Decluttering – Less is more in motherhood

In pop culture and in entertainment/tv industry there are countless shows about organizing, decluttering, simplifying life and home, down sizing that can be found on channels like HGTV, Discovery channel, and TLC and the like. These shows teach us to purge and prune our stuff, belongings, lives, homes and whatever else that need to be pruned. Just as we would prune a garden for healthier garden, a better and more fruitful yield and harvest we need to do this as well in many other aspects or areas of our lives. I know I have gone through my wardrobe and cloths and decluttered my clothes although self admit much more hard press to do so with my shoes. I have gone through my dvd, movie, cd and book collections and decluttered more than once. I have gone through my gift wrap stash although that tends to waddle down itself over time. I have done this in countless other areas although there might be some people that might beg to differ on this point. Through this process of pruning, purging and decluttering my life I have often learned that less is more and less complicated more simplistic. This lesson can be seen also in the areas of my motherhood.

I as a mommy have found this to be a reality and need in motherhood just a as much as is it in other areas of life especially as a mommy of two babies. In my daily life as mommy I have tried to teach and demonstrate to my babies that less is more and decluttering can simply life. As the seasons in the year change from spring/summer to fall/winter and vice a versa my daughter more so knows that we go through clothes to clean out the old clothes that they have grown out of to make room for the new clothes for the new season. Also we try to give them to those who might could use them or need them. Also this is seen when birthdays or Christmas comes around or just simply when my babies have either out grown their toys or don’t use them anyone we also clean them out and donate to others. In doing this several things are learned and taught for one thing we make room for the new things. Another thing is that in making room we keep and maintain having room for stuff and to play and thus having a clean, organized and orderly space to live in. Also my babies learn the value of giving, sharing and donating to others to help those in need. Also this can teach the idea that in having more can create complexity and in having less can create simplicity thus less in many ways is more.

In my life as a mommy I have found that decluttering my home and thus my life in my day as a mommy has been useful in teaching many immensely invaluable, helpful and useful lessons. For starters I, my babies and my family can find things more easily and quickly. I am a firm believer and advocate of everything has its place and everything in it’s right place. Also by having everything in it’s right place things are more easily found. Thus this creates order, things stay organized, my house stays clean and we can function more smoothly, easier, effectively and efficiently. This also cuts way down, majorly decreases and minimizes the chaos. I know for me I function a million times better in order and organization then when in total, complete and utter chaos. In doing these things it becomes an extension of what is just excellent management of a home and housing keep but also a most excellent example/ or metaphor for conducting one’s life and can potentially become style or way of life for an individual. Personally for me as a mommy I have found in my decluttering of my home, my life and my motherhood this is useful, is helpful and allows for me to find, maintain and keep my center, focus, balance and sanity. I know when I’m sane life is more sane and everything and everyone is saner and happier.

As I have continued on my journey through motherhood as a mommy of two babies I feel decluttering not just my home but my life, finding ways of simplifying and finding the simplicity in the complexity is absolutely fundamentally essential in my journey as a mommy. My journey has shown me that there is joy in the simplicity and simplifying of my life. There is treasure in discovering more is in fact less. I desire as a mommy to always seek the simple pleasures and joy in life and on my journey as a mommy. I wish to always find ways to declutter so as to allow myself the space, time and freedom to focus on the simplicity of life and the joys and pleasures to be found in the simples things of life and in my journey as a mommy. May I as a mommy give my babies the tools and teach them how declutter their lives. May I also teach my babies how to seek and find the simplicity to be found in the simple pleasures and joys in life. May we as mommies through own journey in motherhood always know less is more and be able to seek and focus on the simples pleasures and joys to be found and had as mommies in our journey through motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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