The Lessons I Have Learned Journeying Through My Motherhood

In my six year journey thus far as a mommy and even more so as I have continued on as a mommy of two babies I have experienced numerous new things and changes. I have learned and grown more than I ever could have dreamed of. I have been doubly stretched and made more flexible to the point at times of being outside of my own comfort level or zones. I have had my double shot of the overjoyed and the oh boys moments in motherhood. I’ve been in my mommy valleys and on my mommy mountaintops. I have been witnessed to my very own evolutionary process as a mommy from being extremely virginal to becoming and evolving into feeling strong, steady and confident in my own expert voice and ability as the mommy of my babies and for my family.  In and through motherhood I have gained the most challenging and difficult at times, yet the most fulfilling, rewarding and best job ever that I could hope to have. Also in my becoming a mommy of two babies I have had my ultimate dream come true and realized that this journey that I was embarking upon would be and will continue to be the ultimate journey of a lifetime.

In embarking on and journeying through my second verse of motherhood I have grown experienced, learned many numerous new ways and lessons while in other ways it has provided a good reminders, refreshers and reinforced the value of the lessons learned in my first verse of my motherhood. I can say with certainty I was rapidly right of the bat of entering my second verse of motherhood I was reminded of how desperately I wished I had an instructional manual with much needed advice, insight, wisdom and council. Equally I was reminded how truly thankful for my own glasses and pitchers of my own lemonade and for my, now double daily douses of small and simple graces to get me though my life in my days as a mommy of two precious babies. Also I found out just exactly how much I can measure myself and my motherhood by my manners as a mommy. I was reminded and have found it much easier to say no more commentary from the chorus of experts in the peanut galleries for I and I alone are the ultimate expert in my babies and family and I wish not to be judged no more by the peanut galleries.

The new lessons that have come in my second verse of my motherhood is that there are some things that are inherent in DNA, equally there there are differences yet also there is much that is the same. Also what is the same in the second verse is often just a double dose and expanded from what it was when I was just a a mommy of one baby. I have found that I can also be and my motherhood can be measured by at what point and speed I or my babies achieve certain things. Also in my decluttering and finding that truly less is more is a way of measuring my days in my life as a mommy and to truly understand the choice between quantity or quality. One of the most important lessons is the building blocks that is the foundation for all other lessons in my second verse of motherhood and life These lessons of life encompassed lessons such as I think I can, I think I can and just keep trying you’ll get better. I have often said and thought this in my life in the days of being a mommy. Also there have been lessons of value of doing one thing at time, making red, yellow and green choices and that all is fair on the playground. I have also valued the lessons of sharing, taking turns, good things come to those who wait, first world problems and kinship through the journey to Udugu among immense countless others that have been learned along my journey in my motherhood. Having theses tools and abilities as a mommy makes me feel good and joyful because I know that what I truly want more than anything is to be and do my very best for my babies and family is possible with these new lessons of motherhood and of life I have learned and acquired in my journey as a mommy.

In considering all that I have seen, done, learned and experienced as a  mommy and my journey through this second verse of motherhood has shown me these things to be true. First of all my motherhood matters much and I am now first, foremost and forever mama. As a mommy I wish to always, always treasure cherish these beyond measure priceless and precious most special necklace of rare jewels that will always be around my neck in my heart my babies. May I always put my babies and family first and ensure that my babies know that they are more than just a minute to and are worth all the my seconds, minutes, hours and days in my life and world and then some to me. I must be able to find and keep the balance through my mommy tools for myself, my babies and my family. I must always strive to do and be my very and utmost best for her and my family. In doing these things and always, always through loving my babies and my family no matter what journeying together hand and hand I know I will, although not perfectly or without struggle, difficulty, due diligence or hard work, succeed in  my journey through motherhood. I know I will be able to build and give myself, my babies and my family the house of cards of motherhood that I want build upon a foundation of strength, confidence, independence, courage, kindness, respect, beauty and love. May I always dare to find my own way and travel my own journey as a mommy. May I always dare to give and be the very best mommy for my sweet precious babies and family. May we as mommies continue to journey on through motherhood learning, growing, evolving and taking our breaths, sips and going in strength, courage and confidence for our children and families.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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