As we get older it has been said the there are friendship and dating games to be played. Another area in this game of life that comes as we girls grow to be women we enter into the game of motherhood and parenting. You may be thinking or saying ‘the game of motherhood or parenting my rear it’s work and the hardest work or job I or you will ever do’. This is true what you say but as I became a mommy for doing so much work and having this job of motherhood I sure did and do have to play immeasurable amounts and types of games.

When I became a new mommy I had no earthly idea that playing games would become such a major and fundamental part of my daily routine as a mommy. I mean you always know and think once becoming a mommy sure I’m going to play with my babies. Admittedly I don’t think there was any way I could have ever anticipated or expected that I would be able to find a way to play games in every area in the day of my life as a mommy. I mean I found ways to turn just about everything I did as a mommy into a game. I have done and do games obviously during playtime such as peek-a-boo, the tickle game, chasing my babies, matching games and many others that we have made up together as a family. Another area in which there are games to be played is when we or the babies are cleaning up or doing chores. Always and forever bath is much more fun with bath toys so that my babies can play or make their own games. I have played games or tried to find fun ways to get them upstairs when its time to get ready for bed such scat or I gonna get you. I don’t think that there isn’t any one of area in life of my day as a mommy that can’t be made fun by turning it into a game in some shape, form or way.

Though as a mommy I think the number one or the biggest area of my life in day as a mommy where I play the most games or that requires the most games to be played is what I like to call the hunger games. This is such a major part of the routine in life of a my day as a mommy. Moreover who knew there ever could be such numerous ways that could be issues involving meal time three times a day every day. Involved in these hungry games you have the issues of food selection, food likes and dislikes, two kids not sharing the same food likes, one day my son or daughter or both may eat it and the next not eat it even thought it’s one of their favorite foods and of course the ever so scary and terrifying trying new foods. In trying to play these hunger games with our babies we even try our own games as mommies or at least I know I have. Games like here comes the flying airplane, birdie or here comes the food train. Let’s see who else had done this one before it is when you want your kid to try something new they don’t want to try and let’s ay it’s a muffin but you tell them it is a cupcake. My husband and I did this one when we wanted our babies to try hash-brown we told them it was a round french fry. Another example of this was when we wanted them to try a different kind of a pasta from macaroni. One of my all time favorites you can ask my husband is when you fix your kid a meal and then you sit down to eat your meal and they want yours that for me is enough to make me want to go crazy and loose my mind. I mean really I just tried to feed you and now I finally take a moment for myself to heaven forbidden mommy gets to eat, take a sip, take a snack, and a sit but now you want my food. Its one of those things in motherhood you got to love. These issues in these hunger games of motherhood for me brings a whole new definition to food fights instead of throwing food for a food fight I’m actually have fights if not an actual tug-a-war over food with my babies. Let the hunger games begin and I might ask when do they end and who win these hunger games.

As I have journeyed through, at times the frustrations, my motherhood I have wondered and have had considered the answers and solutions in how to end and win these tug-a-wars played out in the hunger games that I have found myself playing with my babies. The answers and solutions that my husband and I have come up with and use might seem simple and obvious but it is what works for us for now at least. I think any and all of these solutions or answers to the tug-a-wars in the hunger games are classics and timeless used by just about any and all mothers and fathers to include my own and me and my husband. As stated we have said why don’t you eat the cupcake when trying to get our kids to eat muffins (my kids are greater lover of muffins) or the hash-brown is round french fry and any other example such as that. Another solution is you don’t get desert until you eat or you can’t play with your toy until you eat or go play for that matter as well. Other times we have done you can just sit there until you are done. This is potentially a debatable or controversial solution if you don’t eat your food that is served you can go without or go to bed hungry. One major rule for our home and family is that you have try everything at least once and if you don’t like you say ‘No Thank You’. Now here comes a moment of truth and confession we still struggle in these hunger games. I think we aren’t done with these hunger games in our family yet and it may be awhile before I and my husband know for sure we have completed, finished and won the hunger games. Although I think we are making progress and steps towards wining these hunger games.

In journeying through my motherhood and discovering how often there are games to be made of things it makes things and the journey fun. Thus it makes sense to me that the journey of motherhood goes smoother, easier and becomes more fun when things are like a game. Maybe the secret to the hunger games is in the fun of the game. Also maybe it is in the fun that me and my husband will win these hunger games we find ourselves playing so often. In the moments of frustration of the tug-a-war it s quietly easy to loose sight of the fun to be found in game and life. Maybe in the fun moments of playing the hunger games and other games in motherhood and life may I find, see and remember the joy of my motherhood and life and not get lost in the complete frustration of the hunger games. May I always strive to seek ways and make things into games for me, my babies and family. May I seek to always find the fun and joy in my journey as a mommy. If we can see our motherhood more like a game to be played and hold on to the fun and joy found in this journey then through this fun of playing games we will be able to be successful, victorious and triumphed not just at these hunger games we play but also in our motherhood and life for ourselves, babies and families. May we always take two sips, two breaths, sit, relax and ready set to go forward in our journey as mommies seeking and finding the joy of our journey with our babies sand families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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