A Journey to Udugu – finding our way to Kinship

Growing up I was an only child and everyone always wondered how I liked it as a kid or if I was spoiled. This is how I would answer these questions as far as being spoiled I never had and don’t think of myself as spoiled but just a little pampered. In regards, to the second questions I though as a kid though that it was okay but wished a had a brother or sister for a playmate and friend. Although as I’ve gotten older there are not words that describe how I hate being an only child it’s not fun and I feel as If I miss out on so much. As I look ahead to future chapter that will come in my family it hurts my heart and the heaviness of the weight of future pain and loss to come is pulliable. I knew even growing up if I were ever to be a mommy I didn’t want to have an only child and that I wanted to have babies so that they could a play mate, brother or sister and a life long friend. I have been blessed to have and be a mommy of a precious daughter and son. My son has always loved his animals and one of my son’s absolute favorite shows in addition to Dinosaur Train is The Lion Guard on Disney Jr. This show is Disney spin off if you well from the Lion King in the 90’s that tells the story of Simba’s cubs Kiara and Kion but particularly Kion and his friends as the lion Guard. There was a new episode entitled ‘The trail to Udugu’ that was about the kinship between Kion and his sister Kiara and that they should always have between them. This got me thinking about what I wish for my babies and hope that they always will desire and have the bound of Kinship and Udugu as they both journey through this life together.

Kinship can be defined as family and the affinity one may have for his or her family. An extension of this definition is how we treat and show concern, consideration, respectfulness, kindness, thoughtfulness, care and love to and for our family or loved ones. I know that, I can’t speak from personal experience, what I have seen from friends, family and my own babies have sibling(s) is not always easy, fun and pleasurable panic and at times is a curse and not a blessing. Also that there can be times much unpleasant difficulty and challenges found along this journey to Udugu for siblings this is no less the case for my own babies.  Even so, form where I sit as an only child, at end of the day the bottom line is that for better or worse you still have each other no matter what through thick and thin and in the good and bad seasons in this journey through life. There are numerous lessons that can be learned in and through the journey to Udugu. In my daughter and son having each other they can learn the lessons of caring for each other and showing kindness, generosity, graciousness, concern, respect, consideration, thoughtfulness and love to each other. They can lean teamwork, how to be protect, defend and stand up for each other. They can learn loyalty and always and forever being there for each other no mater what through thick and thin thorough good and bad seasons in their journey together. They can learn that they always have someone on their side, in their conner and cheering them on in all that they do and where they go in this life. They can know and trust that no matter what happens in life they always have a friend and each other as they keep to the path of Udugu on their journey in life.

In watching my babies travel hand in hand, side by side trying to find their way to Udugu and keep the spirit of Udugu as they journey along together my mommy heart is happy and overflows with abundant joy when I see examples of my babies showing they are on the path to Uduge by showing and domesticating their kinship for each other. In fact as I write this I am thinking about last night when we were at the mall as a family so I could take my MacBook to the Apple store to get looked. After returning from the Apple store while my husband ordered the food and I watch our babies play they were inseparable. Where my daughter was there was my son and vice versa playing together laughing and giggling and nothing make this mommy heart more happier or prouder.  There have been numerous other examples of proud mama moments when I see my babies loving, hugging and kissing on each other. When I see my babies playing nicely together, getting along, taking turns and sharing. I also love it when I see my babies enjoying the same things such as a game maybe of pretend or playing outside, playing with Shopkins or puzzles, watching a movie or tv together and when they read together. I can see the evidence of their kinship and the spirit of Udugu when my daughter protects, stands up for, tries to help and teach her baby brother. There is evidence of their kinship bound and closeness when they cheer for each other and my son saids every day ‘I miss my Megan or I want my Megan’ and is sniffly when she is away at school and can’t wait to get her after his nap. One of my most treasured moments of their kinship is when there was a time my son wanted to crawl in sissy’s bed to take his naps while she was a school or to sleep in her bed at night when he would get scared or have bad dreams. My daughter gets upset or hurt when she can’t love on her baby brother giving him hugs and kisses Each of these precious moments and memories I will treasure, cherish always and forever and tuck away in my mommy heart and imprint in my mommy scrapbook and keep all of my life and journey through motherhood.

Kinship and having a brother(s) or a sister(s) is a a most special and precious gift that should be always treasured and cherished and not ever taken for granted. I wish for my babies that as they journey on together throughout their lives that they learn the immense and priceless life lessons of Udugu. I wish not for my babies to never lose their way on their journey to Udugu. I hope my babies never ever lose sight of it or let go of the sprit of Udugu and their bond and kinship as brother and sister. I wish that they will always be close, standing by each other and always on each other side no matter where this life and their own journeys may take them. I wish that they will always and forever value, cherish, treasure and hold on the special and precious gift of their kinship and the spirit of Udugu. May I as their mommy always and forever help show how to have kinship, to foster and encourage the spirit of Udugu and teach my babies the value and life lesson of Udugu. May my babies, I and our family always and forever travel together hand in hand, side by side along in our kinship along this journey to Udugu.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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