My Two Story House of Cards of My Motherhood

My two story House of Cards of My Motherhood

I have a questions for you ladies out there have any of you ever built a house or worked in such industries or professions of engineering, design, architecture, construction among others. If the answer is yes then you are well of aware of what is involved and goes into building a house. When I watch my favorite shows on HGTV such as Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, Love it or List it and Property Brothers and Income Property that use to be on HGTV I’m utterly amazing all the time at what goes into building, fixing, designing and the process of achieving such amazing, incredible and transforming results. There are numerous, countless and endless beyond measure of choices to be considered and made. One must consider the style, size and structure and layout of one’s home. One must consider the material for installation and the appliances to be installed as well. One must consider the materials and finishes for the siding, the foundation, the concrete, the front and back yards, the framing, the roof, the walls and ceilings, the floors, the materials for the kitchen, living room(s), bathroom(s), the bedroom(s), and maybe the attic or basement or both. One must consider whether to have a carport, or a garage and the size of each, whether to put in a pool any other out door living space and the size, structure, layout, design and layout of said space. The devil is always and forever in the details and there is much detail in the process of building a home. Life and motherhood is very much the same as the process of building a home. In my own journey through motherhood I feel as I’m building and designing my own house for myself as a mommy, my babies and my family.

In becoming a mommy of my baby girl and then my son and journeying though my motherhood I have learned in a way it is if I started to build a one story house and then to continue on to make that home into a two story house. In my building of my house in motherhood I have learned, seen, observed and discovered much. In the beginning of the building my house of motherhood it was very much starting off with a good foundation. In the process of building and designing the first story of my motherhood house with my daughter was very much about figuring out me, my body, my baby girl, my new journey as a mommy and designs for the first floor to be customized to meet the needs of me as the mommy, my daughter and my family. In continuing my journey in motherhood with the birth of my son and having to start construction on the second story of my house of motherhood the construction and designing was and is centered around learning and adjusting to being a mommy of two babies, figuring myself out in this new place and role as a mommy of two, my motherhood, my new family, my baby boy, his and their new needs, my new journey through motherhood. Also I know that in constructing and building this second floor it would and should be customized to met the needs of my son, and my babies as they grow in their new relationship of and sharing in the bonds of kinship traveling to Udugu. In this journey through this new part of my journey has given me much and has add much to considering when continuing to construct and design my house of motherhood. In and through this new process and journey I have strived to learn and discover to know what type of house I wish to to build for myself, my babies and my family.

Equally just as there are many things that are different, unique and special to each story in my house of motherhood that give each story and my home character and charm. The one thing that is central and the essential core of my home is the foundation upon which my home was and is built. In motherhood and being a mommy there are central, fundamental and key elements for me that I want to build my house of motherhood upon because I want my babies to be raised with, taught, shown, demonstrated and instilled with a foundation that is created with such materials. The elements that I wanted and strive to put in and will continue to up in to make the foundation that my two story home of my motherhood is built on is comprises of materials made from consideration, courtesy, kindness, politeness, thoughtfulness, generosity, graciousness and respectfulness. Also I choose to build my house of motherhood upon the foundation of courage, bravery, loyalty strength, confidence, and independence. I strive to construct my house of motherhood with components of fairness, trust, peace, harmony, encouragement, cheerfulness, thankfulness, joy, hope, faith and love.

If my house of motherhood is built, constructed and designed with these materials as it’s foundation my house of motherhood will forever be steady, stand firm on this foundation and shall never falter or be moved. In constructing, building and designing such a strong house for my babies and family I can demonstrate, teach, and give my babies and family the firm foundation comprising of the lessons of life needed to go forward in truth, confidence, strength, and steadfastness with courage to keep journeying on their own life’s journey no matter what may come their way. May I as a mommy always and forever have the wisdom, insight, discernment and strength to never ever give up, or quite in my determination, tenacity and perservance in keeping on, striving to providing and give my babies and family a home built upon this essential, fundamental foundation of lessons of life and in strength, steadiness, courage, thankfulness, hope, joy, faith and love. May we as mommies always strive to stand firm on the foundation of which we built our houses of motherhood for ourselves, our babies and families as we go forward and continuing on in our journey through motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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