I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

In my house these day one of my babies favorite movies is Finding Dory. In finding Dory as well as in Finding Nemo there is a great life lesson to be learned. Dory the little blue and yellow fish play by Ellen DeGeneres saids a great line of just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. This is so very true and is an instrumental life lesson of all us to learn. For we all see in our own journeys through life it’s not just about keep practicing, giving it the old college try or keep trying you will get better. Also one has to learn the immensely, profoundly influential and essential life lesson of never ever quitting or giving up in life. This is a life lesson that can be applied to any and everything for all of us. We learn this in school not to quite or give up to make the good grades, to succeed and to reach graduation whether if be elementary, then on to high school, then college and beyond if one so chooses. This is also true of any goal or dream one may have and wish to achieve it or realize their dream. This is lesson not just of life but of love we shouldn’t give up on our relationships, friends, loved ones and family. I personally have learned and been well served by this lesson of life in my own journey through life and even more so as I stared my journey into motherhood.

Just in as with Finding Nemo and Finding Dory there is another great childhood favorite that provides an excellent illustration and tool for this life lesson. It is the well known and beloved childhood classic favorite book of “The Little Engine that Could” by Watty Piper. It’s the story of a little engine that thinks he can, he thinks he can and he keep trying and he did it. I have strived to instill, teach and demonstrate this lesson of life in my babies through the countless daily moments in my life as a mommy. The daily moments could involve when my babies are trying to do anything or learn anything new. In the case of my daughter it has been when she was learning her abc’s, numbers, shapes, colors. riding her bike, starting to memorizing her Bible verses, cleaning up, making her bed and doing her chores. Three great examples of my daughter finally learning, getting and achieving a skill that she first thought was to hard and wanted to give up and quite but keep at it and was able to write her letters and numbers, read and use sessions to cut with. She keep swimming and ended up swimming, learning and achieved the task at hand.

In the case of watching and observing my 3 1/2 year old son, while different in some ways from his sister, I have also seen him keep swimming. Although his personality doesn’t seem to be as inclined to give up or in or quite as easily or as quickly as his sister there has been examples of him having to keep working at something to achieve the goal. I have seen this in learning to put things aways and cleaning up. Also on abcmouse.com he keeps swimming til he gets it and earns his tickets. He is still young with much to learn and discover as he continues on growing. I look forward to seeing more in how he keeps swimming to learn and achieve as he goes. His personality of willing to keep swimming will serve him well as he continues on his journey. Always keep swimming, never giving up and never quitting are some of the most important and valuable lessons of life for my babies to have as they continue forward in their own life journeys. May my babies always and forever keep swimming, keep swimming as the press forward in each of their own journeys.

In Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and The Little Engine that Could the lessons of life that can be one’s take away is the lesson of being persistent and preserving despite all the difficulty or challenges thrown at you when trying to learn and do something. Also the lesson of having determination and being determined no matter what to see it through to the end or the intended goal or purpose. In the same vein of persistent and determination other lessons of life are the value and virtue of working hard and having tenacity. Moreover a profoundly essential lesson of life that can take you far in whatever you do is the idea of positive thinking is am imperative and crucial part of keep swimming. More than times then it is one’s attitude, outlook, preemptive of positive thinking that help them stay the course, to keep trying, spurring them on knowing they can do what they are striving to accomplish. It is in one’s positive attitude and thinking that allows one to press on in determination and persistence to work no matter what challenges or difficulty may come along as a road block in their journey to their goal or dream. In having determination, tenacity, persistence, preservance and working hard one learns the lessons of life of always, always, keep swimming, never quitting and never ever give up thus giving one what is required in achieving their goals and reaching or realizing the their dreams that can only come form keep swimming along one’s journey through life.

In my own journey through life long before I became a mommy I had to learn these lessons of life. It was and is through my experience of being visually impaired/legally blind and journeying through life with a disability since birth that resulting in my learning these lessons of life. Everything I have done has come harder and I had to work 10 times harder to achieve my goals or reach my dreams. My life has always been filled with endless challenges and hurdles to overcome. I have always had to be persistent, tenacious and determined in all things and work harder then most to achieve anything that I have earned or accomplish such as my success in academia in high school, college and graduate school and in my endeavors as an author. This is and has also influenced and affected my journey as a mommy in many ways. While I don’t think I have had to work harder then all mothers do however I do think in my own journey as a mommy I have to take into consideration, face and deal with much more and many different aspects of what is required in my motherhood that most mommies don’t have to consider. Although that’s not to say that each of us as mommies don’t have our own, individual and different challenges, difficulties and struggles in motherhood. My legal blindness/visual impairment comes with plenty and numerous of its own issues and limitations that affect my life, my family and motherhood that adds much to the normal aspects of life and motherhood. I have worked hard and been determined, tenacious, persistent and perserved forward to do my utmost best to press on and keep swimming and not let the limitations of my disability stand in my way, achieving my dreams and being what my family needs or of being the mommy I need to be for my babies. This has allowed me an inherent or automatic builtin, if you will, ultimate teachable moment through my own life of experiences of having to always being determined, tenacious, hard working, persistent and preserving as an example for my babies as to what it is to be things and learning such lessons of life. May I as a mommy on my own journey always be determined, tenacious, persistent and preserve forward and keep swimming. May I always give my babies the tools to learn the lessons of life to always, always just keep swimming as they journey forward. May we as mommies never ever give up, quite, press on and always, always keep swimming as mommies and in our own journeys through motherhood for ourselves, babies and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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