My Mommy Radar

The concept and technological development of radar is defined as being a device or gadget for determining the presence and location of an object by measuring the time for the echo of a radio wave to return form it and the direction from which it retunes. In life the application of radar is that of sensing or having awareness or perception of things and situations in life. The defining of radar as to how it pertains to life, its relevance in life and its life application creates and allows for numerous example of radar being demonstrated, illustrated and observed on a daily basis. It could be said she or he has fashion radar meaning the they might have a great eye and taste for fashion and notice fabulous fashion when they see it. Another one that is common in our culture is the idea of gay radar a way of guessing or being aware of who is in a certain life style. I would say there could be a political radar things that one might notice that are relevant to the sphere of politics or government. I also have seen that there could be emotional radar if a person is sensitive to, in touch and great with sensing the emotions of others around them and relating as if empathic. The idea of radar can just easily be used for sensing or sniffing out a pile of crap when heard or seen meaning a person has crap radar. Equally interesting and potentially frustrating, irritation or annoyance for particular parties in question I have notice that there are two other types of radar in life and they are what I would like to call kid and mommy radar.

Ladies I don’t know about you all but I have noticed in my own journey as a mommy over the last six years, and I’m sure this is not the last instance of this to come, that kids have a keen, a great, highly developed ability to sense just the right exact moment to say ‘Mommy I need….’. ‘Mommy I want….’, ‘Mommy I have to….’ and ‘Mommy’ fill in the blank of any and everything humanly possible to these statements. It seems to me this uncanny knack or ability of my babies always and forever appears and manifest itself in such glorious perfect moments of when I’m trying to go to the bathroom, take a bath, just got on the phone, finally dozed off while kids are watching a show. Also this seem to happen when I start my tv adult program while they play in their room, start a conversation and read or start a chore and or project. Furthermore this is equally the case if I decide to sit to eat or for that matter just to sit down, relax, stop for a moment to take a breath and break, take a sip or snack and put my feet up that its at this precise moment in time I here Mommy, Mommy, Mommy I this or that. How and why is this possible every single blasted dang time without fail. Is it another example of unwritten Murphy’s law in motherhood. Never mind the fact that prior to this moment in time my babies were perfectly content to play together or watch tv together without so much of one Mommy I….. but as soon as I Mommy start anything of the sort listed above it is then at the moment they sense, decide to do, need, want, request any and everything form mommy. I truly wish this motherhood mystery could be solved and whoever solves it please inform me and explain this puzzling and baffling uncanny knack, ability and radar that kids seem to possess particularly mine.

Although I have to think and wonder if my babies are equally irritated, baffled, annoyed and frustrated by what I call my mommy radar. This is the radar I have as a mommy that I use to sense, perceive and know what is transpiring or taking place with my babies. It could be argued that this mommy radar is invisible to most especially to my babies. This is evident by the looks on my babies faces as they wondering and trying to figure out just how I did that, I knew what I know or knew what was going on without having to see it or observe. I know my mom did this and I believe most moms do but I have to wonder at times if my kids have it worse in this respect because things such as my hearing are so highly and intensely developed form years of having to rely on it more heavily due to my visual impairment. Also I have often wondered about if my kids may have it worse or unfair to them is that because I can’t rely on my vision to tell me what is happening more times then not to be on the safe side if I don’t know what something is or if it is okay I say can’t do that, no or leave it alone because to me it is not worth the potential risk.

Another important component or aspect of my mommy radar is being aware, sensing, observing and perceiving things that I do as well as a mommy and gage my own self as a mommy. In some ways I think this part of my mommy radar is all encompassing of every aspect of being a mommy, what I do as a mommy and how I go forward continuing in my journey as a mommy. I must have complete and total awareness and a sense of what I say, what I do, how I act, how I react or respond and what I demonstrate, illustrate and exemplify for my babies. The expression of teaching by example and to see a sermon is to hear one are so totally and absolutely true. This is most definitely the case in parenting and in motherhood we as mothers are the ultimate and best teacher and example for our babies. Children are most excellent parrots and don’t miss one single thing or trick. In one mis step or action can under cut all the words I say.

I must be mindful of my word choices, what I say and also how I say it to my babies. Words have such immense and profound power and influence that can either harm or help. It only takes one harmful, hurtful and negative word to undercut a 100 helpful or positive and encouraging words. I try and strive to every chance I get to tell my babies positive, encouraging and affirming words such as you are smart, kind, helpful, thoughtful, beautiful/handsome, sweet among others. I must keep my radar on my actions such as my choice in tone, my level of patience or frustration, my temper among others actions . I must watch how I respond and react to my babies and situations such as my reaction in a moment of frustration, tenseness, difficulty, stress among others. I must be mindful of what I do for that saids more to my babies then my words. I must remember that my example shows and teaches them more than my words ever could. I must be ever diligent in my perception and observation as to how I am presenting myself as a mommy and what I am demonstrating before my babies. All of theses things are fundamental things to be watchful of for me as a mommy and to register and observe on my mommy radar.

In going forward on my journey as a mommy I desire not as a mommy to be a mother of ‘do what I say not what I do’ but one, although so far from perfect, that strives to do her best to lead by example. I feel the philosophy of ‘do what I say not what I do’ is a philosophy of hypocrisy, double standards, empty and useless lessons which teaches nothing and does my babies no favors. Even in my state, nature and my lack in perfection I do seek and desire to demonstrate and set an example of truth, honesty, intercity, virtue, helpful lessons filled with value and morals that will be most useful for my babies in their journey through life. This is what I seek to do as a mommy thus I must always be mindful and aware of what I observe, perceive, detect that is popping up on my mommy radar. Through this I can always be mindful of what is on my mommy radar that I am exemplifying before my babies. May my mommy radar always help me to gage my example I’m setting before my babies as a mommy. May I always be aware and able to observe and understand what is detected on my mommy radar so if need, which more times than not, I can adjust, alter and correct when need to improve and grow in my journey as mommy. May we as mommies strive to always be observant of our mommy radars and diligent in the ways we implement our mommy radars to be the best example for our babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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