Are We Churchians or Christians

Are we Churchians or Christians

In life one finds that there are immeasurable amount of paths to choose from and to journey on and we all must choose which path we will take and travel on while journeying on through this life. Choices in paths can be in one’s career path, the path of which dreams to purpose, path will be chosen in pursuit of one’s happiness, one also choices a certain path in life through the philosophical or ideological journey there choose and also there is a path to be chosen in to life a life of religiosity, spirituality and faith. As women and men of faith in our spiritual journey where do we find ourselves walking and following whose or what path of spirituality? What in our spiritual quest for knowledge of religion or understanding of the truth? Do we seek the steps we still have to take in following the path of Christ or are we so far gone that we have stepped out onto other paths of which we have designed, created, or charted and chosen? As we, students of religion, enter into the University of Religion do we find our coursework outline now somewhat unclear, undefined, vague and the source of much confusion or it is still clearly unmistakable charted before us to follow?

In our attendance at the University of Religion one can study and sit under the teachings and professorship of many such as John Calvin of Calvinism and John Wesley of Methodism, Martin Luther of Lutheranism among others or under Christ’s message, words or teaching of truth, Christianity and Christendom; thus making one’s choice of which area of religion to major in extremely confusing and difficult. Much merit can be found in asking the question are we to be students of these various specific churchologies or theologies and varying academic disciplines of religion or of the one true theology of Christ. Even with the various courses’ syllabi at a glance there are two distinct camps of study that one may follow. Either hold to the letter of or the spirit of these different academic disciples with in the University of Religion. In attending UR if students as women and men of faith find themselves to be dazed, confused and have yet come to the knowledge and understanding of their chosen religious path to follow for their spiritual journey, how can any one woman or man of faith possibly expect for the world around them to know where to look or who to follow. A prospective student at RU finds themselves having to select from the plethora of countless alternatives for one’s possible choice of disciplines to study from the catalog of academic fields, at UR along with those offered by our culture and society outside of Christ’s intended pure teachings in Scripture. In this enormous selection it is quite reasonable and understandable that the various disciplines could be overwhelming and be bewildering for the curious seekers. How can the prospective students of UR be expected to come to a decision other than of general study of the religious disciplines? In the academic conclusion of the path to be studied at RU by students is general religious studies can a student think they shall be prepared for their spiritual journey in the world upon their graduation form RU.

In their spiritual educational journey at UR, to be surrounded by the overwhelming onslaught of “believe me” or “what we profess and teach”, “no, believe me and be a follower of my faith”, “no, no, join my program of religion for we are the only and true one to believe”. When the prospective students say; “we were under the impression if a person makes a claim of being a follower of Christ that would lend it self to mean following only the words, message of truth and ways of Christ from Scripture alone and not of any other,” this perspective would be correct and the students would have chosen the right coursework and plan of study of follow for their spiritual journey at RU and in through their lives. While there is nothing inherently wrong with having differing viewpoints on the aspects and disciplines of the study of religion, the issue lies within the point in time when the other choices available to us cause confusion, are interruptive, and looked to instead of, or above Christ’s message and Himself. As students of religion, women and men of the faith, when we put forth our own personal ideas, opinions, and thoughts that are held to stronger or more so than what Christ taught us, then can we at that point say we are Christians? Would it not be more truthful and accurate to state that we are Baptisians, Lutherians, Methodistians, Pentacostalians, and so forth – in other words Churchians.

What value is found in a woman or man of the faith saying they are a student of Churchology instead of theology or a disciple of the disciplines of the religion of Churchendom instead of Christendom. Did Christ found His church or religion or anything else other than the truth to be found in His own words and teachings in Scripture or did Christ do so in the words, message and teachings of John Calvin, John Wesley, Martin Luther ? No, the true church and our faith of Christianity was found by our Lord Jesus Christ and in the truth of His words and teachings in Scriptures. For upon the completion of our coursework, we have finished our academic program and graduation day has come. Who announces that we have passed or failed all of our coursework to achieve becoming a graduate from the University of Religion; does the announcement come from John Calvin, John Wesley, Martin Luther, or is it Jesus Christ? For in and through whose blood are our names are written in the Book of Life and who will grant us entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven? As women and men of faith , should you/I be disciples of Christianity or Churchianity; students of Churchology or Theology; faithful followers of the church’s specific teachings or of our Lord Jesus Christ and His words, message and ways in Scripture? For in and through Him and His blood our names are written in the Book of Life which allows us to be more than conquerors and entrance into the presence of God our Father, and for that we will be given our University of Religion diplomas. For what path as a women and men of faith will you and I choose to travel on our spiritual journey to be a Churchians and student of the religion of Churchology or Christians as faithful students and believers of Theology and Christianity and of Chirst? May we as we continue on our journey of faith may we keep this in mind and always seek the true path of Christ and the truth to be found in Christ’s words, message and Christianity as we are are followers of Christ.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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