You are More than just a Minute

Friend of foe that is the question and I have often wondered this about the tick tock, tick tock, tick tock of the hands of the clock. I watch the hands of the clock keep moving moments into seconds of time into hours, the hours of time in the days and then the days into a week and on goes the hands tick toking as the sands of time pour through the hour glass. I have wondered where in the world did my time go and then other days I can’t believe or imagine how could these seconds drag and creep by any slower. This begs the question as to why some minutes, hours and days go by in the blink of my eye and yet others no matter how many times I blink ain’t going nowhere. Thus how can I use the precious and priceless seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks count and become my great friend that stays awhile. This question has most relevance to me as a mommy who is journey through motherhood especially during my second verse in this journey.

In the life and days of my motherhood I spend and fill my seconds, minutes, hours, my days and my weeks in my life as a mommy with so much and with such an diverse and eclectic range of things. I get up start my day with hopefully washing my face, bushing my hair and teeth. I hopefully get a few moments of peace and quiet to check my phone and drink my O.J. Then it’s off to a running start of breakfast, making my daughter’s lunch and getting ready for the day. Once
back from the bus stop my son and I watch Veggie Tales, do story time, our letter game, time and then some tv. Then we are at noon time and it’s time for lunch and nap time. Then we continue with picking up sis sis form the bus, homework time and or karate and dinner time. After all that it’s on to story time, get ready for bed and prayers. Also in the mix of all this currently I’m being brave and attempting to work through potty training my son, get house work done and write and any other assortment of numerous things that are to many to list that all mommies know we do in life in our days.

In my continuing on my journey as a mommy I increasingly find myself telling my babies just a minute my sweeties and it amazes me how often I catch myself saying that to them. Also I wonder what I fill those minutes with as a mommy would my babies think it was a wasteful use or worthy use of those minutes that they had to hold on for. Yes, true asking our babies to hold on or wait for a minute while we do and handle the things we have to do as mommies can be invaluable and much needed life lesson of patience or good thing come to those who wait and is a part of growing up and maturing our babies. It also teaches we don’t get what we want when we want it and there is something lacking in instant gratification. Some would argue this is the source of the biggest issue for kids and our society today. Although from my babies perspective I wonder if they are puzzled by what I and how I use or chose to spend my minutes and days as a mommy. I know for me I find my self being puzzled by this and scratching my watch wondering how did the time get filled and get away from me. I mean I know how I spent my day doing dishes, cleaning, meal time, bath time, play time, laundry, play dates, appointments, homework (until recently) among numerous other things that fill my day but really where did it go and how did it get to be the end of the day already. I feel as if it was just 6:00am just 30 minutes ago. I must ask myself am I getting lost in the never ending lists to do, hustle and bustle, the busyness and the filling of all the ‘in a minute sweet babies’ that I feel as its fleeting or passing me by like the sands of time being shifted through my life in the hours, days and weeks of motherhood

In seeing how I fill and spend my days in the life of being a mommy, more so with two babies, I have quickly come to know the hands and sands of time are most definitely not my friends they are absolutely my fiercest foe. I find myself fretting or worrying how to use and spend my time. I worry not only how I use my time but do I use efficiently and wisely in how I mange it. Furthermore not only how use, spend, mange but also what I make a priority in the time I use and spend in my life in the my days as a mommy. More times then not I find myself feeling and being torn between how I spend my time especially when I was still doing my graduate work. More importantly to me I have wondered how I spend my time makes my babies feel, affect them and how they see this from their point of view.
Time is always a most precious and priceless commodity but in journeying as a mommy it seems to me that in there is no other place where time is more precious and could be any more priceless than it is as a mommy.

I have found through continuing my journey as a mommy there a few things that have helped me in balancing or managing the use of my time to help me hold on to more of the priceless and precious momenta and sands of time. For one thing as just with anything in life what absolutely has to get done or can’t be left undone or left to tomorrow then that needs to the focus and goest straight to the top of the  priority list of the day. This was often the case when I was in school doing my graduate work I moved my priories around the pressing school deadlines and the rest to the next day. Also in realizing and understanding the most of the busyness and mommy to do lists aren’t going anywhere, unfortunately, and will still be here tomorrow awaiting me to give it my attention provide a great sense of freedom and relief of stress. What will not be here tomorrow are the precious, priceless, valuable and fleeting moment I had today that I could invest in my precious babies and family. This helped me in allowing myself to slow down, relax, give myself a break and focus on currently the more pressing matters of the day in front of me.

Also as simple as it may be or as much as I may say just allowing myself the freedom, time and space to take a step back, take a sip, breath and relax allows me to have a minute, worth spending it on clearing my head, get organized, get focused and go forth. Actually it’s probably one of the very best usages of my time worth spending for the simple fact that I got back and keep my sanity and catch my balance in the swirling and whirling of the busyness of life in motherhood. Also I was able to go forward in a more productive and efficient manner and make the most worthy use of my time if having given myself that time to take that sip, breathe, and go with my cleared and organized mind. In doing this it also helped me by saving time thus able to gain extra minutes to put to more worthy endeavors or purposes such as my babies and my family that I was not spending my time on and wasting it spinning my wheels needlessly. In my journey as a mommy I wish not to to waste my time in frivolous endeavors. I wish not to look back at the end of my journey and wonder where did it al go. I never want my babies to feel that they are unimportant and not a priority to me. I want my babies to always and forever know that are the most precious and priceless thing to me and worth more to me than all the seconds, minutes and hours in my days. May as I a mommy always strive to spend and make wise usage of my time. May I always have the insight, wisdom and discernment as to know how to make the most of my, to make my days count and not count the days and to treasure the sands of time in my journey as a mommy. May we as mommies always choose wisely how we spend our sands of time and may we always find the memorable moments with our babies sand families that we will always and forever tuck away in our hearts, treasure and cherish all through out journey as mommies.


About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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2 Responses to You are More than just a Minute

  1. Liana says:

    Time is precious. Thanks for the reminder.


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