Love – Greatest in Life

In life there are many questions people seek the answers too as they journey through life. One of the biggest question is what is the most important thing or part in life. Another question that is considered what is the most important lesson we can learn in life. Some people say it would be lessons in time management or organization. Some people might say it would be lessons of manners and respect. Others might say it is the lessons of history, philosophy and wisdom. Also it could be say that is the lessons of matters of money. It might be thought that lessons of endurance, persistence, tenacity and determination. It has been said that the most imperative lessons are of virtue, morality and character. Then again the case has been made the the lessons of the heart, relationships, family and friends. are the most important in life. I would argue the that there is importance in all of these lessons of life but the greatest and most profoundly, fundamentally important are the lessons of hope, faith and love is the greatest of all these. The evidence of the value and profound importance of the lessons of hope, faith and love are in every aspect of life. One of the greatest places that the immense value and profound importance of the lessons of love is motherhood. For a mother’s love is one of the greatest forms of love and love that is unconditional, everlasting and forever. It is through motherhood that we become the greatest teachers of greatest lessons in life, the lessons of the heart and love.

In becoming a mommy I have seen that there are numerous immensely, invaluable and influential lessons for me to teach my babies that they need to learn for each of their journey’s through life. It is in and through the numerous small and big daily moments in the life of being mommy that I have found to use as teachable moments. A daily teachable moment may come during story time when we or my daughter reads something in the story that helps explain or shows something and creates a discussion. This also can be true of shows that my babies watching during tv time. Teachable moments can also occur during playtime among several others times through out the day. Some life lessons might be taking turns, sharing property and having, showing and giving respect can come in moments when my babies are playing a certain game or with a certain toy.
Also during play time the lessons of one thing at at time can be learned and taught. In all of these daily moments can be ways of teaching about fairness, kinship or Udugu, making red, yellow or green choices, keep trying you’ll get better, keep swimming and how to make something good out of something bad by making lemonade from lemons that we are given among limitless other lessons of life and motherhood.

Each and every one of these life lessons have a most profound importance and immense value but there is a common dominator between them all. As I have considered these lessons in which I have strived and attempted to teach, instill in my babies and for them to learn all these lessons to take with them in their own journeys. The common dominator is that of each of these lessons in life are lessons of showing, teaching, and giving love. Thus each of these lessons of life my babies can be shown, taught how to care for and love others and given love. It is through sharing, taking turns and good things come to those who wait I can teach and my babies learn about and how to be thoughtful, considerate, kind, caring and being patient. In and throughout the day learning to share or not to share community or personal property I can teach and my babies learn about respect for oneself, how to give and show respect to others. In the lesson learned in Udugu through kinship this also teaches about caring, family and love. The lesson in life of first world problems and making lemonade out of one’s lemons teaches new perspectives or view points that allow for the consideration of others circumstances and how to through such concern it is in that we are graciousness and have sympathy and empathy. Thus resulting in learning to show care and love for others and wanting to help and make things better. It is through not making red or yellow choices but the good, green and right choices that allows for our love to shine through to others. The value of these lessons of life teach and show the greatest lesson of life of all the lessons of the heart and love for there are no greater lessons then those of love and the heart.

The lessons of which have been discussed are the lessons that help teach and instill the lesson of love. Thus the lesson of love is in fact the ultimate cornerstone of the foundation of which I want to build my house of cards of my motherhood. In my journey as a mommy may I demonstrate, teach, show and give my babies the tools and ways of giving and showing love to others. I desire to always point my babies to love and lessons of love. I strive to and hope I have given my babies a place of warmth, safety, comfort, nurturing and love as they grow, learn and experience. May I always, always strive to show, teach and shower my babies and family in love. May we as mommies always make love the cornerstone of our houses of cards in motherhood. May we as mommies always continue to journey forward lovingly and thus showing, exemplifying, teaching and giving our babies and families the most important, influential and immensely profound lessons in life the lessons of the heart and love.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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