To Share or to Not Share

The idea or concept of community property is apart of our culture and society in many ways particularly this idea is seen in the legal system and has relevance when it comes to contractional law and relationships. Community property is defined as items or property that is common to many and belonging to or shared by more than one person. Also it can be seen as there being joint ownership that is held by more than just a single individual of a certain item. The idea of community property involves learning and knowing what belongs to whom, what is shared or not shared, and whether one is to share or not. There is also much to be learned form community property in how we relate to and interact with other individuals. These are valuable lessons of life but also as I have journeyed though motherhood there is much value in these lessons for motherhood and teaching them to my babies. These questions have caused me to wonder as a mommy does that mean I have to share everything and that all my time, space and property are now declared community property.

I mean from the very first moments in the very beginning of my journey through motherhood I have shared the most intimate form of community property of my body and also my girlfriends for a little bit as well. I have shared my bed, sleep, meals, time, energy and every fiber of my being and with every beat of my heart. I mean after all that how more is there left to be given or shared by anyone person. Do I for the next 15 years and beyond also have to share my privacy to pee in peace, my meals, my bath time, my conversations, my tv time not to mention any and everything else let up for grabs for sharing jointly by all parties concerned in this newly expanded community. At what point do I get to keep some things for myself and maintaining some rights to my own space, time and property. In my consideration of these questions I have asked myself is this selfish on my part and what is this teaching my babies about sharing.

It is true that there is much importance and value in learning to share and teaching our babies to share. Moreover we should most certainly want to share and want our babies to share for it is in sharing we learn lessons of how to show care, concern, thoughtfulness, graciousness, generosity, consideration and love for our loved ones, friends, family, community and others. Although another equally immensely important and essential lesson that can come from sharing and community property is the lesson of boundaries and respect for oneself and for others. In this idea of community property we learn what is our, what belongs to others, what is to be shared or not and if a certain item isn’t ours we don’t touch what isn’t ours unless we ask first. There are abundant daily examples in the life in my day as a mommy I can use to teach my babies the lessons of to share or not to share. I tell my babies it’s always good to share their toys and things with each other and their friends as often as possible for in doing this you are showing graciousness, generosity, thoughtfulness, care and kindness. This is a way to love each other and our friends. But there are also times that we don’t need to share like we don’t share toothbrushes and food or drink if sick because we absolutely don’t what to share are germs because no one in our community wants to have ownership of germs property. Also I think if if my babies have a special stuffy, toy or blanket then you don’t have to share a special toy or blanket or stuffy. This is also the case when getting a new toy for birthday or Christmas although however it is always a nice, thoughtful, kind, gracious and generous if after a little awhile they choose to give another a turn. In learning theses lessons of to share or not share my babies learn how to show respect to others but yet also be respected as individuals in addition to being kind, considerate, thoughtful, gracious and generous which all are most significant tools and skills that will serve them well along their journey through life.

In trying to understand the rules of community property and to share or not share for me as a mommy and for my babies the question I must consider is how to find the balance in the law of community property and in sharing or not sharing for myself or my babies. The solution and answer to solving the matters of community property seems to be found in the idea of balance. This would be understanding when my babies should and can share the community property or when there are times to not share and respect their own property, wishes and boundaries. Also to always share as much as possible when possible.. Finally the solution is in the fact that within the area of community property respect must be shown, be given and we need to be respectful of all things and all concerned in the equation of the community who has ownership of common property. May I also find in the balance as to when I should share and when it’s absolutely okay and not selfish to not share my space, time and property. I as a mommy strive to always demonstrate, teach to share, the lessons of community property and the virtue of giving, showing and being respectful, May I always go forward in my journey showing and giving respect to my babies and family. May we as mommies always have the wisdom, insight and discernment to go forward in our own journey being, giving and showing respect and having the knowledge of the life lessons of community property that we may share with our babies, families and fellow mommies journeying through motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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