The Priceless and Precious Jewels that I Wear Around My Neck

It has been said by some that the way to a girl heart is through jewelry. There are numerous rare, precious and priceless jewels to be had and worn. Although what one sees or chooses as precious, priceless and rare is defined by what that persons sees or deems having worth and value. For one women she might find value in the rings of wealth, riches and fortune. Another women she may see worth in the a watch to that measures her success, status and passions in life. Also a women could treasure the bracelet of health, strength, independence and intelligence. Women can also wear the dazzling earrings of happiness hope, faith and love. The defining what is rare, priceless and precious is often determined by what one desires in life. Thus it is what they seek and search for as exploring and journeying through their quest in life. Only this can be decided by each of us for ourselves, journeys and lives. When I started and as I have continued my journey through my motherhood as a mommy of two precious sweet babies I have come to realize, know, value and define my treasure in the rare jewels of my amazing, precious and sweet babies.

In my journey and life I have defined value and worth in the rare, priceless and precious jewels of hope, love, respect, trust, loyalty, and commitment. Also I see immense value and worth in hard work, dedication, determination, preservance, tenacity, strength, courage, confidence, independence, virtue and character. I have also found and defined value and worth in my faith, journey as an author, my family, my friends, my husband who is the love of my life. As I have continued on in my life and journey in becoming a mommy it is in my motherhood where I have found the most value and worth in the treasure of the most priceless and precious jewels of my babies. Thus in my quest in my journey through life I have chosen to seek find my chest of treasure to be filled with the jewels of my motherhood and babies, raising my babies and being a mommy. In this journey of motherhood with my babies there is nothing with more worth, immense value and the chest of true rare precious and priceless jewels that I treasure more than I could possibly do then I do with my babies and family.

The finest, rarest, most precious and priceless jewels that I where can be found in the necklace of jewels that I wear daily wrapped around my neck. My rare, precious and priceless necklace is made from all the moment and seasons that I have spent with my babies in this journey of motherhood. I have found the most rare jewels in the precious faces of my babies, I find these jewels in my babies smiles, laughter, giggles and personalities. I find my mommy’s heart is full and over flows with treasure in the sweetness, kindness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, graciousness and generosity of my babies spirits and hearts. I find my mommy treasure in the moments of my babies bonding and finding their way through their journey together to Udugu of kinship that will hopefully last a their lifetime. Also I find jewels of treasure in seeing my babies learn, grow, discover, explore, achieve and have success as they journey on. I cherish the rare treasure of how my babies show their love and affection, for each other, their family and friends. in all these things is where I find and define as having the most worth and what is most immeasurably valuable jewels that I treasure as a mommy.

I can’t think of any other jewels or necklace I would rather wear or that is more precious to me. I wear the most rarest of jewels that make the most priceless necklace given to be by my babies with arms around my neck or sitting in my lap and their kisses and hugs of love. There is no other necklace like than one I wear and that is more valuable, special, unique and worth to me more than all the other jewels in this life and world. I could not be any more honored and privileged to wear this beyond measure sweet, priceless, precious and rare necklace of jewels. For it is in this necklace of jewels I find and have the treasure that I seek. May I as a mommy never ever loose sight of the treasure I have in my babies. May I always remember the precious jewels I have been given as a mommy and the boundless treasure of my babies who I will always and forever treasure and cherish. May we as mommies always seek, see and find our own treasure in the most precious and priceless jewels and our babies and families. May we always cherish the true and rare gifs of the treasure of our babies, families and our journeys as mommies.

About Heartfelt Meditations

I am a published author and was published in 2011. My passions in writing involves my journey through motherhood, my faith and my love for America and our history. I live in Louisiana bur am from Texas.
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