For the Love of Monotony

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock goes the hands of the clock on the wall the seconds, the minutes, the hours passing by ever so very slowly dragging and dragging. The hands on the clock start to tick tock with the alarm clock going off in the new morning starting a new day. It always amazing to me how when I was in school the seconds, minutes and hours of the school day went by insanely slowly as if they were crawling by yet the week sometime whizzed by. Thus the things we want to hurry up go by so slowly and the tings we want to slow down, enjoy and savor forever go by in a blink of an eye before we even know it like the weekends, the holidays, a vacation or the summer. Life seems to be an endless stream of sands of time passing through the ivory glass whether slowly or quickly as we watch our life unfold before our own eyes. In my journey as a mother I have noticed the certain days in the life of my motherhood goes by in seconds flat and then others I couldn’t imagine how can anything else could possibly creep by so insanely slowly as if to never end. I have to wonder in life or in motherhood what makes or creates the sensation of time passing by either so rapidly and swiftly or then equally if not more so at times creaking by at a slug’s or snail’s pace.

I hear the hands of the clock start to tick tock, tick tock saying it’s time start your day so let’s get up and face the new day. I get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, hopefully make my bed, maybe catch a few minutes to myself before waking up my babies and starting breakfast. Then it’s off to start the morning routine of getting ready and out the door to the bus stop for my daughter. At this point she starts her school daily routine as for me and my son we start our mornings at home. This entails watching VeggieTales, usually FaceTime with my parents, morning snack, morning story time, then either, free play and choice time followed by Dinosaur Train and Super Why. As I hear the hands on the clock continue to tick tock, tick tock brings our day to noon and lunch time then nap time which means my free time most days time to write. Then as the hands of the clock tick tock, tick tock into the afternoon we go to the bus stop and pick up my daughter, then on to after school snack and homework time, some days Karate, and then dinner time. Then I hear the concluding sounds of tick tock, tick tock goes the clock winding down our day and start the nighttime routine of bath time, story time, prayer time and bed time. Although I know this end is to only result in the start another routine of tick toking through the new day, then the next day and so on until the week is done. In the tick tock, tick toking of the clock hands slowly, slowly turning the seconds into minutes, the minutes into hours, the hours into the length of the day and the days into weeks of my life in day as a mommy. I feel ,at least times, as if all I do is the same old, same old daily routine that creates daily routine filled with constant ruts.

In experiencing the same old, same old as a mommy I have found myself wondering a few things such as how do I break up the seemingly boredom and boring daily routine? Also how do I not feel or wonder as to if or what my contributions are? Moreover how can I change what is the same or how to change my point of view or perspective on my daily ruts or routine. How do I escape the boring monotony of the ordinary and make the eery day special and extraordinary. It has been said that the spice of life is to be found in the flavor of newness, diversity, and the different. Thus I had to ask how do I as a mommy find or bring into my day in life of motherhood the spice and flavor of new, diversity and extraordinary. The answers to these questions for me I found in numerous ways as I journey on with my babies. For me sometimes its as simple as changing up my daily routine for example sometimes especially in the winter my son and I will take the bus and go to the mall for him to play in the play areas and at times on rainy days during the summer we will all go. Also other changes can be if for whatever reason I decide we just play or watch tv or I focus on doing whatever helps me keep my sanity or balance. Another solution for me is in breaking up the monotony and routine is when a friend comes over and hangs out or we have play date and I get time with my girlfriends during the play date especially if any of this is a nice unexpected and pleasant surprise. In same vein of these solutions is when I get girl time out for an evening or equally great if not better date night with my husband.

All of these solutions provide a way of breaking up the same old, same old rhythm to the daily routine and ruts, provides and allows for a new fun different change and break in the every day normal. A final and a most incredible and amazing solution that I have discovered is found in journeying with my babies hand and hand through spending my days with them and being there in the everyday moments. Yes, absolutely there is much moronity in the everyday but sometimes its in and through the ordinary that one can find and discover the absolutely most extraordinary. For me it is seeing my babies grow, learn and discover on their own adventure and journey. I love seeing the excited, happy and joyful expression of I did it ma’am as they are making connections and moments of new light bulbs are going off in their amazing and smart brains. I see these light bulb moments of discovering in the learning of their ABC’s, writing their letters or numbers, learning to read, riding a bike, figuring out a puzzle, completing a new task or chore, or a problem among immense other examples of learning and making new discoveries. I find the extraordinary when my babies achieve mile stones and see the thrill of the newness of that moment and their joy they find in their own new discoveries. I love it when I see my two babies playing, being sweet, kind, thoughtful and getting along together. I enjoy, cherish, treasure and find great joy in the sweet and precious I love you mama, hugs, snuggles and cuddles. I love when I get to do special things with my babies and they like doing them with me. Lately my daughter comes and tells me she treasures me or that I’m her treasure. If I can keep my focus and sight on the joyful and magical extraordinary moments that are to be found in my motherhood and as a mommy then I will always be able to find the extraordinary in the mundane, monotonous ordinary. Thus finding and holding on to the treasure of the jewels of the extraordinary in the ordinary as a mommy it will break the monotonous daily same old, same old and give me a constant source and sense of the flavor of spice and newness in my journey as a mommy.

In motherhood I think we as mommies can get easy blinded by, distracted by and bogged down in the daily mundane routines and monotonous ruts of life in our days as mommies. In being distracted in our motherhood monotony we loose sight of what we contribute and the immense immeasurable value of our contributions to our babies and families. Thus we, or at least I know I have, find ourselves wondering what is the meaningful relevance and influence that can come from or result from what seems to be mostly a journey of motherhood filled with constant monotony. Although as I journey forward as a mommy if I can find, be reminded of and remember my treasure of valuable contributions I make to my babies and family and see the extraordinary in my journey as a mommy then the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mundane, monotony becomes momentous and memorable moments. These moments I will always and forever tuck away in my mommy heart and make a memorable imprinted scrapbook of my journey with my babies that will last my whole journey as a mommy and my lifetime. As a mommy I wish and desire to always, always seek and find the marvelous in the mundane and see the beautiful in the boring and the extraordinary in the ordinary. I wish to see the delight in the daily moments. May we as mommies always strive to value the ordinary for it’s in the treasure of the ordinary that we discovery the extraordinary and the its through the mundane monotony of motherhood that we discover the marvels to be revealed. May we never loose sight of the marvels of our motherhood, our journey as mommies and of our babies and families. May we always take great joy in revealing of such splendor, wonder and marvels as we continue to journey on taking our two sips, breaths and going forward in the extraordinary journey of our motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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