Who’s turn it is now yours or mine

In life one thing we are taught as children is the lesson of taking turns and that is good and polite manners and a great choice to take turns. In learning to take turns we are being respectful, thoughtful, kind, courteous and considerate of our friends, family and others. The importance of this lesson is seen in most if not every aspect of life. We wait to take our turn to have the food passed to us at the dinner table to get something to eat also at restaurants we wait to have a turn to order our food. Also either at home or in public we have to wait for a turn to use the bathroom. We also as drivers have to wait to go forward on the road, to turn or go at the green light, to merge in traffic among so many others examples as drivers. No matter where we go we have to wait our turn in lines at the bank, at stores, at rides at parks, at the doctor’s office, at the DMV, at the polling place when we vote, at the post office among endless other examples. Another key example of waiting our turn when we play games or sports we have to wait to bat, kick the ball, to pass the ball, to throw the ball and equally many countless other examples. Taking tuns is a part of life and as I have journeyed on as a mommy without a doubt definitely a part of motherhood.

In motherhood being a mommy of just one child, although still a most important lesson, it is not such a major thing in life of the day of being a mommy at least at home because you can have as many turns whenever you want. However being a mommy of two babies this is not so much the case thus the silvering ling being it gives ample and immeasurable amounts of opportunities to demonstrate and teach this valuable life lesson. The idea of taking turns is involved in any and every aspect and is a tool or skill that can be used for everything in the life and day of a mommy. For instance it could it’s my turn to pick the game, story, tv show or movie. It’s my turn to pick what I want to watch or play. Also this could be heard about who’s turn it is play with a certain toy first. It could be an issue of he or she went first last time. During bath time it’s hers or his turn to bath first and during bedtime he or she got to read their story first last time. When my kids get older it will be he or she got to sit up front last time or its my turn to pick what we do, go see or play for family night. This will be huge I’m if given the choice or opportunity she or he got to pick the music on radio in the car last time. I’m thinking some of this might be good material for the scary teenage years.

In thinking about having turns I have often thought to myself what about my turn and when do I get my turn if ever. I mean as mommies aren’t we suppose to get turns at all. Sometimes I wonder and it feels as if I will never get a turn at things. I have wondered will I ever get a turn to eat and never mind to do so in peace. Moreover the same of going to the bathroom also never mind in peace without interruptions. I have wondered at what point will I get turn to bath and feel human again and like will that ever be in peace and quite without interruption. I know also I want a turn for naps. Also I have thought I want a chance and turn to be able get a word in edge wise, to finish a thought or sentence and to finish a phone call or conversation even more heavenly, although seems impossible and would take a miracle, to do so uninterrupted. Another big for me is of wanting to have my turn to get together with my friends, have and spend time with my girlfriends even better without countless interruptions just as my daughter get playdates with our friends. I mean ladies I don’t t think I’m the only mommy out there that has thought, wondered and wished they got a turn too during the day of life as a mommy.

It may seem or sound selfish to ask when and if I do as mommy get a turn. I think there are two different ways of looking at this First let me say it’s not selfish in the least bit for us as mommies to want to get a turn. For one thing, even though life is most unfair and feels unfair especially in motherhood at times, we need to teach our babies what fairness is and how to be fair. In teaching our babies about the value and lesson of fairness that leads us to the second perspective of mommies getting our turn. Therefore in the name of fairness is it fair that I and we as mommies don’t get a turn and to be fair shouldn’t we get our turn too. I mean often times, although more than happily and willingly, in being a mommy we are doing, catching, having the brunt of things and carrying a heavy load as we care and love for our babies, families and everyone else. All of this that we do as mommies can be overwhelming and feel like we are swirling and whirling and in need of a turn for ourselves. Furthermore through me as a mommy getting my fair turn to take moments of Me O’clock time to sit, relax, put my feet up, take a double shot of sips, breaths and my snacks, sleeps and soaks I am being more than fair to myself. Also I am giving myself a fair shake of being able to keep me focus, center, balance, sanity and going forward and continuing on my journey as a mommy being able give my utmost to my babies and family. In being fair to myself I’m able to give my very best and the best version of me to my babies and family. In me doing this I’m creating a win/win and are definitely being fair to myself, babies and family. In and through me being fair to my babies and family this is one way that I am exemplifying the lesson of fairness that I want to instill in my babies and give to my babies of what it is to be fair. May I in journeying as a mommy always strive to be fair to myself to that I can be fair to my babies and family and build a foundation of fairness for my babies, family and my house of cards of motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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