Keep Trying You’ll Get Better

In life there are only a rare few instances that get things right the first time right out of the chute. More times then not life experiences has proven and shown us that we have to do thing more than once. Realistically there is great chance we all will have to do something not just more than once but over, and over and over again. This truth of life is evidence in just about all areas of life such as even as simple of learning to walk, tying one’s shoes, using a zipper, button or snapping jackets or coats. Leaning one’s abc’s, numbers, shapes and how to read. This is the in school as early a kindergarten and all the way through college and following this is true when looking for or finding a job. For instance if you are anything like me math has always kicked my butt and then some. In college it took me three times to get out of and finally pass College Algebra and this Ladies is why I’m Mrs Liberal Arts. Although I may not have gotten better with the repeating of the course I finally passed and got it done. Although I believe after my fight with College Algebra I believe I came to know the old adage of ‘give the old college try’. Another area this can be experienced is in the social areas such as making friends or finding love. However life has taught me that in just about all things and areas in life we all have to give our very best try/tires even more then the old college try. There is much to be said for and leaning to give it our college try. In motherhood this lesson is equally valuable for our babies and for our own selves as we journey forward as mommies.

Since becoming a mommy and raising a 6 year old and then a three year old I can say without a doubt I have seen and had to watch a lot more than I could have imagined or want to admit of kids and toddler tv shows. In being exposed to countless and endless hours of my babies tv shows I think I have found the kid version of the life lesson of ‘give the old college try’. One of my kids favorite tv shows that has immense value for toddlers and kids is on PBS which is Daniel Tiger. One of the episodes of Daniel Tiger is where there are teaching the characters of Daniel and his friends to ‘just keep trying you’ll get better’. How many of you mommies out there have seen this show and might be hearing the little song in your head as you read this as I have myself. The lesson of life of this little song and show is to keep practicing because practice makes perfect and with enough practice and keep trying you will be able to do it and achieve that goal.

As a mommy I have tried to teach and instill in this in my babies. I have seen countless examples of this at work in the daily life in my day as a mommy. I saw this with my daughter when she was learning to say her abc’s and then write them and same with other numbers and shapes. Also she keep trying and got better at reading and addition. Also she continues to improve in her skills in Karate as she keeps applying herself and keeps practices her kicks, blocks and moves. Furthermore this is also true in her learning how to ride her bike among so many other things. For my son at this point in his own journey at 31/2 I have seen this with his learning of his numbers, ABC’s doing puzzles, memory match games, the names of his dinosaurs, learning on, learning to help clean up toys, and many others. As he gets older I know I will see this in more and more areas of his own learning, growing, discovering and journey forward. In each of these examples for each of my babies have provided many teaching moments to show, demonstrate the value of the life lessons of practice makes perfect and keep trying you well get better.

In watching my babies learning, growing and discovering this lesson of keep trying they will get better caused me to wonder if this life lesson could also apply to me as a mommy and in my own journey through motherhood. Well here comes another moment of daring to be truthful I had learned this life lesson of give it the old college try or keep trying and I will get better long before my journey as a mommy ever started. In my becoming a mommy and continuing my journey through my motherhood has just been a reminder and reinforcement of this immensely valuable lessons of life and motherhood. As in life so in my journey as a mommy if I practice and keep trying I will get better as a wife, a mommy and for my family. If I keep practice being kind, considerate, polite, courteous, gracious, generous, caring, compassionate, understanding, courageous, strong, brave, respectful and loving then I will get better and be those things and my very best for my babies and my family. If I keep trying to make my lemonade out of lemons, have patience, remember my mommy yellow, red, green choices, to take my MeO’clock time, take my breaths, sips, snacks, sleeps, soaks and relax I will have more and more mommy mountaintop moments and fewer and fewer mommy valley moments. If I keep trying to maintain my space, time and property, remember most of things are 1st world problems, that I’m the ultimate expert, and the commentary from the peanut galleries have no voice thus I will find and keep my center, focus, balance and sanity and will be my utmost best for myself, my babies and my family.

In my journey as a mommy I know I must always and forever keep trying. I know that if I keep trying I am teaching, exemplifying and demonstrating this most immensely essential and most profoundly important lesson of life. In teaching the lesson of keep trying you will get better my babies are learning how to do things. They are leaning that through keep practicing and keep trying you will be able to get things right. In practicing and keep trying my babies are learning the value of dedication, prescience and seeing things through. In and through their dedication and persistence is what allows for my babies to achieve, accomplish their goals and reach their dreams in life. May my babies always know the vale of these life lessons that will serve them most well as they continue on their own journey though life. May I always in my journey as a mommy be an example, teach and demonstrate these lessons of life of practice makes perfect and keep trying you will get better to my babies. May I always give my babies the tools and skills to be able to always have the will, courage and to be brave to keep trying as they journey forward. May I instill in my babies for their own life journey to always keep trying no matter what until they reach their goals, desires and dreams. May we always as mothers in our own journey always, always practice, practice till we get it right or at least better and may we always keep pressing on and keep trying for ourselves, our babies and our family as we journey forward as mommies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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