I am now forever MaMa of two precious babies

In each of our lives there are certain immensely significant, profoundly paramount and monumentally irreversibly life changing moments that we know in those life profound moments there is no going back and nothing or our lives will ever be the same of again. In such moments there is such a shift or change in our direction and course of our life’s journey that we can’t even begin to fathom or imagine how this new juncture in our journey will be or the immense profound influence it will have on us, our lives and journey forever. We can’t even begin to dream what new doors that will be opened, the new adventures that we will have and experience and how our lives will be totally opened up to whole new worlds. The moments of a lifetime in our lifetime can be moments of joy or sadness and moments that we experience from either the valleys or the mountaintops of our lives. In these moments of a lifetime it could be the moment in which we graduate, fall in love, get married, loose a love one, divorce, move to a new place or country, travel and experience the world, having and experiencing new adventures, having a fulfilling career, or fulfilling a life long passion or dream. Also a moment of lifetime can be found in the birth of a new life.

As a women for me these moments that were moments of a lifetime in my own lifetime and journey were, at the time, being able to drive for the first time regardless of how short of a time that was, graduating form college, achieving my master’s, publishing my first book, doing all the things the doctors said I would never ever be able to do, finding and marrying the love of my life and being able to  journey on with him sharing, living and loving in this life together. Although no matter how much these moments of a lifetime were my moments of achievement accomplishment, my most highest mountaintop moment in which my dreams came true for me in my lifetime the ultimate dream coming true that was beyond all my wildest imagination and dreams for me was in the moment in which I became MaMa. This being beyond my wildest imagination started in the moments such as with the moment in which I found out I and my husband were pregnant and continued with the most intense and miraculous moments of feeling my baby kick inside my tummy and hearing her heartbeat at the doctor’s office. Then even 1000 times more miraculous than those intense moments when I gave life and birth to my daughter and saw her, held her and look into her sweet big beautiful hazel eyes and sweet precious beautiful face for the first time. I would also experience all over again these incredible beyond descriptions moments in 2013 when we found out we were pregnant again, we were having a boy, feeling him kicking and hearing his heartbeat. Then of course when I gave life and birth to my most beautiful, precious handsome, sweet blonde blue eyed baby boy. It is in these moments that I knew I was now and was forever more mama to two of the most beautiful sweet and precious babies ever.

As my daughter and son continued to grow and grow I had and have more I am now MaMa moments like with both of my babies would look for me in a room and smile when I came back and was happy to see me. Also most certainly my heart melted to here my precious babies say Mama and I love you for the very first time ever. For me some other cherished and treasured I am now mama moments was when my babies would and does hug and give kisses and we do our little special things together and that now they are three and six and still wants to and will do these things with me. In moments such as these my mommy heart is completely and totally melted and runneth over with joy and I will always know I am forever and ever more their MaMa. I now as forever more a MaMa  my dream came true that was beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. I will as now a mama always and forever treasure, cherish and savor this, my babies and the moments that I have be given to know I am now their MaMa. May I always and forever cherish and treasure such moments, my precious babies and my journey as a mommy. May I never ever forget the miraculous wonder and that I am now and forever more mama.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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