Green, Yellow, Red – the color of choices

In journeying through life we find ourselves constantly making countless choices and that our journey is nothing more than a continuous string and path of choices from any and everything on the micro and macro levels in life. In the micro we make choices about when to get up in the morning and when to go to bed at night. Do I go to work or not and if so what do I wear. Do I eat breakfast and if so what this also is a choice for lunch and dinner. Do we go to the gym or not, do we go out to dinner and where, do we watch tv or a movie and which one do we choose and on and on it goes In the macro level of things along our journey through life do we go to college, what do we major in, what career path to pursue, what job to take, where do we live. Do we rent or buy house, who do we date, do we want to marry and if so who and do we have children or not. Then again what seems to be a small, simple, micro everyday choices can become a big, macro and significant choice depending on the out come of said choice. This is evident in driving a car the choices we make at Istop lights like going on green but to we risk go forwarding, rolling through or beating the yellow light. On red do we stop as we should, try to run it or do what it is called by some a California roll and stop. Some of these choices along our journey are insignificant in the scheme of things and some are life chaining and alters the course of our very own journey through this life.

At the beginning of my journey into motherhood was a choice in and of itself and it was my very first choice that was in fact choosing to start this journey by choosing to become a mother.  Choices, choices and more choices are everywhere and in my life in the day as a mommy for and my babies there are choices to be found around every corner in everything. In my life on any given day as a mommy every second of my day I and my babies are making choices from the start of the day to the end of the day and everything in between. I choose to wake up when my alarm goes off or to try to sleep longer. I choose to get up on time and have a few moments to take my sips and snacks and start off in a good non rushed matter or not and have a rushed start to my day. I chose. how to use, spend and prioritize my time such do I clean or not clean today. I choose during my son’s nap time do I give in to being sleepy or stay focused and dedicated and write. I’m not sure I have enough time nor enough space on the page to list all the potential choices I have to make on daily base in my life as a mommy let alone all the choices I make for my babies and family. I would like to think there are some ladies nodding their heads and saying I’m with you there you and me both.

Given that my babies are different ages my daughter being 6 and my son being 3 still have equally the amount of choices just maybe not as easy or difficult as the other. I do think though just as for me at times as a mommy for them they can be just as equally overwhelmed by the countless, constant and consuming choices to be made in a day. My son has to chose to listen, to obey and to have a good attitude. My son has to decide what to play, to watch on tv and what he wants to do while doing My daughter likewise has similar choices but yet she also has her own different set of choices as well as she is getting older and growing up. My daughter has to choice to do her chores such as make her bed, feed her cat, put her toys and dishes away, clean her room and do her homework. She has to choose to respect, obey and listen to her teacher and other staff at school, church and Karate. My daughter has to choose to focus during school and Karate and while doing her homework. We have been talking about focusing on and choosing to do what is right now matter what anybody else saids, does, ask you or tells yo to do but to focus on what you know is right and choice to do it no matter what because that’s what matters. The ability to make choices is a most critical and crucial life lesson for us as mommies and our babies. Honestly with countless and constant choices to be made I don’t think I, my babies or any of us have a choice in this matter of choices.

In understanding that making choices is just simply a constant, critical and crucial part of life we must teach the immeasurable and immense valuable life lesson of making choices to our babies. Moreover not just to make choices but more importantly how to make the right green choices of life and not to chose the yellow or red choices of life. I want my babies to learn how to choose, make choices and how to make the right, good and green choices as they journey on growing and learning on their own life’s journey. Furthermore I want my babies to learn, know how to and choose what is right, good and green choices even if its hard, difficult, not fun, or maybe unpleasant, inconvenient, or not easy. In all things choosing what’s right is always good and the best no matter what. Understanding green is for go, yellow is for cation, beware or think about it and red is for stop don’t do it or don’t go there is a great measuring system to guide us in how and what choices to make. Furthermore I think it’s a great tool to help my babies understand this big idea of choices and gives way or a system for understanding what types of choices they can chose thus how to choose the right green choices as they grow and learn. I wish as my babies mommy to provide the tools to learn how to make their own choices that are right. I want to teach my babies and instill in my babies how to think and figure out what is the right choice to make and make them. Knowing or having the ability to make these everyday choices will give my babies the skill set for making one’s own choices for one’s life.

This life lesson is just not for our childern it a most immensely invaluable one for me as a mommy as well. I as a mommy want to be aware of my own choices as a mommy for my babies and family. I must be able as a mommy to make my own choices and stand by them for my babies and family. In having to make countless daily choices I can’t be consumed by the constant or contining of making choices to the point I loose sight as to wether or not I’m making yellow, red or green choice as a mommy, for my babies and my family. I must always strive to make the right, good and green choices for myself, my babies and family as I am teaching my babies to do. Do I choose perfectly or correctly all the time in all things absolutely not and far from it but I must strive to go for green as I desire for my babies. It is in and through my striving to do so in making good and green choices that I also teach them and they can learn. May I and my babies learn and grow hand in hand striving to make right, good and green choices. May I as my babies mommy instill in them the compass and tools to make the correct, right, moral, good and green choices as they travel along their own path and journey through life. May I always seek wisdom and have the strength and courage to make the best, right good and green choices for myself, my babies and my family and stand firm in choices of my motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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