All is fair in Childhood on the playground

There is a great irony to be found in the life lessons of equality and fairness. Equally is defined as being two things being the same or identical and it is often times in the idea of equality is what defines and shapes our idea of fairness. Thus the meaning in being fair or demonstrating the virtue of fairness one is treating two people or situations in the same equal manner. The irony is in the fact despite trying to exemplify the value and virtue of fairness or equality life just ain’t fair at times. We strive to play fairly in sports and games but feel that it isn’t fair when there is a winner and there is a looser especially if we are the on the losing side. There is much goodness, honor and nobility in desiring and striving to give everyone a fair shake or chance and make the playing fields in life fair for all but often times reality falls very short of such admirable goals and endeavors. I found myself wondering how do I reconcile these beliefs, life lessons and realities as I journey on throughout my life. This ironic duality and question are important, relevant and influential in my journey through life and as a mommy.

The double edge sword of these life lessons gives evidence to the first example of duality that our children learn about and that are taught in the life lessons of fairness. In considering this and in raising my two babies and being a mommy I find myself wondering if my babies find themselves in a state of great confusion over this ironic duality regarding the life lessons of equality and fairness. In one instance I have strived to demonstrate, teach and ingrained the life lessons of fairness and being fair into my babies. Often times when we take our kids to the park or playground we might say it’s only fair to take turns and you have to wait for your turn. It’s not fair to want a turn but not give someone else a turn as well. If you push, hit, kick or shove someone don’t be surprised if the same happens to you in return.  We must treat people the way we wish to be treated. If you wish to be treated fairly and be given or extend fairness then you as well must do so in like kind to others thus all is fair on the playground of life.

Moreover when my babies each want a turn, play with the same toy , play different games or watch different tv shows and movies I say how about you let your brother or sister have a chance to do any of these things and then it would only be fair for the other go first next time. My son loves Pizza Man were we eat a lot as a family but it’s not fair when other members o the family want to eat something different if we can’t go the other restaurant sometimes. If my son wants to watch his tv after school having a chance watch tv earlier and one of his sisters programs are on when she gets home from school that not fair to her to not get to watch her program after being at school all day. Furthermore when my husband wants to watch some tv too for the kids to be upset when they had their time with the tv that wouldn’t be fair. Also after my babies have had a chance to talk or visit with their daddy then its only fair for mommy and daddy to have a chance to have a turn to talk and visit same as with my girlfriends. One way that I have tried to illustrate the value of fairness if my son makes a mess in the room they share or my daughter friends comes over and helps in making the huge mess it is not fair to my daughter to have to do all the cleaning herself so I help out. There are countless examples in any given day of the life of being a mommy that there are opportunities to teach, demonstrate and learn the life lessons of all is fair on the playground of life.

Then at the same time equally I have strived to instill the reality of the fact that life ain’t fair. Also there are equal amount of chances for my babies see, learn and be taught this dual side of the life lesson of fairness. Sometimes it can feel as if it’s not fair to have to share a room, share a toy, share the tv, share everything all time. For my daughter isn’t fair the she has to help to always clean up after her brother or that her toys her broken occasionally and her room is always messy. For my son he thinks its not fair when it seems his sister takes something from him to try and help or just simply does take it form him. My babies feel that it is very unfair when they can’t always get their way or that they can’t always have what they want when they want it. My daughter feels as if it isn’t fair when the plans have to change from time to time. Furthermore in attempting to be fair and demonstrate the virtue of fairness and through these examples my son and daughter realize and learn the life lesson of life ain’t always and more times then not life isn’t fair. This life life lessons of fairness can lead to other life lessons being taught and learned such as most problems are first world problems and how to make lemonade out of the lemons of life. In learning all of these life lessons there is much value that will severe my babies well as they continue to journey on through life.

The duality of these immensely equally valuable life lessons begs the questions how I do teach my babies about the virtue of fairness and how do they reconcile the value of fairness and being fair with the lesson of life just ain’t fair. I mean think about it that’s quite the deal don’t you think even for us as adults imagine what kids think and feel. In my consideration of these life lessons as I continue to journeying forward I find myself thinking maybe the answer and solution to reconciling this ironic duality of these life lessons is in finding the balance of  demonstrating in every way and instance that we can and achieving fairness and equality in areas that we can control. It is in through showing and teaching my babies to always to be fair to all in all things and taking the chance to always treat each other and others fairly. Also maybe in moments of seemingly or true and great unfairness, although most difficult, try to give and extend compassion, kindness, graciousness, and understanding to the other person. Moreover in such moments maybe there is way to making things fair and equal for all parties involve. When one or both my babies finds that life is giving them a dose or helping that is unfair maybe knowing how to make their own lemonade out of lemons can bring fairness to their circumstances. I as a mommy wish and desire for my babies to learn and know the immense value of these equally important life lessons. I hope they will strive to be and give fairness. In the life moments of unfairness may my babies always seek and choose to create fairness for all and treat each other and others fair on the playground of life. I as a mommy wish and desire to demonstrate and be an example of these life lessons of fairness and equality for my babies and always to strive to treat my babies fairly and equally as their mommy.  May we as mommies always go forward in our journey striving to demonstrate and instill the lessons of life in our babies for them and our families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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