Finding and Keeping the Balance

In life there has been countless occasions that people have wondered and considered what is the key to it all. The question has been asked what is the secret to life. Is the key to life power and status. Is the key to life money, wealth or fame and fortune. Is the key to life to be success that comes from or as a result in such endeavors or pursuits of money, wealth and fame. Is the key to life enlightenment, knowledge and philosophy. Is the key to life is religion, spirituality, faith and seeking of the truth. Is the key to life finding one’s fulfillment, happiness or love. How does one find and discover the answer to this great and profound question of life. How does one decide what is the key for their own journey in life. As I started my own journey through motherhood, especially as a mommy of two babies, I have found myself asking and wondering the same question what is the the key to being a mommy, keeping it all together, to my journey through motherhood and my life in my days as a mommy.

I mean in my life in the day of being a mommy of two babies I fill many shoes and wear numbers hats but then again don’t we all are you with me Ladies. I find myself throwing into the mix that I carry while trying to maintain my balance things such as graduate school until June of 2016 and the last 2 and half years were done after the birth of my son in 2013. Although I am through with school my husband as been in school since 2009 and currently still is while working full time in the military. I do my very best to fill the shoes as wife, mommy, home maker, author and daughter, friend and so much more as all women do. Mixed into this mix is also helping my daughter with school work, my son on his own learning path, being tied to the toilet as we are currently working through potty training my son and all the while still trying to fit cleaning in between 20 to 30 mixture intervals stopping for going to the potty and play dates and so much more. Much of my journey as a mommy thus far, and to some degree and in some ways still, feel as if I’ve been and being torn all the time in different directions between choosing between these various things and struggling to stay balanced in wearing all these shoes and keep from teetering and tottering with all these hats on my motherhood head.

I have wondered countless times what is the key for me as a mommy and to balancing this mixture of hats and shoes that I wear in my days in my life as a mommy. It is in my prioritizing of time and things, management of my time and my lists to do. Is it in my abilities to stay on top of things or stay ahead of the curve balls in motherhood and life. Is it in my skills to organize and declutter my home and my life. Is it in my skills and ability to make wise mommy choices. Is it in my ability to maintain my flexibility as a mommy. Maybe the solution as to the ultimate key to life and my motherhood is found the answer to the proposed question – Balance. Also could it be the key to my life in the days of being a mommy is to be found in a mixture of these potential solution or better yet all of the above solutions can provide the answer to the question of what is the key to my motherhood.

In continuing my journey as a mommy after having two babies I have discovered the solution to the question is to be found in the very answer to the question. Thus the key to my motherhood and for us as mommies is in the idea of our ability to seek, find, maintain and keep the balance. In my ability to balance maybe that’s the true measurement of me as a mother and my motherhood and how I am doing in this journey and is it not to be found in the chorus of the experts or the culture and societal expectations. For me its a matter of as long as I am doing my utmost and very best then I have measured up, scored and it’s in doing my best I have achieved the balance which is golden. I have discovered through the simplicity and simplifying my life with less is more it it is much easier to maintain the balance with less. Also I have discovered along the way as I continue on as a mommy that it gets easier to balance thee numerous shoes I fill and hats that sit on my mommy head with more continued practice and that I get better. Also with the right tools I could truly balance anything and everything even though yes some days are better then others. That being said maybe I am and we are all amazing balancers of these shoes we fill and hats we wear. The more I do he easier it gets and the better hopefully I get at balancing this thing they call life and motherhood. In working on my balancing abilities as a women, wife and mommy I am able to provide a more balanced me, provide more balance for my babies and my family. I’m able to build the foundation upon which I want my house of cards of motherhood to be built and it is a foundation of strength, steadiness, love, courage, serenity, security and balance.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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