The Value of doing one thing at a time

In life it is rarely if ever about one thing or doing one thing and it is a most certainty it will be more than one thing at time most of our journeys through life. Ladies we should know this better than anybody else for we are always and forever having to balance and juggle more than one thing in just about everything we do and in all aspects of our lives. We ladies wear some many hats and fill so many shoes. I mean don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my shoes but I’ve only got two feet and really how many shoes am I expected to fill at one time on my two feet. Thankfully I’m not a weird looking 8 headed octopus so exactly many hats are supposed to fit on this one red hair head of mine. I feel as I can’t walk through life with all these shoes I’m trying to walk in through life without tripping. Also there are days I think I might just topple over from all these hats I’m wearing. In our modern culture and society women work, are wives or girlfriends, are a friend to many, are a daughter, a granddaughter, maybe a sister, sister-in-law, nice or aunt. Women whether or not if wives but certainly if mommies we do everything for our babies, families and in our homes. I can personally say I’m a wife, mommy, daughter, granddaughter, niece, feel as a sister to a few, a friend, formally co-worker may be again in the future and up until June of 2016 graduate student although never again and author. I attempt to maintain my home for my family. Please for the sake of my sanity let’s not add anymore hats to my head or, despite my love for shoes, any more shoes to my oh so tired feet. Let’s face it ladies we have crazy skills for multi-tasking and are know for our juggling abilities. As true as that may all be in becoming a mommy of two babies I found myself asking oh please, please, for the sake and love my sanity, can I just do one thing at at time for at least a day.

In the life of my day as a mommy I have found myself most frequently saying to my babies lets play with one thing at a time or let’s do one thing at a time. Another expression that is becoming more common place or I catch myself saying more and more lets or can we focus on this one thing. These statements can be coming out of my mouth and being heard by my babies most anytime of the day and related to just about any and everything. For instance in the morning time I might have to say can we focus on eating breakfast, it’s time to focus on getting dress for school and it’s time to focus to get ready to go to school. When getting ready for the day I might say let mommy focus on doing this one thing like making my daughter’s lunch or making my babies their breakfast. Later in the day it could be time to focus on homework, getting ready for Karate, clean up time, dinner time, story time, getting ready for bed and brushing time among countless other examples. For me I have said this to many times than I care to count when being asked for several things at the same time I say let mommy do one thing at a time please. For me as a mommy the constant of everything at once all the time at every turn can be and feel overwhelming as an engulfing swirling, whirling wave taking me under and consuming me in the swirling and whirling waves of my life in my days as a mommy.

Yes its absolutely true I personally love the efficiency, productively and maybe even at times pride my self in my multi-tasking abilities but also there is something to be said for doing one thing at at time. Being able to focus and concrete on just one thing allows me to truly and fully give that one thing my full attention and my very best. I feel more centered and clear minded in doing just one thing. It also allows for me to slow down and think and hear more clearly and listen better. It provides a chance to slow down the swirling whirling waves of life and catch my breath and a give me a break from the constant racing of my mind and of my 90 to nothing day in the life of being a mommy. This would be a most welcomed contrast for it is in the constant multi-tasking, swirling, whirling waves of my daily life as a mommy that it’s most easily for me to loose my focus, loose track of things, misplace or loss track of things, stuff, life, get behind the power curve and feel as I’m getting lost in the waves of my daily life. For me in a way doing one thing at a time when possible is another method, answer or solution for helping to keep my center, balance and sanity and to be able to take my double shot, two breaths, snacks sleep and soaks to rejuvenate, replenish and relax. Thus being able to do my and be my very best for my babies and family.

In the crazy moments of being a mommy I have seen that more times than not I have to do the crazy insane juggling act of life and motherhood by wearing all these hats and shoes. Although I have also found and learned the value in doing things one at at time as I strive to teach my babies this life lesson. I find my life is easier, calmer, saner when I can focus on things one at a time. I feel more balanced, grounded, unfrazzled, In control and on my game ahead of the curve balls of my life and motherhood. I find it to be true that I think clearer and actually accomplish more in some ways because I can work more swiftly, more efficiently and perform better when not distracted and pulled in multiple directions. I feel I am at my best thus in fact trying to do one thing at time may allow me to accomplish more as if I am multi-tasking. Thus allowing me more time to do other things such time with my babies, my family and to have time for my MeO’clock time to take the double shots of sips, breaths, snacks, soaks and relax. May I have the wisdom, insight and discernment to know when to multi-task and when it’s best to just take my days in the life of my motherhood and life dong one thing at time. May I always teach, illustrate and apply this most valuable life lesson of one thing at a time please for my babies, my family and myself in my journey through motherhood. May we as mommies always strive to go forward in our journeys as mommies teaching, exemplifying and giving the knowledge of the lessons of life such as doing one thing at time to our babies and families for them to take with them in their own journeys through life.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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