Good things comes to those who wait

In the day to day of our lives that we live in this world of instant gratification and statistician it seems that we are living to hurry up in everything and everywhere. There are always and forever the waiting games to be play but no one wants to play. We are all waiting in everything and everywhere. We wait to have our turn everywhere we go. We have to wait at restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, hotels, airports, for taxis or buses, at the banks, at stores, at doctor offices, at the dentists, at the dmv, the post office, the voting polls, the car wash and among endless other places that require for us to play a waiting we have no patience to play in our crazy insane busy lives. Everyone seems to doing our utmost very best to find ways of bypassing these waiting games. In this instantaneous world we live there seems to be no place for waiting and the value or virtue of paitence. The idea of good things comes to those who wait seems to be lost in our fast pace moving, foot tapping, impatient culture and society. It begs the question to be asked are we losing anything as a society and culture by losing all sense of the virtue of patience and not waiting for the good things in our lives.

This is no less the case or reality in Motherhood  than it is in life and our world we live in. In becoming a mommy, more so with having two babies, I have seen endless examples of the impatience of kids. The demonstration of my babies patient level is showcased and illustrated in all things that can fall under the heading of ‘I want what I want right now!’. This can being seen in every moment of my life in the day of my life as a mommy as soon as they wake up and then until bedtime. My babies can display their ability and impatience choices by saying or asking for things in a demanding or impolite tone or manner such as i want my breakfast, I want tv, I want my super puter (leap pad as my 3yr old son saids), I want the iPad, I want my dinosaurs, I want my blankys, I want dinosaur train, I want Pizza/Pizza man (a local restaurant). It also could be equally known in the demanding and impolite tone I don’t want to go, I want to stay home, I don’t want to go to bed or bathroom, I don’t want chicken, I don’t wan to brush my hair, I don’t want to play that game or want that show. I want to play Shopkins, I want to play with my friends. The fact of the matter in life of day of being a mommy I could fill in the blank with any number of ‘I want what I want NOW!’

Okay Ladies, here comes another mommy moment of daring to be truthful. On the flip side I as a mommy have my own list of things that can show my own ability to be impatient and make impatient choices. Sadly my list can be long as well. I can be impatient when it comes to wanting to get the rare chance to sleep in or for my chance to bath. I can be impatient when it comes to getting a chance for girl time or uninterrupted  adult conversation. I have no patience when I’m trying to get everyone out the door on time somewhere such as in the morning to my daughter’s bus stop for school or in the afternoon for her Karate.  Often times for me a cause for my impatience is when I told my babies to do something repeatedly more than once and it’s not getting done and I’m not being listened too. Unfortunately I fear the list of example of my impatience is to long to list here. I think sometimes my kids “I want what I want right now!’ is contagious and I catch my own case my  of the ‘I want what I want right nows!’. If  being impatient was an Olympic sport there are days I wonder as to who would take the gold my babies or me. The degree and level of impatience arguably is equal but the ways in which we are impatient are worlds apart. The other difference is that I as a mommy am the adult have the ability and skills, even though this is a most trying feat and achievement, to choice to rise above, be the better example and maintain my amount or level of patience in all things. I have thought to myself actually that striving to be and show patience in the face of much frustrating circumstances driving me to great impatience is what should really get the gold metal in motherhood.

Although we live in an instantaneous, instant gratification and satisfaction,  and instant to instant living there is much to be said for learning the value, virtue and life lesson of patience and ‘good things comes to those who wait.’ The pay off and proof of this idea and expression is learned is when my babies share or take turns and then they get what they wanted in the end such as my daughter getting to watch her show or my son getting to play wth the toy he wanted. For my daughter in her Karate she has been working and being patient in practicing and learning and has now earned her yellow belt and working toward her orange belt. The good thing that comes in being patient is the reward of earning her higher belt. For my son it’s choice to have a good attitude and doing something else while waiting for Dinosaur Train and then getting to watch his favorite show. These examples seem simple, insignificant but it’s through such examples my babies are seeing and learning to be patient and in having patience they will have good things. Such examples help them learn the lesson of life that good things come to those who wait and will serve them well as journey on forward in their own lives and perusing their dreams.

My journey as a mommy epitomizes the actualization, realization and demonstration of the truth of this life lesson. I know my whole life, like many little girls, I wanted to be a mommy and have babies but at a young age I was aware of the reality of this dream maybe would be very difficult for me. Also after college I was in my first marriage and found myself in a very difficult and challenging marital journey that ended in divorce and had I stayed there I would never have the life I have now and been able to start my journey and realized my dreams as a mommy having my two most precious, sweet, beautiful babies I have now with the absolute love of my life. Yes, my journey that led me to my journey of motherhood has been at times a broken one but I wouldn’t change any of it and I thank God for the broken journey that has lead me right to where I’m at now in my journey in life and motherhood. The best things in my life have come as a result of a long and difficult road that required patience of me. In my growing a mommy in my level of patience and striving to always show patience and demonstrate the invaluable virtue and life lesson for patience and ‘good things comes to shows who wait’I’m showing and teaching my babies how to be patience and that indeed the best things comes to those who wait. Although living in this world of instant everything food, coffee, fast food, microwaves, fast forwarding through commercials, clicks of buttons or keys things are at one’s finger tips, it can be next to impossible to teach our babies the value that comes in having patience and waiting for what is to come. Regardless of the difficult challenge I wish to in grain and instill in my babies the profound and significant lesson there is to be learned in waiting and have patience. Thus having patience in life and along one’s journey helps us stay true to our course and achieve what we set out to achieve. May I always strive to show, teach and be an example of good things come to those who wait. May we always continue on our journeys as mommies demonstrating the life lessons of strength, courage, bravery, beauty, love and patience for our babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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