Quantity or Quality in Motherhood

There seems to be a great discussion and debate over the value or importance of quantity vs. quality. There is evidence of this in many areas of life or our culture and society. We want product quality control but also require quantity of this product. We want quality results but done in either or both quantity and rapidly. We desire quality and quantity of the best or our favorite products such as maybe a coat, a purse, a scarf, or a type of makeup and a multitude of other products. We also want there to be quality in the food we eat at a restaurant and or at the store. We want there to be quality, quantity and speed in which we receive service at any number of business. In consideration of this debate do we ever stop to think that we might have to make a choice between having quantity or having quality. It is rare in life when we can have our cake and eat it too or have everything of what we want. In motherhood there seems to be much place and application for this debate and consideration of these issues. In considering this debate or discussion in life we have to decide which is more important and which one do we want more quality and quantity. This choice between quality or quantity has also be a choice to be considered in my own journey through motherhood

In being a mommy I have had to think about this debate quality over quantity in countless ares of my life in the day of being a mommy. I have off and on have struggled with the amount of screen time my kids have with the tv, the iPad or their LeapPads. I mean do I go by what the experts say or what I think as the ultimate expert of my babies and family is best for my babies and family. Do I count watching Veggie Tales or educational tv shows or videos into how much they watch. Does doing abcmosue.com count against their allotted time. Should I beat myself up over a day where we had to stay inside rested, laid around and had to watch much, much tv. Should I feel bad, more so when I was in graduate school, or guilty about the amount time I have to spend with my baby and family or when I do spend time with them as long as it quality time that is all that matters. Is there such a thing as to much of good thing if even it is good quality, positive and educational. How do I and we deicide this debate over quality or quantity and what is more important for our babies and families.

In deciding which to seek one can look at the definitions of these two terms.
Quantity is defined as having a particular, exact or specific amount to be or can be measured. In contrast quality is defined as being a character with respect to grade of excellence or high grade or superiority. In having understanding of these terms that allow for one to consider which they will chose to be most important to seek and achieve in having in one’s life and journey through life. In considering this debate I do think there are times when quantity is important and furthermore I do think that there are times that yes it is best to have both. I and we as individuals have to make the judgment call as to wether we want quantity, quality or need both in any given circumstances in our life’s journey. This is equally true for us as mommies and in our journey through motherhood. For me understanding the lesson of less is more can be most helpful in me determining which one I need to focus on in any given situation.

Truth is most of the time I would hope and prefer to have both quantity and quality especially when it comes to having and getting to spend time with my babies and family. Although in my own journey as a mommy having considered this debate and forced to make the choice it is easy for me to say which side of the debate I will be on at the end of most days. Personally for me, my babies and family if having to ultimately choose I will always and forever choice quality over quantity hands down and to a fault. The reason for this is that even though there may be a huge amount of anything I know that my babies and family are getting good quality in all things regardless of how much or little time they are getting of any and everything. I know that they are getting the best. I know what they are getting, soaking up, seeing, hearing, learning, being exposed to and experiencing is good, positive, wholesome, pure, healthy, encouraging and inspiring my babies to learn, grow and discover their world as they journey on through life. Even though I might should worry about the amount of quantity of things my babies are getting and I can rest assured and easily in knowing the the quality of what they are experiencing is the safest, healthiest, most positive and the good stuff of life. In making this choice of quality over quantity it also allows me to know I can relax and take my double shot of sips, breaths and go forward in knowing my babies are getting the best in what they are hearing, seeing, learning and discovering. May I as a mommy have the wisdom, insight and discernment to seek, find and know the quality in things that I give to my babies and family. May I always and forever have the wisdom and discernment to choice quality over quantity for my babies and family. May we as mommies always strive to give the very best quality, even if in quantity when life allows for it, to ourselves as mommies, our babies and family as we journey forward through our motherhood.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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