Making Lemonade out of my Lemons in Motherhood

In life there are seasons that taste sweet as a plum or an apple and sugar then also there are seasons that taste as bitter and sour as a grapefruit or a lime and a lemon. The sourness and bitterness of grapefruits or lemons is enough to make you want to spit them out of your mouth and turn up your nose and not taste one ever again. Equally the sweetness of a plum or an apple makes you want to savor every bit and ounce of flavor. Either of these on their own can be almost to much of either the sweetness of the apple and equally for the bitterness of the lemon. Each of these give one specific type of flavor, taste or sensation but in combing the sweet and sour together it creates this whole other new incredible flavor, taste and sensation of lemonade. In the journey of life this is much the same in what we experience in the seasons of true sweetness and utter bitterness and other seasons of bittersweetness. Its often in those seasons of bittersweetness that we can find a different experience, things anew and seasons that we had never experience before. As a new mommy on my journey forward in motherhood, even more so after becoming a mommy of two babies, I can say it is as in life so it is in motherhood.

I as a mommy know in my efforts to teach my daughter and son about how life is I have tried to teach and show them how to make lemonade out of the lemons that they are given. This life lesson can be equally taught in the numerous small and big moments of life. Also this helps our children see how to work through these situations and their feelings. Moreover it also helps our babies to use the valley moments of disappointment or sadness and to see the brighter side and turn it into a moment on their own mountaintop. One of the numerous teachable moments of this life lesson is that if my daughter’s plans of a play date didn’t work out I might say to her yes this is not fun, its hard and disappointing but that just means that you will have something to look forward to in the future and in this moment we get to do something fun together. In the case of my son at this stage he still takes naps and when my daughter has friends over he don’t want to take his nap instead he saids “I want my friends”. In this instant of his disappointing lemon moment I would say your friends will still be here and you can play with them after your nap. Also for my daughter if her plans were ruined due to weather then we would have fun inside or elsewhere like it would be a great day for movie night.

Another example in the case of m son is when Megan has daddy/daughter time I say this is chase for him and I to do something together. Also if there was something that my son or daughter wanted that the store or restaurant and they were out of it and didn’t have it then this was a good chance to try something new and she or he could make a new discovery. If we were supposed to do something as a family with daddy but couldn’t for whatever reason I would say let’s do something fun together at home that we don’t usually do. Also I would suggest that let’s look at this change of plans as a chance to learn, show and extend understanding, patience, compassion or empathy for daddy, who always tries his absolute very best, in not being able do what he originally plan or for mommy who meant to make muffins and couldn’t get to it until tomorrow. If one of the kid’s toy gets broken for whatever reason or by whomever I would say either it’s an easy fix or if isn’t maybe we can come up with an creative to reinvent it or use it a different way. These are just a few ways in the big and small moments of life in our days that I would try to teach this life lesson to my babies among the other countless moments in which this lesson could be taught. I have tired to teach them the value of seeing the bright side of things or finding the positive in things and life. True while this is not always simple or easy and often times easier said than done. That’s why I think it a great tool to have in life and if we as mommies can show and teach our babies this we will give them and instill in them a great tool and perspective to have in life for tackling the challenges, struggles and problems that come their way in this life and world.

In my efforts in teaching my children this immensely invaluable life lesson I must wonder how can I as a mommy demonstrate this for them and show them how I make my own lemonade out of the lemons that are hand to me in motherhood and life. I can remember one time, before the birth of our son, it was our 5th wedding anniversary and we couldn’t get a babysitter and I was disappointed but we ended up spending a great night in eating a great home cook Italian meal made by husband and watched a truly romantic movie together on the couch snuggled together while drinking some wine and it was amazing. Also at times when my daughter’s playdate plans change, my son’s change because he doesn’t get to be with his fiends. Even more to the point my plans change as well because the mother of her friend for the playdate is one of my dearest friends so just as my daughter or son doesn’t get to visit with their friend neither do I and so we, my daughter, my son and I, do something all together and have a great day. One way as a mommy I have turned my lemons into lemonade is that when it’s a bad day with my daughter, son or both and they or one of them is acting crazy and acting out, not listening, testing my patience, nothing goes right and I cant get anything done at end of the day she, he or they may go to bed early I use this teachable moment and makes sure she, he or they know I love them more than anything and always will no matter what. I also let them know and make sure they understand the reason for going to bed early. I have turned the days of lemons into my glass of lemonade by how I responded to the situation handled it with my daughter, son and or or both and I get to have quite Me O’clock mommy time doing what I like and enjoy to do or spend time with my husband.

Another example of one of the greatest ways of turning lemons into lemonade is how I have done, are doing and what I have done throughout my whole life. I was born totally and completely blind but at 7 months old gained, although still impaired, my sight. There were several things my eye physicians told me I would never be able to do in my life. Although I can say I have graduated from high school, college with a B.A. with  a 2.75 and higher and also I have my M.A. and graduated with honors. I am a published author of an earlier book and are raising my sweet precious babies. Aside from all of this from my own held religious belief and point of view of this all being done is by the grace of God and through His good mercies, graces and blessing it has been done with and through immense and constant, hard work, dedication, will power, tenacity, determination and perseverance. Anything that I have achieved would not have been achieved if not through God and my continued and endless effort. I say all this not to toot my own horn but to give example to my efforts to teach, show, demonstrate and lived it and are living it as a mommy to my babies how to in life make your own glass or pitcher of lemonade with the lemons life will give you. In the end of my day with these numerous examples I have strived to turn and make the most of what has been given to me and find the good in this life. I’ve taken the sour and negative lemons and turned them into something sweet, positive into my own glass of lemonade. In doing this I have caught my breathe and had a chance to take my sips of my lemonade thus feeling focused, centered, balance and sane and taught my babies an immense valuable life lesson to take with them along their own life’s journey.

In learning how to make my own glass of lemonade out of the lemons I have been given on my journey as a mother I have to wonder if this is a meter for measuring me as a mommy, my motherhood and the foundation of the house of cards of motherhood that I am building for me, my babies and my family. This being said a mommy mountaintop moment for me would be when I show my babies how to make the best of things, see the brighter side and positive in things and keep making lemonade in life, as a mommy and for my family. I know if I can do this for myself as a women and as a mommy then I will teach and instill an immensely invaluable lesson to my babies that they can take with them along their own journey. May I as a mommy always find ways to see the brighter and positive side of things and keeping making lemonade for myself, my babies and family. May we as mothers always have the courage, vision, wisdom and strength, even when it is not easy, to make glasses of lemonade for our babies and families so that they will in their own lives and journeys have one of the best recipes for a strong foundation and a good, healthy and happy life.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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